Vintage sinks and garbage disposals

ideagirl2April 6, 2011

Have any of you put a garbage disposal in an antique or vintage sink (say, 1925 through 1955 sink)? I love those old sinks, but am just wondering if there's any problem with that--like are the drain holes the wrong size or something. Thanks!

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First off, no I have not put one in a vintage sink.


If you have the sink already, you can check the garbage disposal specs online, and see if the drain hole size will work.

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I haven't got a garbage disposal, but I had to replace the drain fittings when I got my old sink from a dumpster, and put in new plastic drain lines. There was no problem finding the drain and fittings to do the job--I think the sizes are pretty standardized--the disposal fits to the drain assembly rather than the sink itself, so you should have no problems.

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Garbage disposal sink baskets fit in the same size hole as the older sink baskets.

The disposal basket has the additional fitting below the sink to hang the garbage disposal.

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