what I hate about winter

talley_sue_nycMarch 1, 2005

I wonder if I can get my DH to consider moving to someplace like Arizona?

I don't hate the snow--now that I actually have snowboots, I like the snow.

I don't hate the cold--now that I have a down coat AND a down vest, plus a Tibetan hat, I'm actually warm, so I don't mind it.

I don't hate the shorter days--it's easier to go to bed at the end of the day, because wind-down starts earlier.

I don't hate the shoveling--mostly because, since I live in an apartment, I don't have to.

No, I hate the STUFF.

The snow boots, the down coat, the down best, the extra-warm Tibetan hat, the waterproof nylon gloves. TIMES FOUR!

You have to PUT them somewhere. And I don't really have anywhere to put them, esp. the damned boots.

But it's not just that you have to have boots--it's that you still have to have shoes TOO.

So like today, when the kids had to wear their boots to walk to school, we have to jam BOTH shoes AND sneakers into their already overloaded backpacks.

I wanna move somewhere that I don't need four kinds of outerwear, just two or three. But I guess I'd probably still end up w/ rain boots, huh? Although, since I'd drive everywhere, maybe I wouldn't really need them?

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You know, I really don't miss Indiana or New Jersey. Snow is fun to play in but I wouldn't want to deal with months of it. Dallas gets hot in the summer, but there are pools and air conditioning to deal with the heat. We don't need as many kinds of clothes down here because we only get really cold weather a couple of times a winter. Then we grin and bear it and make snowmen about 5 inches tall and the next day, it's melted. I know you're taking a beating up there, its good that so many things get cancelled so that everyone can stay home and stay warm and safe.

But hey, the Tibetan hats sound cool.

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yeah, but nothing got cancelled for us, unfort. Some schools here in NYC closed, but not the public schools, which means our little parochial school doesn't close, either. My kids were MAJORLY bummed out (I was bummed at Dad for making such a big prediction that school would be closed, thereby bumming them out).

And of course, we commute by train and sidewalk, WITH A ROLLING BACKPACK!

I aimed for the clear strip up by the buildings, which was technically on the "wrong side of the road" but would let me wheel the heavy backpack. Some guy was motioning me that I should move off the strip so he could walk there, and I did, and then I got mad--YOU move, I thought. I move out of people's way all the time, and I can't roll that stupid backpack in the packed snow. Grrr. So I just got my "tough" stance and look on, and everybody else moved out of my way.

If it werent' for the kids, it wouldn't be that hard. But they're TWO pairs of boots, TWO pairs of snowpants, TWO pairs of sneakers, TWO backpacks, one of which has to be wheeled through the snow.

And of course first thing in the morning, only about half the sidewalks are shoveled. God bless the folks on one strip of 38th St., who do a beautiful job shoveling.

I went to Houston once for a wedding, so it's not that I really saw the area that much. But it didn't feel like I'd like it. Too sprawly, I guess. I'm *so* acclimatized to NYC; I get house envy sometimes, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable somewhere else, certainly not for a little while.

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I too, hate the cold!!! I don't live in $#!%$@% Atlanta expecting to have to deal with cold!!!

It is miserable this year, and the older I get, the more miserable cold weather makes me!!!

Yesterday, we had snow showers all day! What was THAT all about? That was an odd sight, snow all over the daffodils that had already sprouted.

And I just talked to a coworker in Tampa who said it's even cold down there.

It is no wonder that everyone I know, including myself, has stayed so sick this year. It has been a true weather rollercoaster.

You will NEVER hear me complain about hot weather. I can always cool off when I'm hot, but doggoneit the only way to warm up when it's cold is to dress like an eskimo!

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I don't mind *dressing* like an Eskimo! What I mind is *storing* the Eskimo clothes.

In my next home, I want a mudroom--or at least a bigger front hall!

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I moved to Montana and except for 2 weeks on Arctic cold, we've had 40's and 50's. Go figure!

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It has been unseasonably warm here in MT this year...DH and I were just talking this morning about how we "skipped" winter and went right from fall to spring this year. We're getting high 50's all week this week, which is pretty unusual for this time of year.

I know that popular opinion is that more space doesn't help, but really, sometimes more space really *is* the only thing that *will* help. My mom always complained about my messy room - and while I rearranged it, purged, tossed, and tried to clean, in the end, the problem really *was* space. Once I moved to my house (by myself), I had no problem keeping it fairly well organized, and while stuff did expand to fit, it was much easier to purge and declutter, but still keep the things I really did want to keep organized.

