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good36March 16, 2005

What appliances do you use on a regular basis. I have decided to get rid of the ones I don't use often.

Here's are the ones I can't live without!!


bread machine

george Foreman

rice cooker

coffee pot

electric frying pan

slow cooker

kichenaide mixer

I am tossing:

waffle iron

regular toaster

hand mixer

coffee grinder

electric knife

crepe maker

small electric frying pan

Judy Good

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Just goes to show you, I tossed my electric skillet and my George Foreman grill. Too much trouble to clean. I will probably toss my waffle iron (too cheap) and a sandwich maker.

LOVE: Kitchenaid mixer, toaster oven, microwave.
Anyone have one of those mini mixers that froths milk? I have one on the cappicino machine but it doesn't work very well.

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I have a hand mixer that stores in it's own box on a wall cabinet shelf. I have a GF grill that is such a piece of work to clean, but it saves on lots of splatters so we keep using it. Here's my list:


2-slot KitchenAid Toaster
Wonderful Krups Coffee Maker
GF Grill with removable grills
KitchenAid Blender: Great Appliance
Black and Decker Hand Mixer (which I use at least once a day)

Cheapie Waffle Maker

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I love my electric skillet and keep it on the counter.

Items used regularly

2-slot toaster
toaster oven
2 coffee makers (1 10-cup that grinds the beans and 1 4-cup)
food processor
mini mincer
fry Daddy
french fry slicer for curly fries
meat slicer
milk shake maker
George Forman grill
Bread machine

Items not used

2 electric knives
coffee grinder (I keep meaning to use it for herbs)
slow cooker
electric steamer
2 citrus juicers

Notice I couldn't say Items to toss. I'm not there yet.

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I am just a basics girl...

Love my:
Heavy duty Kitchenaid mixer
Cuisinart food processor
Classic style metal blender ( only two choices.. on and off!)
Heavy duty REALLY expensive but oh so worth it European waffle maker.

FOOD SAVER... got some meat juice in it the second month and it's never worked since... guh...but I still keep thinking it's going t heal it's self so have not dumped it.

Stick/imersion blender

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LOL how we all are the same and different at the same time. First I just took a juicer used only once to the thrift store the other day. I thought I would use it but it is too much work.Easier to eat the fruit and not smash it all up flinging it all over the kitchen in the process. What I do use is:

Two slice toaster.
Bread machine
Slow cooker
Oster Blender I have had for over 25 years Still going strong
Hand mixer Love it
Coffee maker Bunn
Waffle maker a cheep one that works wonderful!Betty Crocker
Food processor side discharge I have had for 20 years and use a lot.

I use everything almost weekly except the blender. I use it almost daily in the summer for smoothies and iced coffee. the only thing I leave out is the microwave and I just bought a small one so it can sit down on a little side table off the end of the counter and nice and close to the table for a quick heat up if needed.

Guess that is it unless you count the BBQ on the deck I use at least weekly and stove and refrigerator.Thought about a GFG but I have lived this long with out one so why get one now?? I have heard they are wonderful but..........??????


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On a regular basis, I use my KitchenAid stand mixer, toaster and crockpot. On a less-than-regular basis, I also use my blender, hand mixer, and electric frying pan. Oh, and a small coffee machine that I keep for entertaining.

I don't have any other small appliances. I've gotten rid of everything I don't use.

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Judy Good (or anyone) -
Hijack thread alert - (though I think this is kind of still on topic):
I would like to know what you use a Kitchen Aid mixer for besides mashing potatoes and making cake frosting.

My lists:
Use on Regular basis:
electric skillet
hand mixer
Cuisinart toaster/convection oven
slow cookers (2)

Don't use but not ready to toss:
George Foreman grill
rice cooker
electric can opener that doesn't puncture the can
bread machine
air popcorn machine

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After I sent my post and sat down with a kitty on my lap, so not getting back up. I realized I said I put our coffee maker away. I was not thinking. It lives on our counter. Sorry.


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I have and use:

food processor
coffee maker
coffee grinder
portable mixer
electric frying pan
slow cooker

Only the food processor and coffee maker have earned counter space; everything else is stored.

I really should toss my electric dutch oven, but it has sentimental value (one of my mom's wedding presents). Never owned most of the other items mentioned.

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I would like to know what you use a Kitchen Aid mixer for besides mashing potatoes and making cake frosting.

cookie dough
cake batter

The one I *don't* use, surprisingly, is the 14-cup food processor. I sometimes wonder if I got too big of one. Though I was glad of its size the other day for a pie-crust and for a pie-crust-like cookie dough--you cut the butter in, and pat it into the pan.

