Found someone who organizes AND cleans

elphaba_gwMarch 31, 2011

I found out there is a label for people like me. I'm "chronically disorganized". That is so much better than what I thought I was which was a "hoarder".

I had been looking on the web for a while looking for someone who does MORE than clean or who does MORE than organize. Found some "disaster relief cleaning services" and lots of organizers. Anyway, I lucked on to this website where one of the testimonials said they were so pleased because he didn't just give you a list of action items - he actually did the work too. WOW!

Two days of his time has made a huge huge difference. Part of that process was shoving some things to be "dealt with" later into the spare room (which was already in pretty bad shape). I know at some point I'm going to have to do more work to sort through the stuff in there but these first couple of days has been such a wonderful boost, I think I will be able to deal with it.

Just wanted to vent some of my joy to this forum where I think many of you will understand how wonderful it is to find someone like this. He also does staging for houses that people want to sell so they want it to look nice for cheap. I love now that my house is partially "staged." (Though we don't plan to sell, especially now that things are so much more livable.)

He also can be hired as a housekeeper which I plan to do. Don't want this place to go back to what it was like before.

I'll keep y'all posted. He is coming back next week for two days (a little less than $400 per day) and after that I will probably need to dig in more on my own. Wish me luck.

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I know exactly what you mean, but $400 a day sounds like an awful lot of money. That's $4K for two five-day weeks! And that's about what my house needs-two intensive weeks! My problem is I can organize or clean, but not both. Due to health issues (don't ask) I get tired very easily. I can sort and organize pretty well and I can wipe down counters and wash floors okay , but not in the same day. My "dream assistant" would keep me company and chat while I organize, then thoroughly clean after I've got an area organized. Is there somebody like that around? Oh, I've priced husecleaning services where I live, the typical charge is $100 a day. Never did check out those "disaster" cleaners. (They'll clean after a flood or fire,etc) By the way, good luck to you on finding the best of all possible worlds!

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I understand about the health problem situation. I have some of those too. I origially thought that this job would take 12 weeks at two days per week but he has completed half the job in two days! Hope to start on the garage soon. Once that is clear/clean, I think I will be able to do a lot of the remaining work because I will have a place to put the stuff I want to save.
I looked more on the web because this guy asked me about advertising. I found numerous possibilities by searching using the words "downsizing" "staging" ("organizing" of course) ("cleaning" of course) but last of all, it may surpise you was "assisted living". Turns out a lot of people moving to an assisted living facility from a home despirately need this service, especially considering that many want to sell their homes, hence the "staging" part (but you can choose which services).
Though $400 per day is a lot, I think I will end up spending $1600 on this not counting the weekly (or maybe biweekly regular cleaning I plan to sign up for after the house is in order.)
Bottom line, if you get somebody really good, it won't take you as long as you think. I have tried an organizer before but they just want to give YOU a list of action items. I needed that but much more also.
Keep searching. Maybe this is an up and coming service for us baby-boomers who want to downsize and clear out junk we can no longer deal with ourselves.
Good luck.

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Through an Adult Ed class, I met a Professional Organizer who charges $75 per hour. That would work out to $600 for an eight-hour day (no breaks/lunch). Just for comparison.

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