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Denise_NZMarch 20, 2007

Talleysue said this in a post I was reading:

"I've found that when I run into my "heirloom" folder or my "keepsakes" box, each time I go through it, I discover something that has lost value for me, and I'm willing (sometimes happy) to toss it. And some other stuff, each time I see it, I am reconfirmed in how important it is to me."

I've found this so true. We have moved three times in the past three years. Each time I got in a rubbish skip and tossed and tossed. Wow, it felt good. I was sure, after the first time, that I had thrown everything that needed to go and had only kept the 'good' stuff.

Well, before the next move I did it again! And I DID find more stuff to throw - things that I had decided were special enough to keep the last time.

And so it continued on the next move!

Now we are hopefully settled for a few years, and I really need to get into my garage and go through things again LOL. I KNOW there are things out there than can be tossed!

We are funny creatures sometimes!

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For awhile we were moving too often IMHO. The good thing is that I got into that same routine of clearing out and tossing. We have lived in this house for 7 years. It is the longest we have lived anywhere by a long shot. Right before I read your post I was opening kitchen drawers to see if there was anything I didn't need! Friends here are amazed at how often I cull. Most of them have lived here all their lives and have only switched houses once or twice.
I like the feeling of being light. Just because I have the space doesn't mean I need to fill it.

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I, too, have moved many times but the longest I've ever stayed in one place was 4 years. For some reason, each time I moved, I never really thought about downsizing. It's only since I moved here 2 years ago that I've taken it on 100%. But even though I thought I had finished last year, I am on a second wave this year. It's easier now since like items are with like items. I know we'll be moving again but the date or where to is still unknown. I just want the next move to be the smoothest yet. Hopefully, it will be a company move and this time I'm determined not to let the movers mess up my organized home.

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Moving is hard. I thought I'd get better at it. Instead I have just lost enthusiasm for starting over. In some areas like the kitchen I have pared down. Now I'm just ready to replace with things I WANT, not things we were given or we settled for. As my children grow and move out I have hatched an evil plan. They get the hand me downs and I get the new!! HA HA HA! Matching, nesting ss mixing bowls, more streamlined cooking utensils, are a few of the things on my list. This can be expanded to include linens, towels, lamps and furniture! I am SO bad!

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Tre3, I've done the same thing with my kitchen stuff. I've loaded up boxes and taken them to kids whenever we go visit them since four of the five live in other states/provinces. It takes away any guilt I have of getting rid of something I purchased (and must have thought useful) by doing this. If they end up throwing it out, that's now their choice.

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YES! Things that are perfectly good but you don't like can be given to your offspring with almost no guilt. There is only a whisper of something like: is it fair to saddle them with this @#$% thing. But the whisper is faint. Plus if you feel the need to justify to your DH why you were COMPELLED to purchase a new set of shiny ss pots and pans with well fitting lids, that currently have no stains or scratches, and after almost 25 years of marriage= almost 25 years of using the old set, (DO YOU SEE WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS?) you can just claim your darling and deserving offspring needed your old set. Perfect. Perfectly evil. Half the fun is contemplating what you can graciously gift and what you could/will replace it with. I'm sure that's how DH and I ended up with most of our current stuff. And we actually thought our parents were being nice. What innocents! (insert evil chuckle)
Sorry, I think I've hijacked this post. I am sorry Denise.
Back on topic: Last night I got rid of a couple of purses and wallet thingies. I had just gone thru this stuff a couple of weeks ago. (And no, I did not saddle my children with them, LOL)

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