Public Toilets

enjoyingspringFebruary 5, 2013

Why do some public toilets have "toilet lids" I do not want to lift it up or put it down to flush the toilet.

Also, while I am complaining about public toilets, why do some place the toilet paper dispenser down so low, put it up high so I don't have to bend over.

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I'd guess any with a lid are simply residential units installed to save money. I agree about the dispenser but I suspect that the explanation is twofold: 1) (Since it's "insulting" to say "short" now,) the "vertically challenged" want it low; and 2) it probably saves them, or is perceived to save money that people will take less paper if it's close to the floor.

Just a couple guesses.

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Those low paper holders bug me too. Its just plain laziness of the person (male) installing them. They don't care where it goes just get the job done. Some of them are so low you have to bend way over just to find the paper!

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I do not care about where the TP is, I get grumpy when there is no hook to hang my purse or pkgs. OH and better ventalation, phew! When the KOHLs by me opened the manager and I had several back and forth emails about both of those complaints;( Took awhile but he got with it.

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Yes, I want toilet paper in the zone reachable by anyone sitting on the toilet -- that's the same whether you're short or tall.

No lids on public toilets.

I'm also with YogaLady about somewhere to put a handbag or package -- a hook or shelf.

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Hmm, I've never run across a public toilet with a lid. I hate the low tp, too. Here's what I hate most -- self flushing toilets that don't work and don't have a button to push if it doesn't flush itself. I have the worst luck with those motion controlled flushers. I am usually in the stall jumping up and down and waving my hands around trying to get the darn thing to flush. I had to use a public toilet at the mall and every single toilet wasn't flushed!! I had to leave and find another.

Here's a toilet I saw in france. After you use it, it rewraps itself with plastic wrap so your bum never touches the seat.

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Dedtired~~~I have seen those in bathrooms @ Sax and Bloomingdales. Made me jump the first time;)

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I have the same complaints! If I have to stand on my head to reach the TP, it's installed too low. Oh, and dispensers that are out of reach in the handicapped stall. Like at our local K-Mart store.

I solved the problem of nowhere to hang my purse/coat. I bought an small single over the door hook to carry in my purse. I used it just Saturday! It sure came in handy.

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There was an article several days ago about the automatic plastic wrap on toilet seats. Seems that toilet water gets splashed on them when they are wrapping the seat - very unsanitary.

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Tami, thanks for the idea of bringing your own hook for your purse! I have a handbag holder that you can hang your purse on at restaurant tables that would work in a stall, too.

I'm just happy when they HAVE toilet paper. It's not often that I find one that's out of paper but . . . . I usually check before I enter.

I also hate when they don't have paper towels. Target has the lowest toilets! I feel like I'm at an elementary school. I usually go in the handicap stalls anyway because of my knees. The handicap stall is higher and has grab bars. They don't have paper towels (Yes, I understand why) but the hand blowers are SO LOUD!

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I avoid them as much as humanly possible! Yuck.

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I bought some "S" Hooks, they work great. Just hook one end into the latch (anywhere it will hook) and hang your purse. It works!

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I won't set my purse on the floor anywhere. I prefer shoulder bags and have held mine with my teeth if there's no hook.

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If I remember correctly. the hooks on the doors were removed quite a while ago because it was found that thieves had learned to just reach over the door, from the outside, and lift a purse over the top. You would think though that while the store was removing the hook, they could have put one some where lower down.

What bugs me about TP is that it is so often hard to get it started out of the holder, or as in just yesterday, a roll of TP was on top of the grab bar, almost unreachable, and almost empty.

Just yesterday I hooked my cane over the end of the grab bar, and forgot it on the way out. NOT their fault. I have my name on it. Hope somebody turns it in.


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The one here at the library is automatic.

When you put the lid down ... it flushes.

Some of you should visit Tokyo.

They have a long, oval porcelain container ...

... with the edge rising about 4 - 6 " off of the floor.

With foot pads on either side on which to place your feet.

And you squat.

(At least, it used to be that way, in a number of locations).

My (current) knees would complain - loudly.

ole joyful

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Joyful, I used one like that in France. It had grab bars to hold onto while you squatted, thank goodness, but when I flushed there was a big whirlpool taking everything down.

Very new facility, but looked more like a shower stall than a toilet.

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I really don't care where the TP is located as long as it's available, Nothing more embarrasing then to ask for some from the lady next door

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Hi Cheryl OK,

Would you prefer that the hearer of your request for help from next door ...

... be male?

o j

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Dorothy, you are welcome. I have the purse hangers for the table also, but mine won't work on a stall door.

Joann_fl, I tried the S hooks, but had no luck with it.

Sue, unless they've been removed for other reasons, and not replaced, we still have them here. Sometimes they are even on a side wall, or half way down the door, where they can't be reached over the door. Hope you get your cane back.

Ed, my knees wouldn't take the torture of that one! I can't squat at all anymore.


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Don't hook your purses over the door. It's an easy grab for a criminal. That's why you'll see hooks closer to the seat and/or lower on the door nowadays.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snopes article contending removed hooks is real

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In addition to all of the above (hooks in the MIDDLE of the door, accessible TP, ventilation) I'd love it if stall walls went down to the floor. I also prefer when there is piped-in music :-)

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In The Netherlands, most public toilet stalls are like small toilet rooms. The walls go floor to ceiling and the door shuts tight. Complete privacy. I try to avoid public toilets. And I keep my purse on me. Or if there is a toilet tank, I will set it on there.

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