bought a new cabinet, for the kids' books

talley_sue_nycMarch 23, 2005

I should just get rid of stuff instead, but, well, there you are.

This is a particularly hard time, bcs DS is in first grade, and ready to really, really read--so ditching little-kid books isn't SO wise, bcs those will be helpful to him.

So this is what I got--I probably should have gotten the 3-door (in the same length), but oh well--it doesn't really matter.

This is will almost exactly the width of the windowsill, and almost exactly the HEIGHT of the windowsill.

I'm looking forward to it.

(still waiting for the replacement of the CD cabinet to house Imaginext. Those toys are currently in that emptied-out cabinet, but it doesn't all fit, so I still have ONE bin around the LR)

Here is a link that might be useful: my lowboy--but I ordered white

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Talley Sue,

This piece is lovely. I looked at it earlier today, bookmarked it, and it has been lingering with me since.

I have a very narrow hallway that needs *something*, but can't be wider than 15". This would fit perfectly, and since it is on the 2nd floor near the kids' rooms, I could solve the "where to store team uniforms when not in use" dilemma...or the "where to stash new 'gift' items that I may pick up throughout the year...or the "where to put the computer paraphernalia" that seems to multiply when I'm not looking. What a find  thank you!

IÂm not sure if storing books behind close doors would work out well in my house, but it seems like a very useful piece of furniture for this purpose. Enjoy it!


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I'm tired of open storage, esp. in the living room, so this was my choice. I'd been considering those cubes, so I could rearrange them if we moved. But this was actually cheaper.

Did you see that it comes in two lengths? And there's three door that's 49" or so, the same length as mine but 1 fewer doors.

I really like that company--I've ordered from them before. And got a replacement glass shade after my torchiere got knocked over.

I'm always amazed by the breadth of styles they have.

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I really like this. I've looked at several of their pieces in this line. They have a storage bench like this that I'll probably get for the foot of my bed and also a hall tree I'm considering. Let us know how this works out.


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well, it arrived. In a flat pack, so I'll have to put it together.

First opportunity is Monday, so I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe we'll rotate books at the same time.

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Talley Sue,

I also found the perfect nightstand for my daughter. I've been looking for months. Thanks for the link!

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Great cabinet, Talley Sue! Until this move I stored all the kids' books in a large anchored-to-the-wall cheapie bookshelf (deeper, though) with doors. It was GREAT! This house has lots of built-in shelves in the playroom, so now the cainet lives behind the door to the garage (inside) and hold art supplies for the kids and phone books and junk!

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What a lovely cabinet. You will get years of use from it since it's so classic looking.

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Thanks, everybody!

It went together pretty easily (though the directions leave a bit to be desired--I write & edit directions for a living, so it's always frustrating.)

It seems very sturdy, and looks really nice. No little gaps that make it clear you put it together yourself.

We haven't loaded it up yet; I want to weed out a bit as we go.

It may be a tad too deep--we'll probably be tempted to put stuff in a double layer. But that might work out pretty well after all.

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Speaking of double layers, i ended up finding some cheap plastic bins which fit my book cabinet perfectly. They can go longway and fit exactly from front to back, or sideways and fit two from front to back, and I used themon some shelves for smaller books. it is much easier that way to get out, say, a tub of easy readers or board books, or all nonfiction, or old highlights and ranger ricks, you get the idea. Just though I would suggest it since it makes that back row so easy to get to!

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skatiero, that sounds really great. I wonder if I can find one. I'll have to measure the interior, and write it down on a card to tuck into my wallet.

If nothing else, it would mean you could lift off the front row very easily.

My mom found that a wooden CD crate holds her paperbacks perfectly, so she puts the front row in them. Then she can pick it up all at once.

Of course, paperbacks are a uniform size (mostly--with a couple of variations). Kids' books are all over the place. Once kids get a BIT older, their books become *more* uniform in size, but these are the pre-third-grade books, so they're all over the place.

My DH does this: He lays the front row on its side, and he lets it only go about halfway up. Then you can see the books in the back, and it's easy to pick up the single stack in front of whichever book it is you want to read.

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well, it's full--all the books that were in crates are now in this cabinet. I stuck some in a box to go away, and I picked a couple to go in the "heirlooms" box--the kids loved them, and I know they won't be around when THEY have kids.

AND we got rid of all the crates.

Now I just have to deal w/the Imaginext overflow; I am afeared THAT cabinet (which arrived damaged and is now on back-order) will not be available anymore.

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