Show me your kitchen pantry??

southernstitcherMarch 11, 2009

I am having the opportunity to build a 60 inch kitchen pantry!

I am totally lost about how to ask it to be designed. Just shelves, pull outs? Layout. It will be 24 inches deep, just to keep the room in balance. But, I'm just too excited and would like to see what others have done. Multiple doors? Different areas for different things?

I am not interested in a spice rack in the pantry, as I will have one above the cooktop.



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This is two Kraftmaid pantries, each 8' tall and 18" wide, 2' deep. All shelves are fully adjustable up and down in 1" increments, laminated for easy cleaning, and have a 75-lb rating.

Upper shelves are fixed. Lowers are pullout.

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Love the pullouts. I guess I can have the carpenter incorporate that in mine. Adjustability goes on the list too. Thank you for sharing.

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My suggestion is that you post this on the Kitchen forum which has alot more traffic. I would also suggest you do a search on that forum for previous threads about pantries.

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I did do a search, and found nothing. Thanks anyway!

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One thing that I am going to insist on is "no wasted head space"...thanks again to Tally_Sue. jkom51 has a good mix of shelve levels and isn't wasting space in the pantry.

I visited my brother's new house and was eager to see his pantry (of all things!). In this good sized pantry, there were 5 equally spaced shelves plus the floor. There was sooooo much wasted head space. Easily there could have been 10 shelves at varied levels to accommodate all cans, all bottle, or all boxes. DB is a builder so I challenged him to get right on this project because his pantry was chaos. His wife was like deer in head lights about ways to organize the pantry.

Have fun. ain't pretty but I added a shelf (the wire ones) in between each of the existing shelves in my pantry.

Then I went through all of my kitchen base cabinets and added one more shelf (the white shelf) to each thus allowing me to add slim things and eliminate wasted head space.

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mine is similar to jkom51 only I have 3 oak fronted ones side by side..i have pull outs in one and set back shelves in one and then the rest are adjustable shelves where i keep mostly cans and boxes

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This is a pantry picture thread from over in the kitchen forum on the gallery side(nobody, including me, ever remembers to go over to the gallery.) There are also links to other pantry threads that have fallen off the board. The discussions side of the kitchen forum moves really fast so buehl, our resident historian, attached several old threads some of which have tons of pics. HTH.

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I have a 60"---18"deep pantry--4 doors.
Top has 3 stationary shelves. With stationary shelves I find 18" is too deep to reach items in the back. I use 2 baskets from our freezer that I can easily pull out to locate items.
The bottom has 4 shelves--2 are pull outs. I wish all the bottom were pull out.

If I had to do another kitchen I would make room for a walkin pantry.

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I know this is kind of late, but there is a good idea to add to any pantry. For storing canned goods, have some shelves tilted. They'll self-fee and automatically rotate your stock if you load it behind when you put it on the shelf. The wire shelves have the lip on the front to catch them. You could also have it tilted and the cans stand and slide, but on their sides they'll roll very easily and you could either label the front of the shelf or see the labels on the cans.

Another great idea I saw was some adjustable trays (similar to those on a refrigerator) on the door. You couple this with pull out shelves and you have a very functional and compact pantry. I have a couple of Rubbermaid storage units that I use as a pantry but I need to add shelves and maybe some baskets or totes since things get stacked in there. However it makes for a more functional kitchen even as it is.

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