What is the style of my house?

wronglebowskiApril 24, 2011

Greetings all. I'm moving into my new old house. Need some help understanding they style of the house as I move forward.

Helpful info.

In St. Louis Area

Built in 1927

Windows on (your) left side are original. Right side are not.

Thanks for any input.

El Duderino!

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not the OP but interested in the responses. i'm struggling with this one. it seems too forboding to be arts and crafts, the the roof and entryway look it. the hard corners make me think classical/traditional with an addition. i'm curious what the smarter architecture people have to say.

the one thing i do notice is that the shutters are all wrong. the rule with old houses - and this should be the rule with new houses - is that if the shutters couldn't actually fit over the windows, they don't belong.

this house is begging for window boxes.

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Where a house has no disinguishing characteristics or definitive details, we have to resort to "plain; traditional"
Then describe the massing, roofline, outline, and fenestration.
"L-shaped two story hipped roof house with an arched entry porch in the inside of the ell. Paired 1/1 windows following early 20th century proportions. Plain boxed eaves with moderate overhang. Smooth stucco finish." I have a suspicion that its a 1900's house that has been enlarged and remodeled from the original; probably post WWII.

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Sort of the 'domesticated house cat' of houses.

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although the roof and windows are classic traditional style, the arched porch and stucco suggest to me that someone liked the Mediterranean or Spanish revival styles. It would be interesting to know what the original color of the home was.

Also, I agree with CIV about the shutters, and the window boxes. I would also suggest that if you repaint that you paint the window trim a contrasting color.

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No special style, just a comfortable home. I knew it had to have been built in the 20's even before I read the date, it's that Spanish influenced porch. I think the original builder just wanted to add a little zing to the house.

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It reminds me of the officer housing at the now-defunct Fort McClellan in Anniston, AL. When the Fort was closed, the housing was privatized and sold. It's the solid stucco construction, vaguely colonial. The Fort housing has clay tile roofing, but absent that, it is very similar to yours. Could your home once have been part of a similar installation? Could it have had a tile roof originally?

Here is a link that might be useful: Fort McClellan home

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Thanks so much for all the input. We can't wait to get in and start enjoying it. I think we will be taking down the shutters and painting the window trim. And it will need a new roof soon, so we may explore the historical details.

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one of the best ways to learn about your house is to start visiting your neighbors. most people love showing off their own old houses and details tend to be consistent between houses built in the same vicinity as one another.

depending on how long you will be in the house and local practices, a slate, clay, or metal roof might be an option.

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