Recommendations needed for hanging clothes in laundry room

onelady1dog2girlsMarch 1, 2010

Hello everyone- we are remodeling a laundry room that is about 8 x 12. We have the front load washer dryer on one side and will have cabinets with a utility sink and pull out ironing board on bottom with upper cabinets above. We need to have room for a retractable clothes line or other option. I really would like to have as much cabinet space as possible, hence the retractable clothes line idea. Do these work for hanging jeans, blankets and other heavier items? Anyone have actual products that have worked well for them? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

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I don't know too much about the retractable ones for hanging heavy things. I think it would depend on how heavy or the construction of the lines. It would also depend on how or where it was attached. If it is just going to be attached to your cupboard I don't think it would hold up to heavy things.

I have a folding clothes rack that works well for me. It folds up when not in use and sits between my washer and dryer out of the way. Mine is all wooden with plastic sleeves over the dowel hanging rods, and on the 5 on the very top I have hung quilts and jeans on mine. Perhaps you could use both. The retractable one for lighter stuff and a stand alone rack for heavier stuff.

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Melissa Houser

Would it be possible to hang a rod underneath the cabinets? If so, you could use the rod to hang clothes on hangers. As for bigger things, I find that blankets dry quickly outside if they are stretched over 2 of my deck chairs or pinned over my umbrella clothesline.

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OneLady, I have two of those "HC" White handrails fastened to the ceiling along the bare wall in my laundry room. They work great. Are your cabinets on the wall opposite the washer/dryer? If not, they could go on the ceiling on the opposite wall or if you don't have the front loaders, maybe you can hang these over the washer/dryer?

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Colorcrazy - what is a "HC"? We were actually just talking about hanging a rod from the ceiling along the wall opposite the entrance to the laundry. Someone on the laundry forum suggested something spincycle- they have a pulley system suspended from the ceiling which is amazing...but hubby wants to gin up a rod from the ceiling. How much weight can your set up withstand? For example, could you hang up a comforter.

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If you are hanging the bars from the basement joists you could hang more than one quilt on the bar and not have too much weight. My son--the exercize nut-- had a chining bar hung between 2 joists in our basement, when he lived at home. He used it just about every day for about 3 years. He built muscle but never did one bit of harm to the house and the bar stayed put. If it could hold up a 140 pound young guy it could certainly support a quilt

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

We have a permanent rod over our utility sink and towels bars on the wall. The rod is for clothes and the bars for bras, socks, etc. I don't have room to hang a quilt, however.

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For many years I've used a hanging rack on the back of the laundry room door. We just recently installed two 24" towel bars, one on the wall and the other on the lower part of the door below the rack. The bar on the wall is directly above a heat vent. I looked for more elaborate products, but a plain, inexpensive towel bar seems to fit the bill.

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Hi, OneLady

Sorry Was in a hurry when I posted that. HC stands for handicapped. My "rods" are white, round, with rounded ends that fasten to the ceiling with round white plates. They are meant to go on the wall, but work just as well on the ceiling. They will hold a LOT of weight and are much longer than a towel bar.

Most hangers will fit on the bar without a problem but I did have to "stretch out" the hook part on some pants hangers. I love my rods. Hope you find something that works for you.

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How about installing a closet pole (or length of PVC) on brackets like this? You could hang quilts on it, or hang things on hangers.

I have a length of PVC pipe hanging below my wire shelf, secured by zip ties. Very low-budget, but very effective.

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In my previous house, the washer and dryer were on one wall with cabinets above them (not stacked, obviously). On the opposite wall, I put a shelf like Beth's. It ran above the door and wall to wall. I did not put the bar up as Beth did, I just hung the hangers on the front edge of the shelf.

Currently, I have a laundry closet, not a laundry room. For drying, I use a folding rack like oilpainter described, except mine is stainless steel. I love it and would buy another if I could find one!

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I use a retractable clothes line with a feature that may interest you... it has a hook that the line twists around after you stretch it out and loop it on the opposite end. This cinches it as tight and locks so the line won't pull out as you hang things. I always use it for hanging two king-size sheets. And I will hang a large quilt on it next time I wash that. This line is outdoors but I don't see why it wouldn't work as well in your laundry room.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I am going to try to post an idea I got on Rhonda's blog, "Southern Hospitality." Scroll on down to see the transformation of the laundry room. I am going to try something similar in my laundry room. Still have to pick out a color to paint the laundry room. But, I do have the brackets, which will stick out 12 1/2" from the wall to give me plenty of space between the hangar and the wall, to put the curtain rod in; they will be spray painted black. I have picked out a curtain rod at Target (which will also be spray painted black), but haven't purchased it yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Southern Hospitality

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I want someone to buy this (see the link)

Just because it's COOL!

Here it is, in action.

I once bought a ceiling clothes rack (not for hangers--but with several slats for draping clothes over) from Martha Stewart's catalog before it went out of business (so I got a pretty good price). I gave it to my brother, bcs he was the only person I could think of that could use it, and I wanted *someone* to have it. I tried to get my DH to let me put it in the bathroom, but he refused (he was right--it was very industrial looking).

My brother turned out to like it quite a bit. I don't know if he's still using it, but . . ..

Here is a link that might be useful: pulley operated clothes drying rack.

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Amazon has a similar one to the link above with photos showing how it raises and lowers. Very cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: similar drying rack

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