KAW Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day !

trailrunnerbikerFebruary 12, 2013

Getting ready for Lent and the fat foods have to go !! It is Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, where DH and I grew up. We are celebrating in our own way here in AL. One way is to acknowledge the richness we have and prepare for the leaner days ahead. DH made his wonderful buttermilk pancakes. They are SO light. We have this great vintage griddle that DH bought me not too long after we married...42 years ago this past Friday :)

We place the griddle on a cutting board under the vent . Love the fragrance of pancakes..just not for several days LOL. Enjoy !!

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We are having our pancakes for dinner tonight! :)

PS Yours look yummy!

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Real maple syrup from my cycling friend Pete's trees in WS. I still remember how yum the syrup was at your Suffern farmer's market!! Take pics of your pancakes and post them :)c

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We're having pancakes at my church tonight. They're a bit like eating blankets saturated in syrup. I wish we had the thinner, more European style pancake.

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Good grief-every time you post a KAW photo I want to pack my bags and head on down there and plunk myself at your table. Yum.

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Linelle these are thick but so light. They key is to only mix them very slightly. There should be large lumps throughout. Your church probably uses a quick mix and beats them...sigh...blankets :) Wish you and leela were here to try these ..heavenly !!

Thank you leela !! c

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Shrove Tuesday means fasnachts in my area. Fasnachts are powdered doughnuts without a hole. I am heading over to the Amish market to get some shortly. I would not object to having pancakes, too. Where did you get those nice strawberries?

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Mmmmm, we are having buttermilk pancakes tonight for Shrove Tuesday. I like my pancakes thick too. Yours look delicious - thankfully I just had lunch or my stomach would be rumbling from your pictures.

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trailrunner, do you have recipes to share? that looks incredibly fluffy and yummy!

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trailrunner: thick but light? I do not know such a thing. Care to share your recipe? I'm sure my church uses a mix and beats the crap out of the batter. The only way to salvage them is lots of butter. Even then, I hate myself afterwards.

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I'll be making pancakes for supper tonight. DH and I are watching our carbs, so I'm doing these cottage cheese ones. I think I'll saute some apples in butter for the topping. The kiddoes will do the syrup thing, no doubt.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cottage Cheese Pancakes

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ded...those are very similar to beignets...only the French donuts are hollow and ever so light...ohh..I miss Cafe' du Monde !! The strawberries are FL..we are getting lovely ones..the fragrance is marvelous this early. The Spring has sprung in the South and we never had winter.

4kids...thank you ...please post pics of yours too :)

michou..I sure do ! Here you go ! The key is to barely mix the batter.

Recipe Buttermilk pancakes:

2 c self-rising White Lily flour
2 large eggs
2 Tbsp sugar
1/4 c peanut oil ( I guess you can sub other kinds)
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 c Bulgarian buttermilk ( we get it at Walmart ...do not skimp on the fat :) )
Sift the baking soda into the flour and mix with a whisk. Mix all the wet ingred. Add the wet to the dry and just barely mix till it is all wet but definitely NOT smooth. Let set about 4 minutes and then cook on your griddle.

DH uses a gravy ladle to scoop 1/4 c per pancake apprx...this makes exactly 16 pancakes ...so that gives you an idea how big. You can see on the griddle that he put 4 on each side. ENJOY !!

Linelle...try these you will never need butter or even syrup again...they are like pastry. :)

cooksnews...NO ! Indulge just tonight...fasting tomorrow :) I love cottage cheese pancakes and those look great. Pass the syrup and please take pics !! c

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I will have mine with syrup from the Greenmarket in Union Square (the second and last of the giant glass jugs that poor DH lugged around in his backpack Dec 2011). I love their syrup, and they only sell it there, no online sales :(

DH dunks his pancakes in buckwheat honey from our farmers market.

PS I will put mini semi sweet morsels in my pancakes! Yum!

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Thanks TR. Never heard of Bulgarian buttermilk before, but will try it.

