Cleaning lady throws out art being prepared for display

sheilajoyce_gwFebruary 22, 2014

According to today's paper, in Italy a cleaning lady threw out two art works being prepared for exhibit in an art show. The cleaning company is bonded, so they reimbursed the artists for about $13,500. What was the art display? One was described--it consisted of broken and crumbled cookies distributed over the floor. Brava to the cleaning lady! I would have cleaned up that mess too.

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I heard that story about one of the art pieces, also, including the part about the cookie crumbs scattered over the floor.

Guess the cleaning lady was one step ahead of the mice.

(If they were short some ... I could send them some ... if I could only catch them). Mice, that is: ain't parting with any of my cookie crumbs.

ole joyfuelled ... with some help from the odd cookie

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$13, 500 worth of cookies? You've got to be kidding me. Somebody should have just handed them a couple bags of Chips Ahoy.

Last night my friend and I went out for dinner and got to talking about the good old days, very, very long ago. She was out hiking and came across someone's marijuana patch in the woods. She and a friend carefully cut off a few branches, brought it home and spread it on the floor in the sun to dry. You guessed it -- the cleaning lady vacuumed up the whole mess and told her that her houseplants were dropping leaves. LOL

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Bet the artist set the value on that pile of crap.

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Nice to know that Italy is as crazy as the U.S. when it comes to law suits. If I was that cleaning company, I would have said the cleaning lady was just doing her job, cleaning up crumbs.

I'm thinking about getting a cleaning lady now. I have lots of artistic dust bunnies.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Remember a couple of years ago the "artist" tied a dog up and starved it to death. He called it art. And people went to see it.

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I'd like to recruit some thieves to steal some 'public art' that is placed on the front lawn of our library. They should get good money for these two 12-foot tall, free-form copper or bronze open 'books'.

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This kind of art reminds me of "Jack, the Dripper" AKA Jackson Pollock. He created paintings by laying large canvases on his driveway, and then getting up on a step-ladder and flinging paint on the canvas. He did strive to create colorful patterns. At least, his creations were more durable and colorful than broken cookies.

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When we were buying a house in Minnesota a number of years ago, at one corner of the property there was a large pile of pieces of metal. It was an un-assembled artwork made by a friend of the owner -- a 20 foot tall steel tyrannosaurs skeleton. The artist had made it under commission for a park in St. Paul, but when he finished he decided he wanted the city to pay more than the agreed upon price. The city said no thanks.

The artist asked his friend to ask us whether we'd be interested in buying it for a mere $50.000. Hah. As if. Our response was "No thanks", and if it wasn't gone by the end of the day of closing we would considered it abandoned property, and would have it hauled away as scrap and would bill the artist for the disposal fee.

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