Covered Attic Windows

BodenseeMay 15, 2013

Hi everyone.

Just bought an older (20's) house. At some point along the way, the previous owner put vinyl siding on. It looks fine...

During our inspection, we noticed that they just "covered over" the small attic windows with the siding. Inside there are still single pane glass windows...and you can see right through them to the back of the siding...

Now, there's no NEED for the windows...the attic isn't "livable" space. I just thought this was a little strange.

Has anyone seen this before? you think it could cause any issues over time?

Thanks a lot.

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From an aesthetic reason, remove the siding. It will also allow for ventilation to reduce heat in summer.

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i'm pretty sure the visual made most forum members (who would likely support removing the vinyl altogether) cringe. i doubt it is 'hurting' anything other than eyes. covering a window does give water fewer points to entry and it gave the siding installers less trim--an area where water comes in--to worry about.

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