fully integrated DW with inset cabs?

kitchen-renoFebruary 28, 2014

if anyone has a fully integrated DW with inset cabs, can you show me pictures of how it looks?

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Mine is to the right of the sink. I did a drawer and two doors.

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wow that is gorgeous. never would have known it was a dishwasher!

we've orderd a panel that looks like a drawer and door for ours. It'll be right next to the range (due to small space, lack of options) so I really, really hope it'll look as clean/concealed as yours!

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Dang, I sure hope my wife never sees that.

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Here's mine. Originally, I had it configured to look like 3 drawers as there are 2 sets of 3 drawers on the other side of the sink. When we got the overall price, I had to start making cuts. That was one of my cuts.

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My dishwasher is to the right of my copper sink. There is a baking tray cabinet along with a decorative post separating the two. My plan didn't originally include a panel for the dishwasher. After all of my cabinets had arrived, I started thinking that the apron front copper sink would not look right next to a stainless dishwasher so I ordered the panel. I am so glad I did. I also have another dishwasher in my island next to a stainless under mount sink in a bank of full overlay cabinets.
The choice I had to make once I decided to do the panel was if it should look like a cabinet with a drawer or a full panel. I could have gone either way, but make sure to look at a mock up before you decide. Good Luck!

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I couldn't figure out how to post two picture so here is one from the front. I can' t get a better picture because my island is in the way.

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Where does the steam go for the dishwasher to dry the dishes? I can't figure this out, help me, please.

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