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wantoretire_didMarch 24, 2009

We came to the conclusion that it is time to downsize and move to an over 55 development. No mowing, plowing or shoveling, and put our house up for sale 3 days before the crash. Of course it was a dead winter. 2 weeks ago, had an eager buyer who then lowballed by 20%. So much for optimism. Nonetheless, I have persevered in my ongoing decluttering. I did a major paperwork clean out a few weeks ago, and yesterday I cleaned out the huge rolltop desk and condensed files into a 2-drawer cabinet. We have made arrangement for a 2nd hand furniture dealer to take the desk and a small entertainment center (gluts on the market now). Not much $$ but at least they will be gone. I'll have to play with my keyboard and screen, but it is certainly doable.

I am SO relieved. I even took some out of size bedding to the donation center, and DH donated some of his paintings to the hospital thrift shop.

We are really making headway and it is so energizing for me. Heaven only knows when we will make a sale, but in the meantime, we are making great progress!

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Good luck on the sale of your house and congrats on your progress decluttering. What a great motivator!

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Very nice! And just think: Even tho it's still a poor real estate market, everything you are doing now to declutter and make the house look more spacious and fresher will likely help you down the road (when houses cease being in such "fire sale" territory).

Are you making a counteroffer to the low-ball person?

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Yes, we did counter, but haven't hear a peep. He was from a very large city downstate, and thought that because he had cash, we country hicks would take it. Can't imagine why, since we were not going to hold a mortgage. Arrogance me thinks! Fortunately, we aren't desperate to sell - just want to get it over with. An open house and hopefully, some showings, will at least keep me on my toes!!

The desk and EC will be picked up Monday. I have a small oak secretary I am finally able to use again as a desk and am thrilled. The filing cabinet is also oak, so doesn't look too utilitarian :-)

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Selling your home is such a big step. When MIL died, her daughter had lived with her all her life, and it took the daughter six months to organize the household, including one last weekend when she asked all the siblings in to help themselves and then fill a dumpster with anything left over. She went to two realty companies, both of which were very eagher. The house had been kept immaculatyely clean and in good repair, and it was only on the market one day. Imagine that- we went to the realtor one morning, by the time DH and I got home, there was a phone call and an offer- just $10K less than the asking price. I credit that all to my MIL, who kept a very clean, ship-shape home. One thing you are right about, even if your house is on the market a long time, you will be living in organized, well-functioning surroundings. Good for you!

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we went through 2 real estate companies and finally ended up selling our MIL's house after 2 years on craigslist by ourselves..was so proud of my self..real estate agents weren't even showing it! we did take a loss though

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Realtor said that he is still interested. Must be commitment phobic! We have given him until this weekend to make up his mind, then our realtor will be proactive with marketing, now that the snow is gone.

ronbre - We gave brief thought to FSBO, but DH just cannot handle that stress now. I've printed out pics of your gorgeous living room. We are going to buy a doublewide in a relatively new 55+ development, and I'm always looking for pics :-)

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