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embethMarch 3, 2012

I am about to start renovations on our future bedroom, and I am at a loss on what to do with the closet. The closet is 72" wide and 23" deep. Overall, the size is fine, but the door is at one end, making access to the other end very difficult.

The original configuration had a closet rod running along the entire width of the closet, but this means that you can't easily access the clothes hanging at the end opposite from the door end. If anyone has any suggestions for a more useable layout, I would be grateful!

(I asked this question on the remodeling forum as well. Before someone suggested I ask here, another poster also suggested I expand the door opening. Unfortunately, that's not an option.)

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I don't see that you have many (any!) options. You could use the back of the closet for long term storage.

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Why can't you expand the door opening?

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Can you get a good feel for what you have hanging in there now?

I'm thinking you could put a double rod on one of the 23" walls, the one that is most difficult to get to. Put out of season and special occasion clothing there.

Then look at what remains of the 72" wall. How much of that space will be usable, with one end blocked by the rods/shelving on the end wall? Would it be possible to use a rolling clothing rack in that space? You could pull it out to use it and then slide it back in. I checked and there are some adjustable ones that go from 40" to 70". Although I'm not sure how heavy a 70" fully loaded clothing rack would be--I'm not sure I'd want to be pulling that out a couple of times a day.

Can you move the door, if expanding it isn't possible? Shift it to another wall? Even if you lose some space in the closet doing this, you will gain usability.

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My vote: turn the extreme end of that closet into "deep storage." Put big bins in there of stuff you don't use that often. Like Christmas ornaments, summer beach stuff. It's probably best to choose the kind of stuff that you'd definitely go to a lot of trouble to dig out in the few times you DO need it (but that you don't want to even think about in the meantime).

Or, use it to store the heirlooms you'd normally put in the attic and forget about for a long time.

Then use the OTHER storage places, where that sort of stuff would normally go, to hold stuff that gets used more often.

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Thinking a bit outside the box, what about short rods that stick out from the wall, instead of running parallel to it?

In very old houses, closets were narrow and the clothes hung on hangers that were hung on hooks, so the clothing was parallel to the wall. The hooks were perpendicular.

There are short rods, called valet rods. They stick out from the wall of the closet. You could put a double row of them along one wall--some of them are only 6 or 10 inches long. That would give you about a foot of space between the end of the rod and the wall. Then get the skinniest hangers you can find, so you can fit as many pieces of clothing as possible on each valet rod. The one I've linked to below swivels, which might make it easier to get to the back of the closet. Just make sure not to put the rods at eye-height, so you don't poke yourself in the eye.

Then run a shelf down that long wall, over the rods, for more storage.

Here is a link that might be useful: valet rod

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That's what those things are called! Every now and then I've wanted one of them.

I wonder how much weight they'd hold.

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I did see one once that wasn't hinged and was really heavy duty.

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