Refining the space under my sink

talley_sue_nycMarch 31, 2005

Tuesday night, I finally finished installing the pull-out trash on the left side under my sink.

But wow, that right side of the sink!

My sink base is kinda small--only 27" (which means, 12-3/4 inches on either side--not that much space, actually). And there are all these hoses on the right (I had the plumber but all the hoses there, so I could fit a pull-out trashon the left).

And after last night, there's the NeverMT hose--because I goofed and put the pump on the left (I should have put it on the right, since I'm right-handed and squirt soap onto the sponge in my right hand), the host has to cross over above the trashcan, etc.

So that's a lot of hoses.

And then I bought this:

A drawer w/ a shelf over it.

I figured out that what I want to store under there is bulky stuff, so the skinny 9" pull-out I bought is not useful (anybody want one?)

I do, however, want to store rubber gloves, sponges, steel wool under there, so a drawer would be a great idea.

And I thought, I should put the drawer on the BOTTOM, away from the pipes. The freestanding stuff can be set around the bulges and obstructions; the drawer needs free room--plus, the stuff in there won't be accessed that much.

I toyed w/ ordering a drawer box (2, actually) and building an H out of plywood to install them under (the upper section I'd leave open for colander, lunch totes, and big jugs of vinegar).

But, I knew I'd never actually MAKE that H.

So I bought the wire rack thingie. Hey, it was $20, w/ 20% off--MUCH cheaper than making my own thing w/ drawer and drawer slides.

Tuesday night I put it in place. I put the LifeLiner plastic sheet on the top to keep the pull-out hose from slipping between the wires, and loaded the thing up.

It all fits--but boy is that cabinet full!

I've decided that, now, the sink cabinet is one of the most useful spaces in my kitchen! Normally they're very hard to utlize--they seem like wasted space, really.

Here is a link that might be useful: wire shelf and basket from Bed Bath & Beyond

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Oh Talley! What a reminder you've provided. My sink cabinet is like a grave yard of sponges and rolls of unused paper towels. Under my main sink, the garbage disposal is so huge and the hoses so numerous (plus the pipes) that everything must be fitted in like puzzle pieces. I have bought white plastic coated wire shelves for other kitchen cabinets, but I hadn't even thought of the sink base. My prep sink base is roomier, but that's where we keep our bottled water. I'm planning a trip to BBB and I'll look for your set up. I'd really like to store my GF Grill under one of my sinks, but not without serious reorganization

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I do like that this creates a drawer (that other stuff can't get into, etc.) to hold small stuff, and then provides a shelf OVER it that other stuff can sit on.

I did really need that plastic sheet on top so stuff won't fall through.

I once had a wire pull-out that was designed to mount on the SIDE of the cabinet; that might be really useful under the sink beside the garbage disposal.

I wouldn't be able to use that space well at ALL if I had a garbage disposal, that's for sure!

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I straightened out my sink base yesterday and really couldn't get anymore space out of it. My garbage disposal is a Kitchen Aid 1 hp batch feeder model. It is so large that there are only four or five inches underneath it. My prep sink has no disposal, which is why we can fit more stuff in that cabinet. I didn't see the wire drawers at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I'll keep looking. Thanks for the thread, Talley!

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Last night I found a wire unit at Lowe's that is shallow, so it fits in the front portion of my sink base cabinet. It has two shelves and is roughly nine inches wide and deep, and about 14" high. So I can stack towels, water bottles, cleaners, etc. I received a coupon from Lowe's that gave me $10 off of a $25 purchase, so at $11.97 each, less the coupon, they were a good deal. Very useful additions to my two sink base cabinets. Thanks for the inspiriation, Talley!

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cup!.. I just got that very coupon... mine it going towards some more roses :)


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