I *have* to own less

talley_sue_nycMarch 21, 2009

I have to get rid of stuff. I just do. I have things I don't need, never use, etc. My home is choking.

I've been hanging on this forum so long, you'd think I'd have it all squared away, wouldn't you?

It's an ongoing thing. Stuff just keeps coming in.

And like an idiot, I actually went to the beauty editor's "clean out the closet" sale. And bought face stuff. I don't use that stuff. I just think I *ought* to. Or, some of it I do use, but I have a lot now. I hesitate to toss all of it, bcs I *will* use it; it'll just take a while. I guess I'll have to see what works out after i toss the other stuff, and then ask myself, "would I rather NOT have the space now, or spend $10 in six months?)

I'm going to try, over the next few months, to slowly weed out.

I think I'm going to go back to "toss ten"--every day, I have to throw ten things away.

Wish me luck!

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The toss ten is a great thing because I know when I get started I find it easy to get rid of stuff and don't want to stop. The getting started is my down fall.

GL and tell yourself that you aren't going to buy anything until you get your home the way you want it.

I find that I won't purchase any thing until I go home and think about it and I rarely go back to get whatever it was.

If I do buy something I know exactly where it is going to go and what will be leaving in its place. Been working for me.

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I don't want to send anyone away from the forum cause I'd miss you all -- but I wanted to let you know about another web site/blog that has been a source of inspiration for me in my decluttering efforts.

If you do wander over there, just remember to come back here too!

Talley_sue_nyc, I am with you. My two are just a few years older than your two. I found that once they hit high school, they are more willing to part with their 'childhood treasures'. Hang in there!

Here is a link that might be useful: Help with de-cluttering

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family makes it hard, with me it is my husband and my grown living next door son.

I'm fairly good at tossing, except i have way too many clothes.

my size always changes, i gain in winter and lose in summer..wah.

i have about 5 or 6 listings to sell items right now on craigs list..things i love but just are too much for this house..

2 antique rockers, 2 childrens chairs (have no kids) an antique easel with drafting board, piano bench (use a stool) ..a mini frig hubby bought, a hall tree bench with hooks and mirror, and on and on..

good grief..did get a call about the easel yesterday ..heartbroken i'll sell it if she shows up

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Tally Sue, I've been around here about as long as you have. For every inch of progress I've made, I have also backslid a foot. I'm with you-toss ten every day!

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I recently read a quote that stuck with me (it might have even been here!): "Life is too short to surround yourself with things you don't love!"

Hmmm...think I'll do the 27 fling boogey right now! Thanks for the butt kick!

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talley_sue_nyc, you're such an inspiration for people! I do know what you mean though. I have a "large" house for me being alone and there's just too much schtuff. It's gotta go. At least some of it. I was doing so well until the accident then things slid backward, FAST! Gotta get back to the 27 fling boogie, control journal (although the computer has replaced that), daily, weekly & monthly routines and the 30 second rule, but now I think I have to adapt it to a 45-50 second rule! I'm moving slower.

Wasn't it you who says make it easy to put away, even if it's more difficult to get out? That's such great advice, but I'm not sure how I can do it sometimes. At least if I can get a place for everything it'll help.

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What I have had to struggle with is that "things" follow my ideas of who I am and what I do--recycling, hobbies, interests, clipping for relatives, photos, gardening--you name it. It is very hard to look at a lot of those things as interests that I just need to let pass me by--a nice idea, but don't go with it. Otherwise, it will take more stuff.

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Well, yesterday I actually brought something into the house--I bought larger towels for the little bathroom. My DS is 11 and he stinks now, so more showers for him. But he hates the little towels, and they are honestly a little worn. So I just have to send THOSE towels *away*.

I'll try again tonight.

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(((Talley Sue)))

When my nephew lived with me at that age, I always though he smelled like a goat...even when he was clean. And it wasn't just him; I noticed all boys 10-14 or so smell like goats.

I think it's their male hormones starting to kick in.

Of course, C didn't really appreciate my comparing him to a barnyard animal, but it got him to taking more thorough showers! Then he discovered that girls like clean smelling boys. Showers, deodorant, aftershave(no shaving, just the aftershave!), hair gell, mouthwash, and shoe spray all took on a whole new fascination. It was all good after that.

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I remember my brother's teen years well. He did a lot of sports-wrestling, track, football, baseball, you name it. He really stunk and so did his clothing. He became a clean freak, taking two showers a day. Mom faithfully washed his various sport uniforms. He smelled okay after that. Yes, I think it has to do with those male hormones.

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Caroline--that's interesting. DD has started complaining about her brother, even the morning after he takes a shower.

DS has started using deodorant; I said I'd get some, and then forgot, and then he reminded me on his own. He's actually easier to nag about grooming than his sister was.

So I put the new towels into circulation; now I just have to grit my teeth & get rid of the old ones. Maybe I'll call the vet's office and see if they could use them. I owe them a good turn, bcs I'm pretty sure they didn't charge me as much as they could have when the guinea pig was dying.

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Tally, the vet is a good idea, but if there is an animal shelter in your area, they are always in need of sheets and towels (for bedding, I think.) My sister and I were having this conversation today. I had just packed up a bunch of old towels and sheets to bring over.

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The vet is closer than the animal shelter. In fact, I don't even know where any animal shelters are. If I located one, I'd have to make some extra trip to a part of the world I don't usually go to. Not happening.

I'm really not concerned with "doing the best possible deed" with those towels. I'm only concerned with "getting them out of the house without landfill guilt."

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I've been around here about 10 years and you were here whe I got here- and we've both struggled! I make progress, then fall back, then make progress, then fall back. It's just HARD when you have a DH and kids in the picture.

And we both live in 4 season climates. I blame the 4 seasons on a lot my my clutter. I have summer stuff, spring stuff, winter stuff, fall stuff...and need it all! And have to STORE it all. I just put away ski pants, snow boots & hats/gloves today. I put the sleds in the attic over the garage, and the snow shovels in the back of the garage. Now I have to dig out the hoe, garden rake, etc that I need for spring.

Keep your chin up - it's a journey, not a destination! Know that we are all on the journey with you!

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If you want things to change for you, YOU have to change.

If the clutter in your house really bugs you, why not figure out ways that you can avoid having it enter your house? Or "rules" about how many items of each kind to have.

I used to buy books all the time--now my rule is, "Put it on hold at the library." If the NYPL doesn't have it, they can get it for me for free via interlibrary loan. Same with DVDs and videos.

Like mommabird said, it's a journey, not a destination. Change takes time.

P.S. If you just want the stuff out of the house, why not freecycle? You don't have to go anywhere--people come to you and take the stuff away.

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When I tidy a room, I have two rules for the clutter-find it a good permanent home or throw it out. Donating is good, otherwise it goes in the trash.

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