Pantene Ad prevents reading forum posts

colorcrazyMarch 3, 2013

Is anyone else being blocked by repetitive Pantene advertisements? Very annoying. Really miss the old days with Spike as the moderator.

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Nope... I block all the ads.

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colorcrazy, what browser are you using? There's a browser add-on called AdBlocker that will block most ads on most websites, including this one. I don't see any ads on this site since I installed it.

However, it only works with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Android. There are ad blockers for Internet Explorer, but I have never used them, so can't recommend anything.

I was about to stop coming here at all, due to those page-covering ads, until I installed AdBlocker.

And I realize that this post sounds like an ad for AdBlocker, but it isn't. It's just that I've tried it and it works and I feel like sharing the joy of no ads.

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Camlin, I agree, I use FF and adblocker plus and the easy list. On the rare occasion I have to block one, I just right click and opt for a filter. I also block the decorative pictures and it all loads faster.

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Thank you very much! I just added Adblocker for FireFox. Yay!

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CC you need adblock plus, then ad the easy list. I think FF has one, but I google ricks easy list or the original easy list because I don't know about the one that FF has. Below easy list is a privacy list, I add that also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy List

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