Did you know this about printer ink?

bee0hioFebruary 14, 2013

Ink jets have an "out date".

My printer stopped printing & gave me an error message that I had the "wrong cartridge". Well I knew it was the RIGHT cartridge, tried to troubleshoot from the manual to no avail. I knew also that I hadn't printed much from that cartridge, & had replaced it not long ago because of the same message.

Knowing that printers are only slightly less expensive than ink jet replacements I figured that I'd just buy a new printer (much as I hate to throw things in the land-fill).

So I checked on line & then decided to stop in at Staples to look over & price compare. A young man Ryan asked if he could help. We got to chatting about the prices & varieties of ink jets & never thinking that he'd be able to help I disclosed that I actually had a problem with my printer giving me an error message. He informed me that often when printers give error messages that it is actually the ink is old/dried up. And it doesn't matter that you might've just recently opened the pkg & replaced it. He showed me the out dates on the outside of the pkg. So instead of buying a new printer, I paid $17 for a new (FRESH) ink jet & voila..... it is back to printing!!

I just contacted Staples & gave a nice "KUDO" for Ryan for his great customer service!

Lesson learned: Always check the dates on your ink jet purchase.

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Wow I didn't know that. I love my local Staples employees. they have been a big help to me over the last couple of years.

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Thats great that you followed up on Ryan with a compliment! I get random error messages sometimes-can't remember offhand exactly what it says-something a bout a problem with the cartridge. I do buy the XL's. Maybe they do dry up.

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Yes, I did know that, but have never had a problem .


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Yes. HP cartridges have an expiration date printed on them. (I'm using the #564 cartridges.) For the #564 cartrdge, the date is printed in the top edge label, For example, 2014104 is year 2014, October 4. I keep a supply of spares in a zip lock bag and sometimes there is two of the same color in the bag. I have learned to look at the dates of like cartridges and insall the one that is marked to expire the soonest. If I don't, I run the risk of installing a cartridge that will soon expire. Also, when you buy cartidges at a store, you should look at the dates to insure you did not get one that will expire soon. If you see you got an old cartridge, ask to have it exchanged before you leave the store. The cartridges at my office supply store are marked a year or more ahead.

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Learn something new every day at the KT! I just banished my 3-in-1 because I kept getting the error message, and had tried reinstalling and all of that stuff, to no avail. So yesterday, bought a cheapie 3-in-1 to replace it.

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I've heard that people tend to get old and dried up, too ...

... but I'm not sure about expiry date ... I guess that'd be, "Best before ...", though, right?

And yes, one should learn something new, every day ... and often one can, here at the KT ... effortless ... painless ... what more could one want? (Plus - frugal!)

ole joyful

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Thanks for the message. I have a spare one so just checked it and found the date, but it is all right. I love Staples too. Some of the clerks are very, very helpul. I appreciate that.

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"... but I'm not sure about expiry date ... I guess that'd be, "Best before ...", though, right?"

For newer HP printers, the date code is stored on a chip inside the ink cartridge, and the printer does read this code.

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I have not been buying HP ink, in black anyway, for a long time... I used so much in my genealogy printing that I decided to try getting my black ink refilled at Cartridge World. At Cartridge world they told me that HP only fills the ink containers 1/3 full (explains why they don't last very long). At Cartridge World the ink containers are 100% full and they last me a long time. I have never had any problems with the ink refills and I can tell they last a lot longer then the HP's do. They are about the same price as buying an original HP cartridge but they are 100% full for you get 2/3 more ink for the same price.

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Perfect timing again....Now my other printer (not the new one) was refusing to print; it had been quite while since I had put in its spendy new cartridge, so took a chance that they were indeed dead and put in new ones. Hooray, it is working again.

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I have a Lamark and I printed about ten small items and I'm out of ink already.This printer is going to send me to the poor house.Seventhy five dollars for about ten printed items.

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Ugh! My old HP printer would not print and there was still alot of ink in it when I shook it...refill from Cartridge World...so in the meantime, I saw a much newer printer on CL that I could buy for less than new ink....BUT, I have Windows 7 and the software won't work..says XP or 2000 ... So now I am stuck with 2 printers that do not operate! I can buy a cheaper wireless printer for about the cost of ink! Is that my best bet?

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Yes, I knew there were expiration dates on ink (there's expiration dates on many things people wouldn't necessarily think about, peroxide & alcohol are just a couple) and there's also good and bad ways to store ink. You don't want to stockpile too much. I was looking in the store at the ink cartridges and wasn't surprised that the rotation wasn't maintained. Won't name the store. A couple people go crazy when it's mentioned. So watch when you buy too.

Also, many if not most have a chip inside them to say they're out of ink before they actually are. They have to declare how much ink is in a cartridge but not how much you can actually use. On my Epson, there's a little reset switch. It gave me the message that it was out of ink. I pushed the reset and looky here, all of a sudden there's ink in there again! How it works varies from printer to printer but usually look around the electrical connection and there might be the little spot to poke a paper clip. The maddening part is that it has to cost more to put the electronics in there than it costs for the ink but they keep you buying it.

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It's also true about laser printers and toner BTW for the notice it's out before the toner is gone.

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