DH and I would not have done well in that 850 sq. ft. house...and relevent to your problem, the coat closet wasn't big enough!! Even just for two winter coats, two sets of scarves/hats/mittens, winter shoes, summer shoes, summer coats, jackets for spring weather, etc - it wouldn't have fit (and neither of us owns a pair of snowboots, though I'd like to). Sometimes you can organize all you want, and there just isn't enough physical *space*.

I know there's nothing you can really do about your lack of space right now...but honestly, I truely think that in your case, more space is the answer to the problem. You can only fit so much "stuff" into a space, no matter how well it's organized, and your 850 sq. feet really isn't much for 4 people trying to function in one household. Yeah, people do it, but that doesn't mean it really "works" organizationally, it just means that people can live with what they have, if necessary. :-)

Anyways, here's one suggestion, though I dare say you've already thought of it, and maybe it just won't work. Take all the lighter summer/fall jackets out of where you have the winter coats and such, and either hang them in the bedroom closets, or fold them and put them on the top closet shelf. I like the hanging idea personally, because then you can still get to them with a shift in the weather, but they're out of the main coat area, leaving you with more room for the bulky winter stuff. You can do the same thing in the summer with the winter coats - hang them in the closet with the summer clothes (which tend to take up less space), and then they're still available, but not "in the way" so much. :-)

And buy a house - or a bigger apartment, as soon as the budget allows. ;-)

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the light jackets ARE in the other closets. and I've started mostly moving my own coats to my closet. That helps a little.

But it's just so much STUFF to handle. Even putting it in my closet is "handling" it--I'm not so much looking for solutions as whining.

You're right--sometimes the lack of space IS the problem.--it's refreshing to hear people say that, sometimes. We get so concentrated on the idea that people must have too much stuff (and the truth is, we have too much stuff) that sometimes we forget that space CAN solve the problem. it would sure solve this one!

A bigger home would be the solution--but I think we missed our window of financial opporutnity. Housing prices in the NYC area are through the roof, and DH is working freelancer, so not earning much. We're enjoying having him around during the day, and we may end up sacrificing space for his time.

Plus, not many homes I've seen in NYC have space by the entryway, anyway. Mudrooms are a very moden invention, and there is very little modern housing in the area.

And of course, those kids (and their coats) are only going to get bigger, and take up more space! The only consolation is, as kids get older, their toys get smaller. You just have to get them prepared to give away their old toys.

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I feel your pain, TS. Although my place is a tiny bit bigger, not much though, we have year round clothes in our closets. Here in Atlanta you may be wearing a winter coat and boots one day and shorts the next. We don't have large wardrobes, no where to store them. So sweaters live next to t-shirts and flip-flops next to boots all year. No solution, just sympathy!

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How true! Folks who store away seasonal clothes amaze me. I have had to pull out winter clothes on one or two labor days.

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This is why I moved to Northern California from Michigan! I got tired of the Michigan Winters. Prior to Michigan I had also lived in Jersey. That wasn't as cold as Michigan, but still cold...

Now I'm looking forward to rainy season being over. But I'll take the rain anyday over the brisk cold. I don't mind snow really as long as I don't have to drive in it. Meaning clearing off the car, shoveling the walk and the driveway. That's how it was growing up. But in Michigan I did like that the places I lived in that did have mudrooms. Always did. Had to have a place to take off my snow suit and boots when I was a kid. Granted this was my Grandparents house and not my house, but I did get used to them.

But OTOH NYC has so many advantages. Plus it will be Spring again soon... Hang in there...


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We have all four seasons here and I completely understand what you are saying! We have all the boots, gloves, hats, parkas etc., plus sleds, snowboards, shovels, etc for winter and then of course each season has it's own set of "needs" that we have too. The lawn equipment alone takes on a life of it's own, not to mention all the kids' stuff! I always say I would love to live where it is warm all year, because I'm not a winter person, but I have several people assure me I would miss the different seasons. I'm not convinced! Perhaps a winter in Arizona is needed as a "Test"!


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And here's someone who doesn't *own* a single winter coat! Really, and except for my husband's Lands End quilted heavy jacket, neither does anyone else in my extended family.

It's always a scramble when someone is traveling-we usually scrounge around and borrow somebody's, just so we have it.

I know it will sound absolutely ridiculous to most folks, but we've had what for us is a cold winter too...and the thing is, our houses aren't set up for it (lots of windows and ventilation, very little or no insulation), nor do we have clothes, and we're just not USED to it. So for example at 54 degrees this morning everyone is complaining how freezing we are.

I've thought about the stuff impact of winter myself. And here's something I always wonder--what do you do with all the outer gear when you're out and about? For example, do you drive around wearing the coat, boots etc? If you go to a mall do you walk around wearing all that? I know this sounds totally idiotic but I was born and raised in Georgia and moved to South Florida when I was 18 and have lived here ever since. So this sunbelt resident just doesn't get some of the methodology of living in a cold weather climate :).