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cat,,,I remember the glass jugs ! That is so sweet that we were all together..some day again soon !! Take pictures !!

linelle...it is SO thick and delicious..has both buttermilk and yogurt cultures in it...very yum and keeps forever .

Here is a link that might be useful: Bulgarian Buttermilk

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Thanks for the recipe, Trailrunner. And happy anniversary! I remember having pancakes for dinner on Fridays during Lent. My mother would cook salt mackerel for my father, and did that stink up the house!

I'd like to share a pancake recipe that was published in the Sacramento Bee many years ago. It's from Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley. Thick, but light and fluffy. It uses milk and buttermilk--don't know why or if that's the secret, but they're really good.

My copy of the recipe calls for letting the batter sit for 5 minutes while bubbles developed, and I always do that. I also let the milk and egg come to room temp, melt and cool the butter, and then whisk it into the wet ingredients.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bette's pancakes

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TR, thanks for the recipe! i will have to look for bulgarian buttermilk. can't wait to try it!

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looks so yummy!! really wishing i could make it tonight; my version of lighter & thinner European pancake...which is more of like a crepe. That's the "pancakes" i grew up on.

Only i don't have a kitchen.....but after this weekend, i will!

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mayflowers thank you for the link..they are almost the same as our recipe. Indeed her inst. are the same..it is the leavening and letting them set that makes a big difference. But over-mixing will ruin any recipe for pancakes. Thank you !!

michou. you are welcome .you will love it. And the best part...you can take one cup of it and add to regular milk and leave it overnight on the counter in a warmish place and....you will have more. You can do it several times before you have to buy another container and start again. Not as fussy as yogurt culturing and nice to be able to make your own.

dualvans...looking forward to pics of your reveal !! Share your recipe if you have time. Thank you ! c

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Here they are!

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ummmm...now where are the toppings ???
I hope others post yummy pics too. I love your griddle !!

ppps...go look at sochi's walnut :)

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My recipe is nearly identical to the link for Bette's pancakes. Same exact ingredients, but my recipe makes a little bit more. Mine didn't turn out so well this time...I was in a rush trying to fit dinner in between several activities my kids needed to get to and from (had a 35 minute turn around). The recipe says not to mix the wet with the dry until just before making them, so I had premixed both just before I went out, came back and mixed them together, let it sit for 5 minutes or so to rest, then started to cook them. However, since it was such a large batch, I only made it through about half the batter if that before I had to run out for basketball practice, etc. Only one of my kids got to eat from the first batch!

After we got back about an hour later, I finished off what was left. Not only were they thinner, but they were somewhat gummy. The kids didn't complain, but they were not up to par to my previous use of this recipe! I'm fairly sure that it was because the batter sat so long.

Here is a photo of the second batch. I didn't take any of the rest of the meal since we didn't eat together (made some turkey bacon and cut up strawberries/mango)- one dd ate pancakes at her book club, another dd was sick, then one son at the first batch in a rush, then my other son ate from the second batch. I was busy with the griddle and didn't take any other photos. Normally we all eat together, but last night turned out to be a little crazy.

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4kids...you were lucky to even get dinner on !! Wow...you are a busy Mom ! Yes the life span of baking soda is short. Next time I bet they will be great as usual. I am glad you posted. My house is too quiet !! c

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Have to feed them somehow and I prefer they eat something homemade, even if it makes my day crazy! Tonight is rather mellow. No school for them as it's Ash Wednesday (they go to Catholic school) and only one activity later tonight. I have salmon coconut curry soup simmering now - dh brought the recipe home from a running article he read online (one-pot meals for runners - I'm trying at least one other also, a chicken quinoa soup). We'll see if it's a keeper! Smells delicious!

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Well, I survived Church of the Incarnation's blanket-esque pancakes last night. Three thick strips of bacon alongside helped immensely. :)

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4kids,,,I had 3 but the "baby" is 30 now. I do remember all the busy evenings. I admire you .

linelle...all things are better with bacon!!!!

We had homemade pasta with shrimp tonight so we are in to Lent :)

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