Drawer organizers

olenaMarch 4, 2006


I am new here. I have this urge to organize my bathroom drawers. Did anybody come across high qualty drawer organizers I can put hairbrushes, lipsticks etc?



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Welcome! There's a really good group of people here.

Depending on your preferences and budget, I've seen plastic organizers and (painted) metal mesh ones. You might want to look at the organizers they sell for silverware drawers; some of them are adjustable and others can be assembled into a few different configurations.

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LOL... I'm no help... There's not a single drawer in either of our bathrooms!

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WOW, Julie_mi_z5! Where do you keep all that staff? It seems I need few thousand items to be handy in my bathroom and I consider myself a very down-to-the-earth, low maintenance women.
Steve_o, do you happen to know where do I go to shop (preferably online)for those. My budget is unlimited (after all how much they could cost, and because it is for me).I have seen some online, but they look kind of cheap, it is hard to see on the picture.



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I don't have any experience buying these on-line, but I would look at Web sites for Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, and Web sites that specialize in "organization". There probably even are links from some of the "get-organized" sites on the Web.

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I would buy the Rubbermaid ones--they're thin, so they don't take up that much space for themselves ("thin" isn't necessarily "flimsy"--a thick Plexiglas or wood will take away some of our storage space).

They're squared off (mostly), so have more usable space. They come in several sizes, so easily configurable (though they don't come in the "1 unit x 2 units" size I wish they did).

Depending where you are, I'd aim for HoldEverything, the Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond.

Sometimes cosmetics or beauty-product stores have stuff like this.

There's also custom--these folks are a reliable business (I've ordered non-custom stuff from them), and they'll make you something exactly the way you want.

There are often local places like this (in the business-to-business yellow pages), too.

Or a woodworker can easily make you one from wood.

Here is a link that might be useful: custom acrylic drawer organizers

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