How do you organize photos?

JoAnn_FlaMarch 16, 2009

I have about 15 old albums that need attention. The pictures are falling out & discoloring. Very unorganized at the moment. How do you store or organize your old photos?

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Several years ago, I took apart all my old photo albums. They were taking up too much space.

I pulled out all the photos that were the most special or just keepers, and set them aside. The rest of the photos I pulled out and rubber-banded by topic.

I got a couple photo boxes and put the rubber-banded photos in the boxes. Some of the rubber-banded packs I gave to a friend who scrap-books & she used them for HER scrapbooks...with no intention of giving them back to me...even scrapped up in a pretty way.

The special photos, I either framed & displayed, or scanned them on my computer so I have them preserved. I do have the nice ones in the photo boxes as well, just separated out from the masses so I can locate them easily if I ever need them.

That's what I did. Happier for it. It made the biggest difference when I moved the last time and all I had to do was deal with 2 shoe-box-sized boxes...and not an entire box full of mismatched photo albums.

In fact, I actually pull out my old photos more in the boxes than I ever did when in albums. The albums were just a big jumble to me.

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I know what you mean, those albums take up so much space. I'd love to be rid of them and have them more compact.

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I redid mine about 6 months ago. Put them all in new albums and got rid of the old magnetic albums. I saved so much space and it is much easier to look at them. I put some on them on a CD but not all. One day I want to do that.

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I just did all our photos before xmas, and only kept the really meaningful ones.
I put all the ones I didn't want into envelopes for each of our grown kids, and they went through and kept out the ones they wanted.
All the rest we put in a big box, and the young grandkids had a ball, scrapbooking and making cards out of "real" photos. The adult aunts and uncles and cousins were touched to get cards with their faces set in crayoned love hearts and flowers and snowflakesetc.
They all discreetly ended up in the trash after xmas, but it was a great activity for the kids over the holidays.

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I've spent a lot of the past two years scanning photos & slides. Once they're scanned, I only keep about 1/4 of them & the rest are either given to someone else who may want them or tossed into the trash. I have them backed up onto another physical drive as well as Carbonite & Jungle Disk (online, offsite storage.)

But then, with all my scans as well as digital photos (over 12 gigs/14,000)it got to the point where it was hard to find the photos I was looking for. So a couple of years ago, I invested in ACDSee Photo Manager. I spent time over a couple of weeks organizing the photos in ACDSee photo manager (you can organize them every which way from Sunday) and now, I can find any photo within a minute or two.

Here is a link that might be useful: ACDSee Photo Manager

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