Fiesta dinnerware: Any other fans?

alisandeFebruary 9, 2013

Armed with a couple of nice gift cards, I went on a Fiesta spree this week. I'm not normally crazy about bright colors (my everyday dishes are stoneware in brown, and my other set is Pfaltzgraff in white) but I own the few pieces left from my mother's Fiesta (1930's/40's vintage), and I've been thinking about adding to them. Plus when I went to Macy's and Kohl's I was seduced by those dazzling displays. And I love the fact that it's made in the USA.

So I ordered some dinner plates, salad plates, and soup dishes in all different colors, and a couple of serving bowls. The first of the pieces arrived two days later: a single soup dish wrapped up in piles of bubble wrap inside a big box. At this rate I won't have to buy bubble wrap for some time. :-)

Anyone else like Fiesta? What's your favorite color? I think mine is Paprika, although I'm rather fond of the yellows. And I might get rather attached to lemongrass when I see it in person (I hope).

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I love Fiesta! I have used it for over 20 years - and the new stuff is VERY durable!

My favorite color changes, but right now I love the peacock blue.

I have almost all the colors. I have passed on a few.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Alisand, I'm crazy about Fiesta! I love bright colors....I always have. I don't know why I've never bought any. The colors you've mentioned very much appeal to me, and I would have to have some of that peacock color.

I can see where this is going to lead.....:-)

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I can see where this is going to lead.....:-)

Uh-oh....I see what you mean, Rhizo. Not to encourage you or anything, but Macy's has a good sale on Fiesta right now, and if you order online and use the promo code TICKET you'll get an extra 20% off. Free shipping for $99 and above.

I also ordered some from Kohls. They have Fiesta on sale too. Prices not quite as good as Macy's, but not bad. The promo code SWEETSAVE will get you an extra 15% off. Free shipping for $75 and above.

I'm just sayin'...... LOL

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I love bright colors too. I have some of the old Fiesta. My favorite colors are turquoise and yellow. I have a navy blue bowl that I am fond of, and some plates in green, yellow and a couple of chop plates that are turquoise and gray. I have two pieces of new Fiesta....they are pink, soup bowls, I think. I got them for free, and I am not crazy about them because they have such wide rims. I only took them so I could give them to someone else. All of my dishes are "old" and my favorite ones are old restaurant ware.

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Koo koo over Fiesta ware! DH afraid cupboard most are in will fall down, well he put it up, just add more screws!
It's a habit with me, I have 9 place settings, but now when a new color comes out I only buy one item. Bought one flamingo dinner plate and gave dd one of another color. She got me started on this and now when I give her my "extras" she takes them to her cottage.
Did anyone see the new "large butter dish"? I may need one. Also a new large/tall coffee mug. Saw both at Kohl's.
I've gotten a lot of mine from Beall's of Floida and at

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alisande..on your mom's older pieces any in red? remember, don't use them....

i gave up my stoneware ages ago...i just couldn't handle the weight putting and taking out of the cabinet...went to corelle...light weight but really really bland, lol...

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No red. Most of my mom's are dark (Cobalt) blue, with a couple of dinner plates in yellow and green, and a vegetable serving bowl in orange.

Does the old red have something toxic in it?

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I like the colors but prefer Corning due to weight. I have a set I got at an outlet over 10 years ago that are really pretty blue and white. But I do love the Fiesta colors.

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I remember my mother had this set in the late 1940s. I seem to specifically remember the yellow, turquoise, salmon. But she had a mixture of colors and the pitchers too.

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I bought a bunch a few years back.I like them because they are made in the USA. I couldn't decide on one color so I bought them in every color the store had. I love them.

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it sure is...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Susan I just happen to have a picture of a yellow Fiesta Salad Bowl in my Photobucket album.

It was a wedding gift to me from a coworker, in 1944. It came with 2 serving pieces, a large spoon and a fork. I still have the spoon; it is blue. The fork got broken, and I don't remember if it was also blue or maybe yellow.