I use & leave out:
toaster (soon to be a toaster oven, so we can undermount)
KitchenAid mixer
microwave (it's over the range; I don't know how you'd put one of those away, LOL!)
food processor (as mentioned above; I'm going to find a place to put this away, though)

I use and put away:
hand mixer (don't use it often, but did actually, recently--don't remember why, a small sauce I think)
small chopper (don't use it as much as I did; now use the hand plunger-style chopper)
hand blender
coffee maker My DH uses a French press for his daily coffee; the coffee maker gets pressed into service only when we have company.

I store but don't use:
espresso machine I keep thinking we actually *will* use it someday; and I have room for it. Have used it in the past.
non-electric ice cream maker ditto

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oooopsss I left out that we have an espresso machine that gets TONS of use and it's out and a toaster ( they seem more like part of the landsape than anything at this point) As for my mixer.. I do not potatoes in mine since I think this makes for gummy mashed spuds, but other wise I use it for most cakes, frosting, muffins, dips and spreads and bread ( mine has a dough hook).. but as I think of it.. if you were not a baker.. this baby would be way overkill. For me it was a step down from a Hobart ( I used to cater)

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Another confession:

I have two 6 quart Corning Ware crock pots plus a bread machine crammed into my corner cabinet. So that brings my total up to eight appliances. Three are used at least once daily.

By the way, I've always thought the best mashed potatoes came from hand mashing them. Is there a mixer that does a better job?

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And I left out the rice cooker which I used to use alot but haven't used at all in several years.

I also left out the hand stick that I felt never worked properly so it was used for only 1 week.

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I use on a regular basis:
toaster oven (never had a regular toaster)
coffee pot/coffee grinder (used only for DH - I drink tea only)

I have a handheld electric mixer that I like, but only have opportunity to use it occasionally.

I tossed the sandwich maker (wedding present, giver is now no longer with us).

Trying to find a good home for the espresso machine. I guess I could make tea lattes with the milk steamer part of it, but it's probably too much trouble, so I hope I can find someone (family or friends) who can use it.

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I guess you would call potatoes made with a mixer "whipped" instead of mashed. I love whipped potatoes. Very creamy and soft.
Judy Good

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Yeh... I am more of a "smashed potato" girl... but then I really should not be ANY type of potato girl.. they do awful things to my blood sugar. I just use the old fashioned hand masher when I slip over to the spud-darkside ;-)

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I can't think of an appliance right now that we never use. We went thru the kitchen last fall & got rid of the unused stuff.

We use the coffee maker (Black & Decker Home Cafe) microwave & the George Foreman grill regularly. We use the Crock-Pot FoodSaver & waffle maker pretty regularly. We have a hand blender, bread machine, steamer, small deep fryer & rotisserie that we don't use regularly, but often enough that we'd definitely miss them if gone.


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I live with a kitchen appliance geek... er I mean chef so we have a loong list.The counters hold a coffee maker /grinder combo,an expresso machine,a microwave/toaster combo(DH's bad idea since it leaves crumbs under the heavy microwave.I hate it.).a kitchenaid mixer,a vitamix blender,another smaller blender that DH makes health shakes with.In the cabinets and out to the garage...we have an elecrtric griddle,wafflemaker,crockpot with mini croc for gravy,a foreman grill that will be leaving soon,a rotisserie,a food processor,a stick blender,an elecric knife,a knife sharpener,a toaster oven,a grinder,a backup coffeepot,a turkey fryer-these are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.Lots of this stuff goes to work with DH on holidays.

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cupajoe, which coffee maker/grinder do you have? We have the Cuisinart which is somewhat of a pain to clean each day and we might be in the market for a new one.

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My appliance "staples" are my microwave (also above our stove which I love since it means no wasted counter space!), coffee maker, kitchen aid mixer, 4 slice toaster, blender (I love fruit smoothies!), electric skillet, waffle maker (we use it a lot for cheap, fast meals!), and crock pot (love this for simple meals!). In my store room is my electric roaster and my bread maker. I use them often, but not daily. I sold my indoor grill (sorry, it just doesn't give the flavor like an outdoor grill!), my electric knife (made a lot of noise, but didn't do much! I need to get rid of my hand mixer (will put it in our travel trailer), my old food processor, and our popcorn maker (I'm lazy and just make the microwave stuff!) Am still debating on our electric ice cream maker. I have really good intentions of using it, but . . .

