Lakeview Kitchen Reveal

dianamc75February 9, 2014

I wanted to wait until all elements are complete, but that will be 10 weeks yet (for my kitchen table set and proper island stools to arrive). You can also see that the yard is still a construction zone, but that will be like that for another year at least. I have some areas that call for display, particularly around the coffee/bar zone, but I have nothing yet. I wanted to use the art for inspiration.

So here is where we are now. I am very happy! I wanted it to feel warm, bright (because the lake casts so much grey), casual but nice, and I wanted it to lean to contemporary but not too contemporary.

Overall view from main kitchen entry:

I am NOT a photographer, but at least you can see our view in this picture. We are in Niagara, Ontario, and this is Lake Ontario:

Standing at the far window looking back at the kitchen:

Other corner:

As you walk in, to your right is the coffee/bar zone. There is a built in coffee maker, steam oven and ice maker. I am frustrated with the ice maker, because I thought I bought an integrated appliance, but it is only "panel front" so it is slightly off. Debating what, if anything, to do there:

Island run. All my lower cabinets in the kitchen are drawers. No doors! In here there is dishwasher and built in garbage/recycling caddy.

Oven, storage and fridge:

Cooktop (induction, which I LOVE)

So far I am loving the function of this kitchen, but I have only been in for one week and haven�t used it too much yet. Family gathering today, so it will get its first test!

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Oh my gosh! Where do I start? I was looking at this at first on my Nook and had to move to my desktop to get a better look. In a word: gorgeous! Love your style.

Don't you just love your waterfall island? We also put one in and it might be my favorite part. Yours is fantastic.

Your view: wow!

Love the pendant lights! They are perfect in your space.

Cabinets are beautiful. Love the mix of wood (walnut?) and white uppers. Love the contemporary feel of the whole space.

Then I saw your artwork and thought, "Oh! The lady with the tomatoes!" It looks really just perfect there.

Now you must give us all the details please!

Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Holy moly!
I don't know where to look first. The view is great, but turning around, so is the view looking in and through.

I don't know what it looked like before, but it sure is open, clean, sleek and absolutely fresh.

Enjoy it!
Oh - I don't know what's not right for you with your coffee station, but to this stranger, I don't see a thing wrong with it. Do what makes you exactly happy -- why compromise on all this beauty, right!?

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That is one fabulous kitchen! Super-duper clean and integrated... really nice! Love the counters/BS... what did you use? The lights are perfect. Wow. I'm jealous of all your storage, too! (Can you see yourself opening one drawer or door after another trying to find items until you finally get it set, ? lol) So elegant and yes, what a great view. I love Niagara... we spent a day there several years ago. I still have a bottle of ice wine from a little place somewhere around there. I'm going to open it on the 10 year anniversary of our trip. But I digress.

Yes, details and sometime when you get yourself organized I just love a peek into the drawers and cabinets. Real nosy, I know.

Yes, I can't see anything amiss in the ice area either. Actually, I can't tell where the icemaker even IS.

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First, what a gorgeous view, looks like some place I'd like to vacation.
Please share the details. I'm going to repeat ck_squared, love the waterfall island, your pendants and the stainless shelf. Great looking appliances. The tomatoes look perfect!

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robo (z6a)

Love the tomatoes!

Can you show us how your cabs work around your vent hood? I really like the way they look!

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Yes, will post details and how things work tonight. Thanks everyone

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The clean lines and wide open counters really set off the spectacular view (and my favorite tomato painting!) I love the big white wall of storage, the lovely combination of wood and white cabinets, the waterfall island. What a fabulous and inviting kitchen!

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Spectacular! Every once in a while, a new kitchen reveal just takes my breath away, and yours just left me breathless at its beauty and finish. Love the whole mood of the room!

BTW, if the icemaker is in that cab right to the left of the bar sink (the one with the vertical pull), I'd say it looks just great from the photo distance, no obvious misfit with the surrounding cabs. Is that the one?

