a shower organizer/caddy that will fit in a 9-foot ceiling?

talley_sue_nycMarch 23, 2005

We have a tall shower in one bathroom, and I'd love to put one of the tension poles w/ baskets in it.

But I can't find one that will extend beyond 8 feet (OK, 8'1", but that doesn't help!)

Until I found this one, in the link. Wow, I thought--it looks sturdy, really well made! And it's big enough, I'll pay a little extra.

THEN.....I looked at the price.

(and did you check out the expensive finish? I showed it to DH, he nearly fell over. Though it ain't much more expensive than the stainless)

Anybody seen any OTHER shower caddies w/ tension poles that will extend beyond 8 feet?

Here is a link that might be useful: Frontgate's Shower Butler

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Or, hey, I thought--how about a freestanding set of shelves? This looked great, too.

It's half again as much--but catch the NON-sale price--$475.

So, anybody got any suggestions for a sanely priced something like this?

Or any other solutions (other than suction cups, which I've considered and haven't completely ruled out) for my tall stall shower?

Here is a link that might be useful: freestanding shower caddy from Frontgate

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Both look fine. I'd have a preference for the first because it looks easier to clean around. With the other, you'd have to pick it up, I think.

I've got the ones below - one for each person. They really help corral all the stuff that can make

Here is a link that might be useful: shower baskets

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w/ the second, I'm sure the kids would just knock it over all the time. And, the floor isn't quite level, of course, in order to drain; being a small shower, it's a noticeable slope. I'm afraid it would fall over.

I've seen the screw-on baskets; I really want to avoid holes in the wall. I live in an apt. building, and just don't want to pay for the water damage to everybody below me should water get in there somehow.

I really do like the first one--but that $175 price tag is just WAY too much. The cheap ones cost $20, so how come a really good one costs TEN TIMES MORE? Triple, quadruple, five times more, I'd spring for. But ten times?

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Tally Sue, you're so right. I remodeled my bathroom a year ago, and still have lots of sources for bath stuff left on my computer. I just checked through quite a few of them, and found only inexpensive, probably flimsy, ones. Have you checked a bath store, or maybe someplace like Expo? It seems there should be something in the middle.

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How about finding one that is good, even though short, and then getting a block of wood (maybe even decorative, like a furniture leg or something) to attach to the top wall/ceiling to compensate for the height difference.

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because that's work, which means it'll never get done.

Not a bad idea, thought I think it would look sort of funny up there--and I'm not sure how to attach a thick block (bcs it'd need to be like 8 to 12 inches long) that won't wobble.

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well, I gave up (even though we measured, and maybe we could have used those plastic "cones" for raising your bed up to create under-bed storage, putting one at the top and one at the bottom)

Why? Because I found, at BedBath&Beyond, a plastic basket w/ suction-lock suction cups to attach in the corner (which I believe is stronger than attaching to a single surface).

And a similar hook, for holding the scrubbie. I have a soap dish already I can put up, though I might not keep it because it doesn't drain.

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