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Lorenza5064February 23, 2013

I am intrigued by the concept of a Tapmaster. I have learned about it on the Forum and it seems to be a device that is highly valued by those who have it, although they seem to be few in number. I have included it in the specifications for my kitchen. The plumber has quoted a price of $675 for the 1770 model, includes installation. The price for that model on the TM website is $340. Does the pricing by my plumber seem fair? I am reaching the point of "sticker shock" for my kitchen and must weigh that option carefully. Please advise

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You should buy it and just have the plumber install.

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**Warning. Hot button issue ahead.**

Oh, this is why I hate dealing with subs, specifically plumbers, through a GC. Early on with our GC, I picked some plumbing fixtures for the kitchen, new masterbath, and laundry room. I did lots of Internet research and so knew what those items cost. After I badgered my GC to see the plumbing bid, he gave finally me the wholesale list price the plumber received at the plumbing supply store and told me to add on some ungodly percentage to find what the price to me would be. The plumbing supply price on each item was reasonable, but needless to say when the plumbers gigantic percentage was added on I was shocked. And then there was his labor charge on top of all that. Ggrrrrrrrr.

I'm sure you know all about how plumbers "must" charge you this extra, huge margin to cover the cost of their insurance, their truck's gas, etc and that by paying this margin they are warranting their work. Yada yada yada. I find those arguments to be nonsense. It's whole topic infuriates me so I'll leave it by saying that I ended up GC'ing the house reno myself. :)

Many members here have purchased their Tapmasters at Conserv-A-Store. Sounds like you're not sourcing your own plumbing parts, but if you are and can be patient, sign up for their email list where they periodically send out a 10% coupon code. I'll link my Euro model below from the store, selling for $325. I can tell you that my finish plumber spent very little time installing it, even though he had never done a Euro Tapmaster before. (He had installed other types of food controllers.)

$675 minus $325 for the part = $350 for labor. That's insane to me. I would not pay that. If you can't work out something more reasonable with your plumber at this stage, I would recommend having your cab installer cut the necessary hole in the sink cab now, wait for a sale at Conserv-a-Store, and install it after the fact, which is something that can be DIY'd if you are at all handy. Or you could wait until you have a competent handyman doing some other work at your house.

I love my Tapmaster immensely, but not $675 worth. I would, however, work out a way to make the price reasonable so I could enjoy the great benefit they provide.


Here is a link that might be useful: Conserv-A-Store Tapmaster

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Aaaaaah BG, I can always count on you for an insightful response! Yes, I am sourcing my own plumbing supplies: fixtures and sinks. I have my kitchen sink sitting in our guest space awaiting its destination in the new kitchen.. It was the first purchase I made for the reno.

I have all sorts of red flags waving right now re this estimate from the plumbing sub. The GC (IF he is selected to be the GC, no contract signed with him at this point) has not responded to my comment that this $ number for the TM was high. I CC'd the email to my KD as notice to him that I was not comfortable with the estimate.

I have estimates for electrical, plumbing and carpentry from another KD (thought I was going with her, but I discovered better cabinet options via current KD). I will be able to compare prospective GC's estimates with those.

I am tempted to do as you did; assume the role of GC for the reno. We have done a major reno on this house and I have resources in the building trades that I could call on to do the work. The cab. mfr. installs the cabs, which is a MAJOR benefit, and a primary reason I selected them for the job. I may even be able to request referrals for plumbing, electrical, and carpentry subs via the cab mfr.

On another note, I am emulating your lovely kitchen in several ways as you likely recall from previous posts. I think I will choose a Hansgrohe faucet for the kitchen sink and the bar sink. You have the Talis High Arc pull down faucet. That profile may be a bit large for my space, still mulling that over. I must revisit the HG options, perhaps there is a smaller version of the high arc. Does the spray feature on the Talis have a locking mechanism or must you hold the button for continuous spray? Maybe not as important as I think it might be and maybe not at all, esp. if you have a TM for hands free use of the faucet!

Thanks for all of the info that you provide to this most valuable Forum. I look forward to your reply. Ciao ciao, L

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Fori is not pleased

Remember he's probably charging you EXTRA for the installation, too!

My GC didn't know what I was talking about and I should just buy it and he'd install it. (He didn't get a plumber since there wasn't much plumbing--he should have, but that's another story.). He tried to get the electrician to install it but the electrician assured him that it was not electric, just as I had said. Then...never mind. I'm not hiring him for the next kitchen, but even that guy was able to install it.