Also, I have a huge canner, but rarely can anymore. Still not sure what I am doing there.


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On my counter top are my microwave, Food Saver and coffee pot. Everything else is in the cupboards. I had listed all of the "in cupboard" appliances at first writing; after reading the list of the appliances that I own, I realized I must be an appliance junkie! LOL! I will leave it at "I have everything I will ever need and have a lot of fun having them!"

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Compared to everyone else I am truly and clearly a kitchen loser :). The only appliances I use regularly are:

Toaster oven
Hand mixer (for weekly batch of cookies)

That's it. For coffee, since I'm the only one in the house who drinks it, I just use those single-serving bags. Then I have a free second cup at work; they recently installed one of those single-packet drip systems so it's really a treat.

I very occasionally use a blender to either mix up instant pudding or pancake mix but other than that, no bread machine, no food processor, no...anything!


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Marie,we have the cuisenart also . This is my second.Our first combo was a different brand and it lasted about four months.This is our second cuisenart.I would say it gets heavy use,but it makes an acceptable cup of coffee.

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I also use the KitchenAid to make bread, and my favorite French buttercream never turns out the same without my KitchenAid. In fact, a friend who bakes wedding/birthday cakes for a living tells people that a stand mixer is necessary for good buttercream. Otherwise, you'd be standing there for half an hour!

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Keep (and use):
French press (two)
Coffee grinder
Rice cooker
Crock pot (less often)
Electric skillet (occasionally)
Small cuisinart
Hand mixers (two, cheap at a yard sale)
Old electric coffee pot for parties, should really add a cheapo for smaller dinner parties

Have, but should toss:
Blender (was DH's grandmother's. He thinks he's going to make fancy blended drinks someday, yeah, right..)
Micro (I really have no use for this, except occasional reheating of leftovers)

Am coveting:
Kitchenaid Artisan mixer (can't justify the fancier ones)
Smaller salad spinner (is that an appliance? Not sure)

Just purchased:
New steamer. I gave my original Black and Decker away (loved it) when my SIL to be gave me a new steamer. I HATE the one she gave me and I loved my original. So today I bought another Black and Decker, but it doesn't look the same. Lesson learned. Buy your own utensils/appliances!!!

Nearly all other appliances just take up precious counter/cupboard space, IMHO

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I'm in the stone ages :)

I only have:

o toaster (counter top)
o electric can opener (counter top)
o hand mixer (cupboard)
o blender (cupboard)
o micro (counter, but I'm getting a builtin installed above new range and then my hope is I'll get rid of the little micro)
o wonderful espresso machine, but I don't drink coffee (tea only) the ex did. So the machine went with him, only fair. But I miss making chai lattes with the steaming wand

What's the best mixer for making cookie dough? I use a big spoon and lots of elbow grease for mixing cookie dough. Is there a better way with an appliance? I do have a hand mixer but I only use it mainly for making smashed potatoes. I have a ricer for making smash potatoes but haven't tried it. A chef friend recomended the ricer for potatoes...

I do love to make cookies but haven't ever used a mixer, hand mixer or any other kind. What's out there? I'm cooking and baking challenged.


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Jan - A stand mixer is best. I prefer and own Kitchen Aid, though others are available. The best thing about a stand mixer is that you can keep the beater going as you add new ingredients. For some reason, that little thing makes it so simple to make cookies, cakes, breads, etc.

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Thanks Joann,

Okay, this is a REALLY dumb question, but what then is a "food processor" used for? I have seen people use them, even for cookie dough (I think). I guess I don't really pay attention after all, otherwise I'd recall.

But yes, a stand mixer. Thanks didn't know what to call the kind that sits on the counter and the bowl spins (or something) on. I recall my Grandma using one when I was a kid. She would also make cake batter in one too if memory serves.

I took a look at KA's website and ooh some nice stand mixers ! :) I have to find a place for it to live if I get one. I do plan on putting up a pots and pan rack. I had one in my last home and LOVED it. I see no reason to not put one here in the new place. It would free up lots of cupboard space, but I just like being able to hang up stuff and let it air dry and not have pots "touching" each other and all. I'm weird I guess. Also, I plan to put some kind of slider storage or something to help utilize the vertical space in my one large lower cupboard that clearly has lots of wasted space right now. Then I would have a place for a stand mixer to live :)

And then I could make cookies way easier. Not something I really need though :) :) But I LOVE to bring them to potlucks or to get-togethers. I have always had fun experimenting with different flavors and mixtures of chips and such. I once got obsessed with making the "perfect" chocolate chip cookie that suited my tastes (not too sweet, not too rich)... With baking your own I found it fun. Albeit I wasted alot of them when they didn't turn out the way I wanted. But it was fun.

