Sealing Vertical Edges of T1-11 Siding: How ?

robert11May 11, 2006


Hate to be a pest on this, but there is so much expertise on

this group, that I thought I'd ask again, hoping someone new might have any experience with this. I have been doing extensive lookups myself, honest, but just can't come up with any answers.

With T1-11 wood siding, I understand pretty much how the horizontal edges are sealed with Z-flashing, and how these edges should alo be primed, and spaced about 1/4" above the flashing to prevent any wicking into the end grain via capillary action.

But, it's the vertical edges where they abut the neighboring panels that I can't understand how they are sealed.

Are they just primed with some sealer, or is their a special type of flashing, or are they caulked (before or after being put up ?), or... ?

What is normally, or should be done, for these vertical edges ?

Any information would be most appreciated.

Much thanks,


BTW: are oil based sealer and primers O.K., or should one use only a latex type ?

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Vertical panel siding joints are always shiplapped and must fall on a stud. Sealant can be used if it is carefully applied to the lap. There should always be an underlayment behind the siding that laps over the z flashing at the horizontal joints.

Don't expect plywood panel siding to be the equal of horizontal siding or other cladding materials placed over underlayment and sheathing in terms of long-term weather resistance.

A water-borne acrylic latex primer should be fine unless the surface of the plywood is rough or damaged in which case it might be better to use a solvent-based, oil-modified primer (commonly referred to as alkyd or oil-based).

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