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marie26March 18, 2006

My new Bosch mixer/bread maker is arriving in a few days and I plan on leaving it on a kitchen counter. My dilemna is that I don't know which one. I prefer nothing on my counters but slowly they are filling up with items I use daily.

My kitchen and living room are divided by an island. I can watch TV from the island which, on occasion, is nice to have. The only thing I have on the island is a cutting board since I do all my cooking prep work there.

I've ordered a citrus juicer for the mixer that we will probably be using quite a bit. Eventually I'll be ordering a food processor for it, too.

It would be logical to place the mixer on the island but then I think it will start to look too cluttered. Does this make any sense? I have cupboards underneath the island where I can put all my baking supplies so that's not a problem. I have a corner area next to the sink that the mixer can go on as well as a long counter on the other side of the sink. But I'm pretty sure I'd rather be facing the living room when I'm baking, etc. since I now always put my old mixer on the island when I take it out to use.

Where should the mixer go? Trying to be proactive, I need to clean out my pantry this weekend and rearrange the cabinets so I'm ready when the mixer arrives.

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I vote for storing the mixer (and the juicer) in the cupboards under the island -- perhaps you could add a lovely pottery bowl full of fresh fruit/vegetables for the juicer on the top of the island?

See how that arrangement works for you on a daily basis --if not -- then you'll have to find a good spot on the counter for the mixer.

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I know myself too well. Any appliance that isn't very small hardly gets used because I find it too much of a hassle to take it out of a cabinet and put it back.

I should also explain that my island has a back to it because on the other side of it has a higher counter for people to sit at.

Does anyone keep items on an island? Is it strange that I don't want to?

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It sounds like your island has electricity plugs. And if I'm picturing it correctly, from the family room side, you don't really see the island counter because it is below the eating surface.

I realize these things are kind of heavy, but I would probably vote for the corner of the other counters and just move it to the island as you use it. If it ends up being used on a daily basis, then I would give it permanent home on the island.

I tend to mix, etc. close to the sink and have always opted not to have islands installed. The ones I have seen in my friend's homes usually have something decorative on them. I have one friend whose cooktop in in the type of island which you describe.

Try it a few different places and see what you like best.


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Gloria, you've described my island better than I described it. It does have electricity plugs but the stove is not built in. I am leaning towards the corner counter which is between the stove and the sink. I hadn't thought of moving it to the island when I'm doing heavy duty stuff with it but that's a good idea. And having it next to the sink makes it convenient to wash out the citrus juicer.

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do you have cabinet space you can spare to install the "mixer lift shelf" or whatever it's called? It's about $90, plus you have to buy the wood for the shelf, and cut it to size. And if you're smart, you'll put a pull-out shelf or basket below it.

isn't the Bosch sort of short? I think I'd just put it on one end of the island, hidden by the taller part, and pull it into the center when I'm ready to work.

I'd be perfectly willing to put the other not-quite-so-heavy stuff--juicer, etc., in a cabinet, even an upper one, even if they are used daily. Partly because I think more of them would get washed.

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance lift mechanism

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Talley Sue, that's a great product but since we're renting, it will have to wait until I buy a house again.

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