Need help figuring out how to clean my triple track windows

tpirsonMay 16, 2013

We moved into this house at the end of last summer and I'm finally getting around to assessing the triple track storms. When I went to pop them out, I realized I hadn't seen any like this before and I can't figure out how to pull the windows out. They are tight to the track on the left and right sides, so no room for a spring loaded slide. Any ideas?

Photos here:

I hope that they can be removed. Long term, I'm going to pull the sashes to strip and reglaze them, so I could wait until then to clean the upper window, but there are a few bigger projects to do before getting to that, so it would be quite a while.

Overall, they are in decent condition, just need a good cleaning. A few need new screens, but they still seal tight. (Only noticed condensation on 1 window off and on during the winter)

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That's strange. There should be two sliders at the bottom of the frame of the screen to release it. Is there some way to get out on that roof and see if they can be removed from the outside?

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I've seen that style, but these are different. There is a channel on either side of the panel that fit over a "flange" on the frame. You can't see it in any of the photos, but the screens have two small metal dowels that go vertically through the screen frame. Most are on the bottom of the screen through the rest of the house, so I think this one is in upside down. Most are also bent up from getting hit while closing the window.

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Is one side spring-loaded so you press that way and pop out the free unsprung side?

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Casey, that's how mine are supposed to work, but it's a hell of a job when there isn't much give left in the rubber...and good luck getting the things to stay open with the clips on the bottom of the glass panels--I'm lucky if one lines up with the holes, let alone both of them.

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Casey, that's what I was expecting them to be, but they don't budge in either direction. When I push all three panels up, I can wiggle the bottom of the track they sit in, but not enough to remove the screen. I can't find any information about a style like these.

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Now, I admit this sounds nuts but are the windows in backwards so that the release mechanism is facing outside so you don't see it? I'm trying to remember my old house with the TTs, Only the screens had the springs on the side.
Are there little screws on the bottom that hold the metal dowels tight? I seem to remember somethinglike that. You undo the screws and the dowel slips in the frame (a nightmare to reassemble, if memory serves me). When you put them back in, you put one at the right length and tighten the other one so it will move just a bit, angle it in....
I know crazy, but somethings ringing a bell here.

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So just to follow up, (so many posters never post the final answer) I figured out how to get the windows out!

And now I feel like an idiot...

Turns out that all you need to do is push all three panels up to the top. At that point, the bottom half of the track comes right out. A good scrubbing with Bar Keeper's Friend took off most of the oxidation on the frame and the hard water scale on the window panes. Tonight I'm going to rub the whole thing down with Mother's mag polish and add a few drops of penetrating oil to the tracks to allow for a smoother slide. I figure if I can knock out 1 or more window a night for the grand price of free, that'll keep my busy for the next week or so.

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Thanks for the final post. This kind of info is helpful to a lot of people struggling with their old house.

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