For $300 bucks I'd install it myself. Actually, for much less, in a nice clean new cabinet. Very simple.

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Now for selection of the proper TM model; model 1775 Euro seems to have a locking "on" mechanism, model 1770 Euro is described as having a "momentary activator". Seems one would prefer the model with the locking "on" feature, yes?

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I just called and asked Conservastore for the 10% and mentioned that I had seen them on Gardenweb (I didn't have time to wait for an email discount). They were very nice, and indeed gave me the discount.

Worth trying...

Sorry, mine isn't installed yet, but I just showed it to my GC, and he seemed to think it wouldn't be a problem, and he'd just do it himself.

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Get the 1775. The kind ladies at Tapmaster suggest that as the best for a kitchen. I had originally to the foot plate version and am in the process of exchanging it for the euro version. I was worried that the lever is pokey and hard and feedback on this forum is that it is not.

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Aaahhhh...now I'm blushing! You're very welcome.

If I can make it through GCing a whole house reno with no experience and no subs lined up I'm sure you are up to the task. I saved tens of thousands in fees by doing so. I found that many trades have connections and can give you references for the others necessary to complete the work. Word-of-mouth worked well for me. It sounds like you're lined up well to take tackled this without a GC.

My faucets are the Hansgrohe Talis S pulldowns. And yes, they are tall. When first looking at them in the showroom and comparing their specs to my old kitchen, I wasn't sure I was ready for such attention-getting monsters. Even when I took them out of the box, I was second-guessing myself. I held them up in the kitchen after my marble went in, and I decided to go with my function-is-best gut and install them anyway. Once they went in, the shock of what seemed like excessive height subsided, and I love them for their function. I do seem to recall that the prep sink version of my faucets was a bit shorter, but I'm too tired now to go look up the specs. :)

When I first started planning our reno when my DD was an infant, the Hansgrohe was the first item with which I fell in love. I didn't know anything about faucets, but I knew that I loved the look of this one. Not until I found GW and explored it more, did I find out about the issue of locking or non-locking spray. The Talis S does not lock. Many here will tell you that's a make-or-break feature for them. My mindset was that since I was used to dealing with an annoying side spray that I had to hold down to spray, even just having a pulldown was a giant leap forward. Only once in 15 months have I wondered if a locking feature would have helped me with a sink task. Only you can decide if a locking feature is a necessity for you.

I should mention that I have found a way to make the spray lock in place. I'm not sure exactly how I did it, although it has to do with having the hose pulled out whilst spraying for at least 15 seconds or more. It's mildly helpful to me when it's happened. Not enough to make me wish I had chosen a different faucet.

As far as which model to purchase, the 1775 Euro is my recommendation. The ability to lock the foot pedal to the "on" position allows me to put a pot in my sink to fill and walk away to grab things from the fridge or similar while it the water runs. The joystick aspect of the foot pedal isn't pokey or hard. It's easy in socked or bare feet to push the pedal forward or to either side for use. I run a shoes-off household.

Apologies for another long-winded reply. :) Ask any further questions here or email me again if you like.

Jansin62--Glad you were able to get a discount. Thanks for passing along that info!

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Good morning Breezy et al

Many thanks for your reply, not long winded at all, love your detailed responses.

I ordered the Talis S yesterday in the "baby brother" prep size. It is 1" shorter than the high arc model. New question for you; does the water flow return from spray to stream without turning off the water? I sure hope so, I will be frustrated by that nuisance. On another thread I found per your contribution that the control buttons can be placed to the rear of the faucet. Why is the faucet NEVER shown that way? Want us to see those buttons, I guess. I think it is installed, buttons forward in the showroom I visited. Returning there today to look for RO water faucets (any suggestions there,BG?) and will check it out. What distance did you maintain between the sink and backsplash for mounting the Talis that is on your counter top?

Should be hearing from the presumptive GC today. He has not responded to my suspicion re the plumber's $ cost for purchase/installation of the TM. I am wondering if he isn't concerned that he has shown his hand re his pricing for the project. The KD brought him to the project, so I will question the KD about his pricing and let him know I may assume the GC role.

I am planning to order the TM 1775 from conserv-a-store and will hire a chimp to install it if a plumber won't do it for a reasonable $ amount.....

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