My kitchen progress

marie26March 8, 2005

Today, I finished the pantry. I put all my baking tins, mixer, etc. on the first shelf. I moved all my plastics to a shelf in an upper cupboard and their lids on a lid rack from the dollar store on the shelf below. I had only bought 2 of these racks and they are really handy and one of my better buys. The best thing was being able to show my husband all my plastics which are on a shelf of a 1/2 cupboard. He always complains about all the plastics I own and this finally proved that I don't have that many.

I do have 2 of the largest ziploc plastic bags filled with lids that have no containers that I still need to throw out. Somehow, I feel that the containers will show up even though I know they couldn't possibly.

I moved the phone books to a middle upper shelf above the phone. I now have an empty first shelf in which I plan to put the stapler, scotch tape, pens, etc. that are now in the junk drawer. I had cleaned out the junk drawer a month ago but you'd never know it. So, maybe by moving "office supplies" out of there, I can finally get a handle on the junk drawer.

I have only 1 more shelf to go through. I know what's on there so it's just making it neater. Then I'm done! Yeah!

After this, it's on to the hall closet and the "stuff" next to the dryer in the laundry room as well as the cupboards above the washer and dryer. After that, it's back to my bedroom closet which is a whole other problem. Then my husband has to go through his 10 or so boxes which he showed interest in actually doing. What happens when I finish?

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When you finish you will have so much more free ,ME,time to do the things you always wanted to but felt guilty about doing because you should be cleaning your house. You will have peace of mind knowing where everything is. I am enjoying my kitchen being done so much that I just love to go in there and look in my cupboards ,drawers and pantry. It is a pleasure to cook in there and also to clean up. Hoping I can get the rest of the house in shape like the kitchen.

A funny. We had company while I was doing my kitchen. My husbands friend came to go snowmobiling. They would be gone during the day so I would clean sort and line my cupboards and pantry. I finished while he was here. He also spent lots of time looking in my cupboards and pantry. I almost laughed at him just opening the doors and staring in. Now this did not bother me a bit he is like a brother to us. Bless his heart he lives with a woman that really knows the meaning of clutter, or maybe not. She is so bad she has trails through their house with stacks of magazines and stuff. No flat surface is safe. She is one of us or what we used to be. He is very frustrated by it.I gave him the hoarding website and printed off pages for him to read to see if he can get her help. Does a person change after 30 or more years of this cluttered kind of life style?

Clapping for you Marie. You have a plan and you are sticking to it. Such an accomplishment. Take a bow.:^))))


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Only after I asked my husband if he noticed what I did in the pantry did he say how nice it was to find exactly what he was looking for immediately. It was nice for me too because he'd always look for about one second and then call me to find it.

Thank you, Chris, for your nice comments.

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Today, I finished the kitchen. I have been looking recently for small tins with lids and guess what, I owned them. I remembered owning tins but forgot that they came with lids. I also did the hall closet and hall area and the laundry room floor. I haven't yet organized the very few things in the laundry room cupboards and decided against putting more things up there because they are so hard to get into.

So, I still have the junk drawer to do. Also, I need to reorganize the bedroom closet again. It is a walk-in and large but when I hang the clothes on the top bar, they reach beyond the shelf above the bottom bar. So, I hung everything on the bottom bar and put shoes and other stuff on the shelf above the bottom bar. Now I have all this empty wasted space because no clothes are hanging from the top bar. I rent so changing the system isn't an option.
Any ideas for me?

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