Amanda Schlupp

Maura63March 16, 2008


Words & Music by Hap Palmer

©Hap-Pal Music Inc.

Amanda Schlupp would not pick her toys up

She left everything where it lay

She played all day and never found time

To put anything way

Her dollies lay smothered on top of each other

Their dresses were wrinkled and ripped

He skates were dropped carelessly on her glass pony

The poor thing was broken and chipped

Checkers and dominoes, buttons and silver bows

All were mixed up in a box

Her panda and teddy like tangled spaghetti

Lay limp in a bed of old socks

Her mirror as cracked from the crush of the clutter

And hadn't been seen for a year

Her hairbrush was bent and the bristles were jammed

In the teeth of her bicycle gear

She cleats of her soccer shoes dug a deep groove

In a record of "Skip to My Lou"

And flies crawled around on her pink paper plates

With cake crumbs and old mud pie stew.

Then one night Amanda dreamed tht her panda

Cried, "I can't stand anymore"!

Then the toys heard him yell, "Rise up and rebel!"

They broke down the bedroom door.

The dollies jumped into the bicycle basket

And panda bear pedaled away

The checkers jumped over each other to flee

And teddy bear shouted "Hooray!"

The glass pony limped up still broken and shipped up

And happily hobbled away

The soccer shoes kicked out the pile of old socks

Then sprinted outside to play

The records and skates rolled outside with the plates

And the hairbrush went bristling by

The bows and the dominoes danced out the door

And all that was lift were the flies

Amanda Schlupp screamed and woke up

And early the very next day

She skipped the cartoons and cleaned up her room

And put all her toys away.


I am emailing the above lyrics to my 16 y.o. DD and she will hopefully apply it to her room, and her "stuff", and take the hint!

I had never heard of this song before. (But I was a big Hap Palmer fan back in my Kdg. teaching years.)

If anyone else has any songs that motivate preschoolers to clean up after themselves, I'd love to know about them!

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Oh you are too funny. This is it! This is why I schlupp stuff and schelp stuff. Can't believe you found the words. HA!!!!

Unfortunately it hasn't motivated my 7 yr old. I can only relate. Gotta print this.

Thanks for the funny! Ann

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This is great! I am Amanda Schlupp!

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Check out I learned about her through My 3 yr.old granddaughter wants to see the House Fairy video's every time she comes to my house.(No computer at her house) Flylady also sends out Riley challanges, for the children to do.

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Maura thanks for posting!

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