Yeah for me, I did something!

tre3March 22, 2007

Sorry to be so boastful but I am pleased with myself. (LOL)

A recent post of mine (Help me make a decision) raised lots of questions in my mind about why and which things we keep.

My long term goal is to distill the majority of my possessions into those things that function well for me, that I find pleasing or beautiful and those I love. A short term goal has been to change a catchall space into a closet/dressing room with a remade desk as a vanity. Several days ago feeling very emotional about things and their previous owners, I went thru a drawer of jewelry. I am not much of a jewelry person but my grandmother was. I have a few good pcs. of jewelry, some stuff I adore and some "Junk". Several pcs. needed repair and had been moved from house to house, drawer to drawer for too many years.

Today I spent two hours at a jewelry store making arrangements! YEAH FOR ME! Most things required such minor repairs I'm ashamed I put it off for so long. So much energy (and opportunities to wear items) wasted because I "thought" it would be more complicated or expensive. A particular pin of my grandmother's I had not worn in over 25 years. It was missing a very small but prominent gem and I'm not much on pins. For an amazingly reasonable amount small gem can be replaced. Salesperson suggested removing the pin mechanism, reusing the metal and making it a pendant. The actual design and setting remain unchanged, only the function changes. Soon I will be able to wear this piece for special occasions and when I do, think of a woman I adored. How cool. All it took was a couple of hours and a small investment.

Now someday (far into the future!) my children will be left with something of value instead of a bunch of broken ,unuseable pcs. YEAH!

PS: Also took my pinking shears to be sharpen. Dear man, sharpened, still worthless for fabric. I am now the proud owner of the expensive scissors that only work to cut paper! BOO - but at least I can cross that off my list too!

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Good for you! I'm impressed. You deserve double praise because you did something outside of the house. It's hard enough to finish what's here, never mind leave the house to take care of something.

I have two sets of gems that DH and I had purchased years ago in Asia for the purpose of making them into earrings. Still haven't done it. Maybe you've given me the push to get it done.

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Good job! Now I must push myself to deal with some of those items which just need a little fix. I gave my dd a birthstone ring I wore as a girl. The band wore thin and split. I need to get it fixed before she outgrows the thing.


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Quiltglo do it. It takes so little time and money. Perhaps it can even be resized to fit her longer. As you know, it feels so good to cross it off your list and pat yourself on the back.

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When MIL died, her daughters went thru her jewelry box and found a ring with three diamonds. maybe her engagement ring, but I had never seen it on her in 25 years. Sis in law took the ring to a jeweler, had the stones removed and each made into a simple pendant for the three granddaughters. it was an excellent way to homor Grandma. Ladies, go through your jewelry box now and consider passing along some pieces to the younger generation.

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Yes Jannie. Maybe I won't end up wearing this newly fixed jewelry very much. But, as my DD turns 21, graduates from college, maybe someday becomes engaged, married, has a child, what great opportunities to share my jewelry and mark a special event.

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Good for you, tre3!

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I get overwhelmed by the task of finding someone to make repairs to stuff, and so I put it off. Fortunately, and unfortunately, I don't really have any good jewelry.

"fortunately," because then I don't have that much guilt from having valuable pieces going used; "unfortunately" bcs I feel that i can't take costume jewelry to a real jewelers' for repair nor do I feel I should spend much money on fixing it, and it if WERE truly valuable jewelry, I would probably have taken in already.

I love pins--the way they look. The idea of them. But in actuality, I don't like wearing them--the clothes I wear aren't strong enough to hold up against them, etc. I know you can sometimes simply clip them to a chain; maybe I'll experiment with that.

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Tried clipping on a chain. The pin I'd like to have as a pendant is heavy and flops around when clipped. Great, another thing to add to the list. I may become the store's best customer!

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Oh Tre, I can relate to the jewelry thing. I just got back from a week home for my aunt's funeral. Second aunt that didn't have daughters. Second aunt who loved jewelry. I'm back to having a zip-loc bag of things I'll never wear as they are and which should, if money was no object, be on it's way to the jeweler for reworking.

My funds for the next 9 months are going to the home equity loan --- get that paid off and I can retire from the current career! Then with my new fun and low paying career, I'll save for jewelry work!

Your getting this chore done is wonderful! Congrats to you!

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Patser I am sorry for the loss of your aunt.
Retirement from your current career sounds like an important goal for you. Keep working torwards it! The jewelry can wait.
So many posts recently seem to have a theme of doing/keeping what you are passionate about.
Honor your aunt by living YOUR best life, T
It still doesn't let you out of a shoe count!!

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She says sheepishly and with a small (yes, small) amount of guilt - Low 50's is the count, including 2 pr boots. For my pathetic justifications...I buy things that don't wear out quickly (still wearing 10+ yr old shoes), I use shoe repair shops to keep shoes going, I don't buy trendy except I do have seasonal shoes (sandles), I live in a climate with 4 seasons, I've worked outside the home for 30 years. Yes, these are justifications. However, this has prompted me into thinking that some of the pumps/heels need to go...that'll be tomorrow's project.

I definitely will be honoring my aunt - she was one of my 2 extra moms! And she had more shoes than I have!

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Patser, so it's genetic! You can't be held responsible. LOL! Those of us who live with so many seasons and wear so many hats prob. do need more shoes, clothes and SOCKS.

I've never had a second mom. This loss must hit you hard. I am sorry.

I did stare at my sock pile. GOt rid of 3 prs.

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Tre, good for you! And thanks for posting this. My Mother passed away in December and I would love to be able to wear some of her pins. Thanks to you, they will soon be pendants! :)


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Jes2105, your kind words gave me a smile. Thanks.

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