Thanks for sharing this beautiful, special kitchen!

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Your new kitchen is beautiful! You did a great job. We are about to get an induction cooktop as well. What vent hood did you go with overhead?

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Gloriously gorgeous! :)

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So lovely, and perfect to work with those stunning views.

I keep thinking your kids will grow up to be designers, being surrounded by such beauty at a young age!

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What a wonderful, modern and sleek kitchen. I love that waterfall counter -- just spectacular. And the pendants and all the integrated appliances are so seamless. And of course, that view and the tomatoes!

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Sleek, indeed. And roomy.

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That's one sexy kitchen, sister! well done!

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What a beautiful kitchen. Love everything about it. The kids fit right in! Great color sense and contrast.

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A kitchen that matches the view: wonderful. Love the simple sleek lines. The wall of storage is perfect. The white seems to make it disappear rather than intrude on the space.

Would you be so kind to share details with us? I'm most curious about the induction cooktop you love.

Enjoy your new kitchen!!

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Absolutely fantabulous!!!

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Everything is so well thought out! Beautiful job!

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I didnâÂÂt have a chance to take more pictures tonight, but will do. We are still waiting on some inserts for the upper drawers to organize all the cutlery, utensils and spices.

The induction cooktop, hood, oven, coffee maker and steam oven are all Miele. I purchased the steam oven based solely on the reviews here. I havenâÂÂt had a chance to use it yet, but am anxious to do so. I am still trying to learn it by reading the manuals as I canâÂÂt find many useful videos online.

The integrated fridge is subzero. It is the 36 inch, with two bottom fridge drawers.

The icemaker is Marvin, I believe??

I have a separate butlerâÂÂs pantry just down the hall that is visible in the first picture where I have a full upright freezer (Frigidaire) and microwave. I rarely use the microwave, so I was comfortable with that decision. The pantry hosts all my small appliances accessible on the counter (processer, mixer, blender, etc.).

The door style on the white cabinets is called Savoy. I was firmly in the middle of wanting something contemporary, but not too contemporary. This was sold to me as a modern twist of the shaker style door. The bottoms (and backsplash for coffee bar) are walnut laminate.

The island was a last minute switch to Ceasarstone Bianco Drift. ItâÂÂs a new colour. I was worried the kitchen would feel cold if the island was the same as the perimeters, which is Cambria whitecliff. The white cliff goes right to the ceiling behind the hood.

Pendants - Kichler Lighting Kichler Modern Mini-Pendant Light with Clear Glass 42047CH

Kitchen Table light: Nuvo Lighting 62-136

The main sink is the Stages with a Weathersone faucet and the coffee bar sink is blanco precision with Cabano faucet.

The floors are a European white oak.

Any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I will post the requested pictures soon!

Thank you for the wonderful reviews!

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Absolutely gorgeous -- and so functional! Although I might have trouble working there, as I would want to stare out the window at the beautiful view all the time. Enjoy!

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Absolutely stunning kitchen and view. Everything (including the icemaker counter) looks great. I love the shelves. Is the toe kick SS too?

More please.

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Wow! It's just beautiful!
Love the waterfall island and the sleekness of the built-ins.
And then there's the view.,... (speechless)


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Absolutely beautiful & sleek. What a nice view to wake up to!

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Wow that is a gorgeous kitchen! to match the stunning views out the window. I love the mix of white and wood to keep it from being "cold."

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What a wonderful, functional kitchen. And the views. Oh my!


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Dianamc75 - Wow! Stunning! Hope you post more when you get table and chairs! Would love to see your view when our ice melts and the lake is blue...if that ever happens. (I'm your "neighbor" on Lake Erie a little south of Buffalo!)

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Wow, I'm jealous of the views and the "hidden" integrated fridge. Gorgeous kitchen! Thanks for sharing.

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Great kitchen! What type of pulls did you select?

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