Best Bike Storage Method?

trudymomMarch 27, 2009

What do you think is the best method for storing bikes in the garage?

Thank you!

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We have plastic coated steel hooks screwed into the ceiling joists, spaced so we turn the bikes upside down and hook onto the inside of the wheel rims. They are against the back wall, which necessitates moving a car out to get them down, but we don't do it that often.

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the best way is to hang them up..wall or ceiling hooks

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There's a pulley system that I think is way cool, esp. since I'm short and have bad upper-body strength and wouldd find it hard to lift a bike up over my head safely. But I have no idea if it works.

There are several, actually. They aren't phenomenally expensive!

This one is by Racor, and it's $25.

This one is b ProHoists and it's a single pice, looks easier to install; these folks have a fabulous price on it, but I don't know if they still have it. Normal retail is $50; these guys have it for $8 plus $10 shipping.

Here's another, but $50

Here's a do-it-yourself version

another D-I-Y version (read the comments)

Here is a link that might be useful: bicycle hoists

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You've seen all the products out there, right?

Here's an interesting selection

In all honesty, I'd probably find a simple stand to be my best bet, bcs it'd be easier and less daunting to get the bike back OUT. And to actually USE it.

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The stand only works if you have adequate storage for that, which can be easily accessed, along with everything else. As one who has an old fashioned, small two car garage, two cars and a full array of lawn equipment to DIY, plus recycling bins, garbage receptacles and tool storage, there simply isn't room here for a bike stand.

My DH's bicycle is the bain of my existence. He worked at a bike shop over 30 years ago and is ridiculously...sentimental...about his bike, which no one would bother themselves to steal, were it to reveal itself in public. More likely, they would feel sorry for the owner, and wonder ''WHY?'' The paint is faded, and parts are rusted, but we still have it, hanging on two large hooks near the ceiling. There's no need for a pully system since it never comes down. I can't remember the last time he rode it, probably 28 years ago. Really...It doesn't bother me if I don't look up. That ugly, useless bike is my big bargaining chip when I need one, so it stays. After all, we sometimes need to negotiate terms...and this one has worked for me every time...for decades!

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Funny Claire!

Talley_sue_nyc, That list is impressive! I wish all product searches were that extensive.

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LOL Claire, I have a bike like that. So far dh hasn't negotiated with it.

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