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maddiemom6March 25, 2005

Last Summer we put on a 30x8 foot old fashioned front porch.. it really makes the house. We are still doing trim work but i am dreaming about how to decorate it and how to keep it organized! As a start I purchased (today) an old 6 foot tall pie safe with screen front doors. It's very primative but is just what I want for the porch.. It will be a place to serve drinks from when we sit out there and a place to store the sundry garden items that get dumped on the front porch after I putter in the flower beds on Summer evenings. I am thinking some galvanzied buckets for the lower level to store potting mix and the liquid fertalizer I use for my roses. I am jazzed about this!

I will post up photos on my blog as soon as I can since I don't have a clue how to do them here :)


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Ooh, I can't wait to see pics...You'll have to let us know when to check back.

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Thanks... I got them up tonight. I think I will take a bit of time tomorrow to look for some galvanized stuff to go in them... my local BIG LOTS had some stuff that looked interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pie safe

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The link won't come up...but I'll try again later.

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rectangular stuff holds more, less wasted space. We have galvanized squarish bins around the office--I'm not sure where we got them, but that might be an interesting idea.

And you might be able to get a sheet-metal shop to make you boxes for down there that have STRAIGHT sides instead of slanted--stuff you buy in the store always has a slanted side, jus tso it can nest during shipping. But it cheats you out of some space, and means stuff can't always stand up straight w/o falling over.

That's a nice looking pie safe! My mom had one for inside, w/ tin panels in the doors. Us kids always coveted it. My mom stained in a few years back w/ some black stain--I almost cried. But it's hers. And if she *did* give it to one of us, I'm not sure where I'd put it in my home.

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Talley, you are totally right about storage and the lost potential that's given up in an effort to more compact shipping. In this case it's not such a big deal since I don't plan to have all that much in the safe.. so I picked up a nice oval bin at Lowe's this weekend that I think will work.. I am on the look out for something a bit bigger..but until then I like the contrast of the oval in the rectangle to break up the lines.

The back wall of the thing is awash in old nails that were used for hooks.. I am going to put leather ties on each of garden hand tools and hang them in there. Maybe this year I can get by without having to re-buy most of them to the fact that I miss place the dang things in the garden!


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Maddiemom, do you know what Martha Stewart's very FIRST "Good Thing" was?

Painting the handles of the gardening tools BRIGHT ORANGE!

Just thought I'd mention it.

I saw one of those squarish galvanized bins down the hall, but I couldn't find the manufacturer name on it.

If the space isn't that big an issue, I bet the contrasting shapes look nice.

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ANd indeeded that is a very good thing!... but I must admit I will have to do mine in PINK!... I mean why oh why do they make them in green... on the up side some day way down the road it will make an interesting dig up for someone! This past weekend I had to be up on the roof to clean out the gutters and as I looked to the side I got quite the laugh.. the lopers that I lost last year were dangling from a tree branch.. now wrapped in ivy ~G~

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