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danadooksterMarch 1, 2014

Hi all, I am a mom of a 5 year old and an 8 month old and would love an app or website that not only has a great system for encouraging kids to do their chores. I also would love if it also included other features, like organizing bills, event calendar and emergency contacts. Seems like I find a few sites that have some of these features, but not all. I found HomeTender, and it looks like it has all of these features, but it looks like it is still in the beginning stages. Any suggestions?

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You might want to check the link below. Fly Lady has helped so many people to get control of chaos, and may have some aids, charts, notebook method, for organizing different aspects of life, or apps that would appeal to you.

Don't discount less-modern, non-electronic driven, time-tested standard operating methods that have worked for decades. I'm using essentially the same bill payment method I started as a teenager, although the method of payment may have changed over the years, it still works like a breeze. It's more about consistency than the actual apparatus. Dave Ramsey ("Total Money Makeover" book) endorses the envelope system, and you can find out more about that at his web site - I use a similar method, except I put it in an accordion-style folder and track bills on a 3x5 index card.

I first read a book from the library on the Montessori theory for children, loved it (as a logical thinker), and used it as a guideline for establishing good work habits and responsibility in our children, which has been a real benefit in their adult lives. It may not be the Montessori theory you like, but you might find other sources at the library that fit you better.

Good luck... :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Fly Lady

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Yes there are so many source of guidance you might get from the site and apps and books etc. so it is amazing experience of to make your house or to organize your house in the way you want. so it is always feel warm and happy.

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I have never liked a cluttered or otherwise. When my two boys were small (2 years and up) I had a rule.....all toys went into their room or toy box before going to bed at night. They got into the habit and it worked for me. I usually gave them a ten minute warning....."Time to put toys away....10 minutes to bedtime". Of course I had to make it fun for the 2 year old....."see who can beat putting the toys in the box" and etc. Later when they were pre-teen I would anounce I was going to vacuum their rooms that day....which mean't "everything off the floor and in its place". To this day, they are neat housekeepers and married girls that are the same..

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When my twins were small, we added a chore on their birthday (and they fell for it".

"Now that you're 5 years old, you can unload the dishwasher!" It was a big deal for the first few days.

Even before they could see into the silverware drawer, they liked to put away forks and spoons (of course we had to sort them into their spots later!)

My kids didn't have specific chores to do every day, but were expected to help with daily tasks, like setting and clearing the table, putting away their clothes, taking out garbage and recycling, vacuuming. At my Mom's house, they washed dishes (no DW). The motivation was "You live in this house - you are partly responsible for taking care of it." I much preferred a general "let's clear the table" than assigned duties - it made it a lot more likely that they would do something without being told, because they didn't have "But that's my brother's job" to fall back on.

If they groused about it, I reminded them that if they helped it would go faster. If I had to do it myself, we wouldn't have time to go to the park, or watch a movie, or play a board game together. Heck, that even worked when we had an adult living with us for a while! We hosted a minor league baseball player one summer. One morning he asked if I was coming to his game that night, and I said "I'll try - I have to mow the lawn first". Lo and behold, when I got home from work, he had mowed the lawn for me!

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Hi all, I am a mom of a 5 year old and an 8 month old and would love an app or website that not only has a great system for encouraging kids to do their chores.

The 5-year old is going to log on to see their chores? Making physical, tangible reminders and charts is way better. for example, has simple picture hints and the child picks what to do, moves it to "done" when it's done.

Also, make sure the house is set up so the child CAN stay tidy: low shelves for their toys, hang rods they can reach, baskets for toy collections ... small or cut-down brooms and dustpans.

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