Need Opinions On Kitchen Backsplash!

daileyFebruary 24, 2014

Hi everyone! I need to replace my existing backsplash in the kitchen. Right now I have mult-colored brown glass/stone tiles which clashes horribly with my granite. I was told to pick a solid color to replace it so I was thinking ivory? I included a pic of 2 different ones that I thought might work? Also, I added a picture of my floor tile, which is a brownish color. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hmmm, it didn't add my other pics?

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Okay, I guess you can only add 1 pic at a time?

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I have a low tolerance for competing patterns so I would pick a solid color subway that picks up a lighter shade in your granite.

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Kathy Rivera

I'm with linelle - neither of these feels right. Especially not the pebbley one.

I have a similar granite and went with an interesting shape in a mostly solid color cream. I say mostly b/c the color variations did not show up nearly as much in my numerous samples as when it got up on the wall. I think mine is almost verging on too much pattern.

While the minibrick looks pretty uniform, it actually has quite a few different shades and various textures/depths. I think all one tile like linelle suggested is going to be your better bet.

Here's mine as a reference (like I said, they did not look this varied when I held them up sheet by sheet on the wall, but the whole thing is more than I would have wanted. So your minibrick option will do the same - look way more varied/compete with the counter once it is all up).

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I have the same granite on our bathroom vanity and it really is lovely. I feel like your options above are too busy. I agree with linelle that subway tiles would be better. They would accentuate, not compete. Beveled subways have a little more visual interest while still being "soft" on the eyes. I would not do a dead white--maybe just off-white or crackled or pearl? Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Beveled edge subway

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My granite looks just like yours. My is called white diamond aka bianco antico.

Here are some photos of my backsplash tile.

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Found this pic.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I would tend to agree, that you have enough texture and pattern happening with the counter that something that doesn't draw attention to itself will allow the counter to be the focus. I really like that last photo that Romy posted. It looks just right to me.

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If you are drawn to a busier look, you could just continue your granite all the way up the wall as your bs. I don't always like this look. It could induce a seizure.

If you are drawn to glass, consider a frosted glass subway or longer, skinnier tile.

But the biggest issue with your choices is really the FORMAT of the tile. You have a penchant for tiny little pieces of tile, when that granite would best be showcased by large format ceramic sheets (like the Fireclay Claymonde tiles below)

or large format glass panels. pharoah's is below.

Think BIG! And have fun.

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I have a busy granite and we went with a mini brick. The grout is the same color so it adds texture, but just fades into the background instead of drawing attention to it. I think you are on the right track, but not quite there. Keep looking and something will be perfect.

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Thank you for all the wonderful suggestion! I now have a better idea of what I am looking for! ðÂÂÂ

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