Stuffed animals?

msmagooMarch 12, 2006

What do you do with all the stuff animals your children seem to accumulate? My daughters are 18 & 10 and have picked out the ones they want to keep. The rest, are in 4 LARGE storage containers in the garage. I check with local hospitals and they won't accept them. Any ideas would be appreciated, most are in really good shape, some still have the tags on them.

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I would just drop them off at your local charity thrift store. Ours always has tons.

Our local quilt guild does an "animal and a quilt" type fundraiser thing. Since most all stuffed animals can be easily thrown in the washer, people pick up animals and then make small quilts to go with them. After people "bid" on their favorites, they are donated to the local police/fire/ambulance/social services to give to the kids they work with. The groups willingly take them since they know everything is clean.


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This may sound odd, but I often see staff from our local zoo at our local thrift shop with bags of stuffed animals. They buy them for the animals in their facility, so if you have a local zoo maybe they would take them. Or what about an animal shelter, our dog loved a stuffed animal to play with. Daycares, elementary schools, foster homes, social services that deal with children in crisis may be will to take them. Good luck.

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Our local zoo no longer allows stuffed animals.

I see people at the thrift store buying them for the people in nursing homes. Our library will accept them for the childre's area also.

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I have brought good,clean (but outgrown)toys to my pediatrician's office.

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Nursing homes, children's homes, preschools and the Salvation Army are usually willing to accept clean, well loved stuffed animals. When my kids have outgrown theirs, I gave some to each of those places in our area and they were happy to have them.

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I was in the same situation as you with zillions of leftover, but perfectly good, stuffed animals. I waited until December last year and advertized them on Freecycle. You'd be amazed at how many people are in such dire circumstances that they struggle to be able to buy Xmas presents for their kids. I must have gotten a half dozen responders within a few hours and I divided up the stuffed animals among them.

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