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We carry our gear around with us! Or wear it and sweat. I have done both!

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do you drive around wearing the coat, boots etc
Yes, and you yell at your husband to turn the heater OFF, bcs after all, you're in an enclosed car w/ coats on!

If it's a long trip, you take 'em off and sit on them.

In the mall, you carry them around, or wear them and sweat.

(Brenda, I was just complaining on this topic to someone and said, "Thank God I don't have to store a show shovel!" Though, if I did, I'd probably own a house, so I'd have a back porch, or garage, or shed)

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I hate all of the above and then some.
Mostly I hate the mess the dog brings in everytime she goes outside and comes back in.I swear I mop up after her at least 5 times a day.I'll be so glad to see the end of this winter.It's -15 here today...way too cold for march,especially with all that white stuff piled up outside.

eliza ann

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We don't have really cold winters here; we live too close to the coast. Of course, we have cold spells sometimes when it gets in the 30's or 40's. So we have to have winter coats for those times. Luckily, we don't need snow boots, hats, etc. The weather here is a lot like in Atlanta for Betsy & Karen. During the winter, the weather tends to fluctuate - sometimes it's in the 70's in Dec. & two days later it's in the 40's. I usually leave at least a few of my summer clothes in the closet in case I need them. If we just needed a heavy winter coat, that wouldn't be bad. But around here, with the weather changes, one day you just need a light jacket & the next day a wool coat. I was thinking a while back about getting a hall tree with a storage bench to put in our hall for hanging coats on. In fact, I was all set to get one. Then I realized that there's no need to rush. By the end of this month we'll be able to put the coats away. I guess that's what bugs me about getting one of those things. We'll only need it for maybe four months out of the year.


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talleysue, what a good point; it made me realize how much energy we have to expand to live with winter, before and after.

And it's not just winter; there's just before winter, when you need a coat but a not so heavy one; I think it's worse for women because you need sporty coats, dressier coats on certain occasions, coats to shovel in .

I have intense purging to do in the winter gear department; I keep buying more storage boxes for the stuff but I now realize we own too much of it....

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I just listened to Lewis Black's CD and he was talking how the Scandinavians left Scandinavia because of the cold and then they decided to stay in the area that would become Minnesota. He wondered why these people didn't look for a warmer climate. It was very funny.

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the Scandinavians left Scandinavia because of the cold and then they decided to stay in the area that would become Minnesota. He wondered why these people didn't look for a warmer climate.

Reminded dem of home, dontcha know?? :-)

I'm not crazy about the winters here, but I do like the summers ... I don't do very well in the heat.

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So today we have a high of 70 degrees. Tonight it is to drop like a rock, with a high tomorrow around 43.

DD is home sick today with a sore throat. It is surely no wonder!!!

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I am joining this thread late - was out of town. I guess I'm going against the grain. I'm glad to be back. I can't imagine a winter without snow! We ski (my kids race, so we have multiple sets of skis for each) and all the equipment that goes with that. I have snowshoes, shovels, snow tubes, parkas and boots x 2 for when one pair gets wet, etc. Then we have mud season wear - duck boots, lighter clothes, and hiking boots for when it is not so wet out. I could not live in this climate without a mudroom! Ours is actually one of the most used rooms in the house. A few years ago I got a bakers rack and put all the plants that I keep outdoors in the summer on it. Then in the summer I take that out and replace it with buckets of outdoor toys.

Just wanted to give you one thought, Talley Sue. Don't be worried about more clothes as your kids get older. If they are anything like mine, they wear less, no matter how cold it is out. If it weren't for skiing, they wouldn't have snow pants, and they don't have boots, even though they ski and walk through the snow. I don't bother buying things they won't wear. Ditto for the clothes in their closets. They like more expensive things, therefore we have less of them. With the wind chill it was below zero last night, yet when I took DD to soccer practice (indoor soccer), she refused to put on warmup pants - just went out in shorts and a warm up jacket. And most of the other kids there were the same! Must be nice! Also, my DD has a coat that has a removable liner, so It is actually 3 coats in 1. A parka, a windbreaker and a fleece jacket. Might be something to think about.

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Oh boy do I hate the cold AND the stuff AND the mess and the dry skin that comes along with the cold too. I'm so tired of having salt marks on my floor & having to dry off the dogs when they come in. I WISH I had a mudroom too! Just as we get a hint of spring around here it snows again - hate it! The 1st major storm is always novel & we go out & play but after that enough is enough. Even my daughter doesn't seem to want to go out to play in the snow & has been asking me "Mommy, when is Spring?". I just bought her first kid sized garden gloves & tools for her easter basket so I'm really wishing for Spring!


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