I don't recall why I put the picture on Photobucket. There may have been a post about Fiesta ware here at the KT way back when.

Have you checked out eBay? You can probably find some
vintage pieces there.

I watch Storage Wars and recently a buyer found one of the Tid Bit trays, with all the pieces. Don't remember what the appraisal price was.

This picture will probably be huge.


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That's so pretty, Sue! What a nice gift. I did look at eBay--and I'm sure I will again--but shipping is understandably high, and although I'm always drawn to old things, this time I'm gravitating toward the newer. But I love "the hunt," so I'll be checking from time to time.

Susanjf, now I'm concerned. I said my bowl is orange, and that's what it looks like to me. But the video mentioned a "red-orange color." And check out these pictures:

"Fiesta red" dishes

On my screen they look orange--like my bowl.

I love my bowl, but radiation is a big issue with me since I received so much of it as a child. I don't want to overreact, especially since I don't know if my bowl is "Fiesta red" or something else.....

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I have some in Seafoam green and a lighter blue. I've had and used them for years and the last time my DD was home she dropped and broke one of the plates. I bought my first 4 plates at a garage sale and got the rest later as a gift.

I also have a couple of the cat bowls and a dog bowl.

I love the stuff! Would like some pieces in the Peacock Blue next.

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woodsy_1 Zone 5b Illinois

Another Fiesta lover here! At last count I had over 250 pieces in every color made. The only originals are my grandmother's mixing bowls. And yes, 2 of them are red.

They're in the back row of the picture. I also have what she called Fiesta, but it is in fact Harlequin. Also made by Homer Laughlin as a cheaper alternative and sold at Woolworth's. Some pieces are in front of the bowls on the shelf. I also have 8 assorted color place settings. Yep, those are red, too!

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I went on a similar spree last year from Macy's! I did the peacock blue, purple and ivory. They look so pretty together.

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You have the perfect setting for them Woodsy! Your collection sounds fabulous.

Chi, my daughter gave the peacock blue to my daughter-in-law for Christmas, and my DIL bought a few ivory pieces after that. I'll have to suggest the purple to her.

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I had a few pieces (a blue pitcher and a few serving pieces)my Mother gave me when I graduated college and set up my first apartment. Sadly, all have managed to get broken. I am such a klutz!

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We have a Fiesta Outlet about 45 minutes south of the house (in Flatwoods, WV on I-79). I have gotten a few pieces. I like the weight. The cats' water bowl is Fiesta- I needed one with a flat bottom and straight sides, we have a water fountain pump that sits in the bowl. We also have a few of the royal blue cereal bowls that are a nice size.

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One can order direct from the company -- Homer Laughlin -- and their pricing is very good -- they do have a 1-800 number, but I don't know what it is. Or "Google" Homer Laughlin and it will show up.

I've ordered many pieces from the company direct -- fast service, great prices, and definitely will keep ordering.

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I didn't know that, Dee--thanks! Here's a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiesta Factory Direct

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Go over to, search for fiesta. They always have alot of the stuff on the auction.

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Toni S

Add me to the list of Fiesta lovers. We also added a few extra screws to the wall when we put up the cabinets. Couldn't decide on what color so I picked several and went with it. Still love them all today. The only time I've had a couple break is when my dd put the cups in the cabinets all weird and they tumbled out on each other. In 20 some years that was only 2 or 3 small cups that broke! (knock on wood)
I like all the colors about the same but the dark blue would be my first choice of the colors.
Lots of good links here :)

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I love the Fiesta dinnerware, too. Such beautiful colors. I always enjoy looking at the display of them in the store. Kind of brightens my day. If I didn't have two sets of dishes already I would consider buying them. My girls bought me stoneware dishes a few years ago for Christmas. We had redid our kitchen. They are the Corning-ware stoneware. They are dark red with the black on the bottom. Our daughter found serving pieces the following year for me. I really like them other then the weight. They come with a large dinner plate and a smaller salad plate. We use the smaller one most of the time.

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