Body Clutter book

Maura63March 19, 2006

I'm sure there is another forum where this might be more appropriate, but since many flypeople hang out here, I thought I'd ask:

Body Clutter book by the flyladies

Have any of you purchased this book? If so, any reviews would be appreciated. Otherwise I'm likely to get it and then have it sit on the shelf along with other "books I thought I'd want to read but prefer to read novels instead". There, I kept on-topic, I think :-)

Thanks in advance.

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What a name! I guess I don't know what it is about but I am envisioning all sorts of things stuck in the folds of body fat! LOL! My DH is a paramedic and once had ran a call for an obese woman. Under one of the "aprons" of fat, they found a half eaten tuna sandwich!! LOL! I would be curious as to what the book it is REALLY about!


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Eeeew Brenda -- that's a visual I could have done without. LOL.

Here is a link that tells more about this book.

Maybe I'll visit the diet forum and post the same request there....

Here is a link that might be useful: book description

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Maura, if you are on any of your state or local Flylady email lists, you could ask there also. I've found that my family give Leanne's menu's a big thumbs down most of the time, so I don't really figure there would be much in this book which would be of use to me.


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I do know the Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui has a chapter in it about our bodies, and how we can apply feng shui and decluttering to our diets, for healthier, um, plumbing :-)

It was great information! I sure don't always treat my body like a temple!

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I have the Body Clutter book. Haven't finished it yet, but I love it. It's NOT a recipe book; just a common-sense way to lose weight via a genuine thought-shifting, not a gimmick diet. It explores things like WHY you may overeat and helps you take care of your body sensibly.

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I just bought the book from, along with Flylady's incomparable 17- Month calendar. Here's my humble opinion about the book, given that I'm only half way through:

The basic message, which you have to read through a lot of material in order to get to, is that you only have one body and you need to take care of it. Right now. Gone are the cozy references in some of Flylady's past writings about accepting yourself and the body you are in. Her point is that you need to figure out what is causing you to overeat and deal with it, now, there's no time to lose, your health is of primary importance.

I think that the book, which is co-authored by Leanne, really gets most of the material through Flylady's insights and reflections. But Leanne's are also good, you get a window into what she's been through. There is a lot of these ladies churning their own thoughts around, that gets a little stale. And the constant referral of fat or overweight or obesity as "Body Clutter" really becomes annoying after a while.

But the message is a good one: don't whine, don't make excuses or blame, don't pile of the guilt over things you have no control over, just take the babysteps necessary to resolve this matter permanently. Get of your "franny" and change your life.

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