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MariposaTraicioneraMarch 11, 2007

Hello all,

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I'm in the market for good pillows (for sleeping). I have tried many different brands but always seem to toss them out after a couple years. Surely they should last longer. Or maybe not?

What are your recommendations?

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DH & I swear by BeautyRest latex pillows. We used to replace our lumpy pillows fairly frequently. Both of us love these. They're about $60 for a queen size unless you can find them on sale. I wait until our local dept. store has a buy one get one free sale & then get them. They're definitely worth the money. They don't get lumpy & you don't have to keep fluffing. You can buy a much less expensive version of these at Wal-Mart, but they don't even come close to comparing to the original.

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I think two years is probably stretching it. I replace ours every 10 months or so. I prefer the polyfilled pillows. It really depends on what type of pillow you like.

My DH had latex foam pillows and I never did care for them. I don't care for down either. I purchase mine at local department stores like Sears or Fred Meyers.

Whenever I've tried washing pillows, they are terribly lumpy. I keep thinking about all of those dust mites, but I just can't sleep on a plastic cover. I always purchase new pillows for overnight company (which we rarely have.)

I know I'm not much help, but I don't think I would want pillows for more than a year.


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Gloria, re: dust mites.

I have anti-dust-mite coverings that are NOT plastic feeling. Just very tighly woven (and hence a little but "rustly").

And, I purchased mattress-cover-like cases for pillows that I put on the kids' pillows, bcs they DO have plastic covers over them (in case of accidents at night). I also put this on DH's pillow, so the sweat will be caught there, and the pillow itself doesn't get stinky.

I like feaher pillows, though I've contemplated trying foam, bcs it's hard to get a really FIRM pillow in feather.

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My family loves feather pillows. Ours are the Pacific Coast Coast brand. We have bought them from JC Penny and online from the company. I wash mine in the washer and dry them in the dryer on low heat with a bunch of tennis balls. I've never really worried about dust mites.

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Gloria, I don't remember the brand of pillows we bought (sometime in early 2006) but they're ready to be changed. We paid about $39.95 each on sale, and I thought they would last at least 2 years!

Thanks for the tip Kittiemom. We need at least 4 of what you recommended for us, and the kids can get by with something less expensive.

Adel, my kids have allergies. Do you think the feather pillows would bother them?

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We have allergies, and love the hypodown pillows. AFter several years, they aren't as firm and full as when new, but they're probably 10 years old. Before this we had tried several pillows that we didn't like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allergy Buyers Club pillows

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Have you considered buckwheat hull pillows? I love mine and I've had it for many years. I actually put it in the washer and dryer once a year. It never loses shape (in fact it shapes the way you want it to shape for sleeping), never smells, and adjusts to body temp perfectly.

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I never heard of buckwheat hull pillows. Will check them out.

Liz, Thanks for the link.

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Orthopedist and physical therapist each taught me the beauty of having a mix of pillows from foam to poly to down. I have four pillows at night and I habitually rotate them for different sleeping positions. One benefit is that If you have four pillows, you only have to replace them, say every four years. I don't worry about dust mites so I have cotton zippered pillow protectors -- no rustle. I launder them monthly or maybe a little more often depending on the weather. No brand recommendation -- I can't remember back that far.

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the cloth dust-mite pillow covers I have don't rustle under your year--it's just that they're a tad more rustly than most cotton ones (and they soften with washing)--no one should decide not to get them bcs of the rustling factor.

Incidentally, if someone is really interested in buckwheat-hull pillows, I know of a thread on another forum where they're discussed in a bit more detail--e-mail me, if you want the link. I don't want to post it here; I think that's rude somehow. (of course, mentioning the other forum seems rude, too but not AS)

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I had a buckwheat pillow once and found it very comfortable as far as support - only problem is I'm allergic to buckwheat.

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I have a variety of sleeping pillows on my bed. A synthetic Ralph Lauren pillow. A Tempur-Pedic memory foam pillow. And a buckwheat neck pillow.

I bought an unusual pillow once that I just loved. It had a synthetic, stretchy knit cover rather than woven material, and was filled with plastic beads that were very slippery, so it molded to your head. I loved that pillow but my cat ruined it and I cannot find them anymore. I had bought it at Walgreens of all places and it was very cheap. I would recommend them. Since they were not filled with feathers or fluff or anything porous, I think they would not harbor dust mites or odors.

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Another vote for solid foam! I slowly replaced all pillows with solid foam, I love, love them. We take them when we travel with a colorful pillow case so I won't forget them in the hotel room.

I have a buckwheat neck pillow that you put in the microwave for soreness.

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I have a tempur pedic pillow and I refuse to sleep on anything else now. I love it. I like flat pillows that don't hold my head at a weird angle. The Tempur pedic is perfect because it gives my head the perfect amount of support- they aren't cheap though. If I hadn't gotten ours for free (with the purchase of our bed- so not really free)- we probably wouldn't have gotten them at all. But they travel with us and wouldn't have it any other way.

best wishes and peaceful sleeping.

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