I am on a roll!

maddiemom6March 25, 2005

One project down... about a zillion to go. I got the place to park my planner done... ~~happy dance~ I sure do love quick projects that make me feel like I have done more than I have :)



Here is a link that might be useful: place to park my planner

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OMG where did you get that rocker on the porch? I gave one away about 5 years ago (actually a garage sale) . It was my grandmothers and I have regretted it ever since. I bought another one new but it just wasn't the same. Anyway I love your porch. My what an interesting "ugly bunny", there must be a story there. LOL.

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I love the porch and the pie safe. The link didn't go through on the other site, but I can see it here. I've always wanted a porch like that.

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aw, I just hate when something I *should* have tossed out suddenly becomes perfectly useful--bcs then it gets hard to throw ANYTHING out.

Congrats--I think that tray will really help make your planner VERY effective at home!

Re: "gimp"--the upholstery meaning is from 1664; the "cripple" meaning is only from 1924, and no one knows exactly where it came from--mispronunciation of "limp"?

Or, did it come *from* the upholstery version--bcs of the twisting nature of the design of gimp?

Oh, and in 1901, the word "gimp" arrived to mean "spirit" or "vigor"--they think this came from a metaphorical use of the word "gimp," for a fishing line strengthened with wire.

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