Gotta see if I pick up this habit again :)

Thanks for the info about mixers. I guess if I were to get one, I practically wouldn't need a hand mixer any more? Or for small jobs are they good to keep around? Also, I guess I could make smashed potatoes as well in the stand mixer?

I do find that when I want to make really creamy heavenly mashed potatoes I do find the hand mixer faster and easier. I have also many times made them with the hand masher. I got out of the habit of making them though. It was something I very commonly made when my ex was going thru cancer treatment. I guess we kinda od'd on them after awhile. But I had bought a "ricer" thingee to try but then never got around to trying it before I fell out of the habit.

Also, can you use different mixing bowls of different sizes in the mixer stand? Or do mixers come with a bowl i.e. a SS bowl it seems? Or are there bowls that are mated to go with a stand mixer that you buy separately? Right now I do own several different mixing bowls. They're plastic, the kind with the rubber bases and the cool handles to grip it with. Probably not very advanced but you have to understand I've made cookie dough in a Tupperware bowl when I didn't know any better. I also tend to dislike the "feel" and noise of metal bowls. But I guess if one uses only wooden spoons or things like this funky rubber scaper/spatula thing I have I would avoid that?

Thanks for answering all my dumb questions. I am very cooking and baking challenged :(


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A food processor is excellent for lots of chopping/grating/slicing. It also can be used successfully to mix ingredients and to knead dough. However, it is not good at introducing air into (whipping) foods, so cake batter, whipped potatoes, and whipped cream are disappointing at best. My Cuisinart offered a mixing attachment that was used in place of the blade, but I can't see that they were very popular (or good, FTM).

Can't speak to the stand mixer, though. Don't have one, never had one, never grew up in a family with one, and don't bake enough to justify one (or to clean around one!). But that's just me.

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I love kitchen gadgets. I get a kick out of getting them and eventually tossing them. I have tossed various cutters and choppers and mixers over the years. Thank goodness most of my gadgets are hand me downs from my mother who also loves gadgets. Between the two of us, we have many gadgets.

What I am keeping and use fairly regularly enough for keeping:
- toaster
- hand blender
- stick type blender stick
- small chopper grater thingy
- gf grill (love it!)
- wok (love it)
- two crockpots-

What I could probably get rid of but won't while I have room for now
- food processor (that one will be a dh fight- he likes it)
- pasta making machine.
- extra microwave that doesn't work (and this is a nightmare of a long story in and of itself so there it sits, a bread box that looks like a microwave sigh).
- electric knife that is used once a year.
- sandwhich machine will go the way of garbage in a few years when kids are older -- use it too often now.
- mini muffin maker- both this and the sandwhich machine are great for a. kids and b. making small bit size servings of cakes or muffins for parties or gifts. So for now I keep both of these items. But I can see a future without them.

Things I have recently tossed
- electric frying pan.
- two chopper grater type thingies.
- cookie press
- donut machine thingy

Never did have a waffle iron.


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Well, I got rid of my Black and Decker hand mixer and in 2006 purchased a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. My crock pots broke or died (which is very sad) and I have yet to replace them. Yesteday I purchased a Black and Decker Dust Buster-type vacuum to complement my Dyson upright vacuum. I bought this small hand vac to dust and clear shutters, furniture, etc. The convertible dust/wand feature on the Dyson is too stiff and clunky to use regularly to detail clean, I'm always worried about knocking something over or scratching fine furniture.

I still have the same toaster and blender. I've purchased a Kitchen Aid mini-food processor, and a small under-counter fridge which lives in the laundry room, and stores dairy and beverages that will not fit in my full size side-by-side. And I won't ever miss that George Foreman grill!

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Since cupofkindness changed her list from 8 years ago, shouldn't everyone update too??


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LuAnn : Ha ha! And now I have to update again. The Black and Decker Duster Buster hand vac would not hold a charge for more than 10 minutes of mediocre vacuuming. So back to the store it went.

What about you, LuAnn? What appliances have you acquired in the past few years, and what have appliances have you let go of? Thanks! Cup

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They all stayed the same here!

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