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artmomMarch 23, 2005

Got your attention didn't I? I do a lot of crafts, sewing and scrapbooking and the only place I have is the bedroom. We have a 10' countertop with cabinets under. They have been cut down 1 drawer heighth to accomodate chairs. There is a cabinet on either end and one in the center and space in between for us to sit. My DH has one end for his "stuff" and I have the other. I can either have the sewing or scrapbooking out full time . I have a book case with all my supplies as well as dressers, end tables, etc. It's so crowded in there I could scream but until DS moves out there is no other place. Anyone else have a similar space problem?

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lol, Betsy! I do. There's a knitting corner of the bedroom that is semi-organized, but I also have a similar little corner for it in the living room and the office. It's not too bad, because it's not overwhelming. Can you rearrange some furniture and make an extra room your "art" room (or your husband's workroom)?

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what do you have *above* that counter? Are you able to use it?

And, are those cut-down cabinets the best solution? Would it be worth it to replace one of them w/ something that has shallow drawers? (you know how I feel about them!).

Or, if you can't, what about something like this that you store in the niche in front of the chair, and pull out of the way when you sit down to work (it can sit in the "getting dressed" space since you won't be doing that at that time).

it's a cart w/ wheels, and lots of shallow drawers. Art supply stores often have them, too.

I feel like cabinets sometimes are hard to store stuff in; certain hard to get "lots of small stuff" out of.

It's hard, though, isn't it?

What part of it works well for you?

And, what things are particularly hard to store?

Here is a link that might be useful: a many-drawered cart

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there are windows above it and more shelves on one side and the other side is where the bathroom door opens. The cabinets underneath are drawers and one cabinet opens and I have pull out plastic drawers to hold fabric. I have more fabric under the bed. I just feel like it is wall-to-wall furniture in there. i'll say one thing though, it's cozy! LOL. I did paint it a cheery yellow last year and it made a huge difference. I love the cabinet/drawer thing Talley Sue. I've even thought of putting drawers in the closet to make more room but it's not big enough. I've given up so many of my hobbies for lack of space and narrowed it down to the two.

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I live in a small home, too, and honestly you can't have as much stuff, or as many hobbies. It's a bummer, but there you are. It's just a different reality.

our bedroom is wall-to-wall (and floor-to-ceiling) furniture. Oddly enough, the wall the bed is on isn't so full of furniture--in fact, it looks kinda blank. No headboard, low nightstands, one painting on the wall.

And in the living room, I just ordered that cabinet to go under the windows, and now THAT room will be all furniture around the perimeter. (it'll be an improvement, though--the wall where the cabinet will go is currently all books in milk crates, which is REALLY attractive.)

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