my cabinet came in the mail!!

talley_sue_nycMarch 10, 2005

Remember when TREKaren was buying a CD cabinet, and I was running around trying to spend her bonus by suggesting all these CD cabinets?

There was ONE end-table size one, and I got to thinking, I think the kids' Imaginext stuff--think, "castle walls that snap together in panels"--would fit in there--one of those wall panels is roughly the size of a CD!

So, I ordered it. It came today, DH says--I'm gonna put it together tonight! (right after I pay bills)

Then, of course, I have to move the *nice looking* end table over to the distant end of the couch, so I can put this one at the open corner, so it can be opened.

Then, I'm gonna move the train stuff into that empty cabinet (see my "purging" thread). And GET RID of the typing table!

and I think get rid of this small bookshelf that *has* held the train stuff. I picked it up off the street on my way to work one day.

Ooh, I'm so excited--I just hope this works. That it's got enough space, and stuff will organize itself in there, etc.

(though that cabinet I emptied and am planning to put the trains in, is in a better spot. Oh well.)

Gotta remember to put silicone glides on the bottom; then the kids can turn it more easily.

Here is a link that might be useful: here's my cabinet--back will go up against sofa arm

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here's an example of the Imaginext stuff. Though this one doesn't have many plain panels.

It's got lots of little doo-dads, so I'm going to have to have some containers inside there. I'm thinking of using the Gladware stuff--the disposable leftovers containers from the grocery store.

And of course there are a few big lumpy pieces--and a while ship, which probably won't fit in ANYTHING--unless it can share space w/ the train stuff, but I doubt it.

Ooooh, change is in the air!

Here is a link that might be useful: Imaginext

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Oh wow, how nice!!!!!!!

And as they outgrow Imaginext, they'll have future uses for this cabinet! I can see it being used for all kinds of things!

I am still in love with my DVD cabinet. It looks so nice, organizes media so well, and when I rent movies, I park them on top, along with the slip that tells when they are due back. It has really worked out great.

I can't wait to hear how assembly went, though. My cabinet was a bear to put together...LOL

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well, DH begged off--he was exhausted from lugging all that stuff to the give-away places.

He took the books by schlepper* on the subway--two BIG boxes packed solid. He broke the schlepper.

So, we'll open that box tomorrow. But it's a big box--it looks like the thing may be pre-assembled, bcs it's not flat-packed. Maybe there's "some assembly required." Maybe I have to put on the doors and the knobs, or something. We'll see.

I got another neat gadget, but I'm going to make that a different post.

I did put all the little things in small containers, the Gladware, as I said, and there are a LOT of them. I'm wondering if I'll have room for the OTHER stuff, LOL!

I've worried now and then about whether stuff will fly off those shelves on the doors when they open. If they do, I'm going to staple-gun a wide elastic across the shelf, about 1/4 or 1/3 of the way up, to hold stuff in place yet still allow the kids to get it. But I'm hoping I won't need to.

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I think both yours and Karen's are really classy looking. I already have too many cabinets in the living room, or I would think about it. Actually, I might be able to stack two cabinets on top of each other. Well, it's worth thinking about, because these are nice!

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oh, poop, there was damage inside--the hinge was messed up. So I have to send it back, and hope the next one is OK.

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Oh Darn Tally Sue I am sorry for you!!! I know the feeling you have now. The same happened with my boxed computer desk. A crack in one side. I called the company and they just sent me out a new piece. I was lucky not to have to ship the rest back to them or even the broken part. Took them about three days from my call and the part was on my front step when we got home.

I think your cabinet will be GREAT once you get it put together. I like the idea it will grow with your needs.It really looks nice too.

OK Back to work here. Shampooing carpets. Ah the sweet smell of fresh carpets on a spring like day. :^)))))


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Talley: That's so sad. Would you accept an adjustment on the price? So much easier than a return.

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no, no, I want the cabinet. And it's not functional w/ this damage. There's a thin piece of wood that the hinge is screwed into; it split along the line of the screws. I could glue and clamp it together, but I don't think it would hold.

It it was just the foot (which was dinged) or a slight nick in the finish of the front edge, I'd just come up w/ a workaround. But I don't think there is one to this. That wood is glued in, and its finish matches the piece.

So, back it goes.

There I was, making room for the future, and I have to send it back, LOL!

It'll be OK, it's just annoying to have this big box sitting in the middle of the apartment. Hopefully by Wed. I'll get the return form (bcs, I argued, I shouldn't have to pay to return it, it's not like I'm changing my mind!)

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