Weight type object found - what could it be?

cjraApril 12, 2009

We have a c.1880s pseudo-Victorian that we've been restoring after some years of neglect. The yard is always turning up stuff between the drought and then pounding rain. Each time it rains we never know what we'll find. 99% of the time it's 50 years of buried trash, occasionally it's some interesting metal piece, though nothing as exciting as my neighbors who some years ago found a bayonet from the Alamo (we're within the area that was the encampment for the Alamo) or the other neighbor who found a gold bar...

Anyway, so while digging this weekend I found this weird object. It appears to be the same material and weight as the window weights (original wood, double hung windows), but we're taken apart all our windows and haven't seen any such object. If it's not obvious from the pictures, it's flat on one side, sort of dome shaped on the other. It looks like it has a hole down the middle (for a rope?). I realize this is probably not very exciting, I'm just wracking my brain trying to figure out where this may have come from.

Any old house people have any thoughts?

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Could be a weight from a gate? Sometimes they put weights on ropes or chains and it was attached between the gate and fence and it would keep the gate closed.


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I have something that looks like this mounted on the wall near the cellar hatch doors on our 1883 brownstone. It looks like it could have been used to hold the door in the open position. As an alternate, it also resembles some type of bell, but I can't see what would make it ring.

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To me it looks like a buggy anchor.

A short rope about 4 feet long is attached by feeding the rope through the hole from the rounded side to the flat side, then a knot is tied in the rope on the flat side to keep the rope from pulling back through. A snap is connected on the opposite end of the rope and it is carried in a buggy.

When they stopped the buggy the snap was attached to the horses bridle and the weight was dropped on the ground to serve as an anchor to hold the horse.

Here in N.E, Ohio many of the Amish still carry those weights in their buggies.

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Interesting about the buggy anchor. That would make some sense as it was in somewhat close proximity to the former carriage house (now our garage).

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