What's your favorite BM paint colors?

sophiesmom08January 24, 2009

I've always loved and used Benj Moore paint. The spring fever has taken hold and I am planning some paint projects (kitchen, laundry room, sunroom, and living room). My DH thinks I'm NUTS! What are your favorite BM paint colors? Please share your room pics to help inspire me.

Colors used right now are: Decatur Buff, Waterbury Cream, Sherwood Green, Putnam Ivory, Hawthorne Yellow and Wilmington Tan

Colors I am considering: Princeton Gold, Chestertown Buff, Hancock Gray, Rosemary Sprig, and Dry Sage

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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Here are mine. All BM colors and done in the egghell finish.

Rich Creme - no undertones, just pure, gentle yellow. Here are 2 photo's taken in different lighting.

Nantucket Gray

Grecian Green ceiling Tree Moss walls

Yorkshire Tan ceiling and walls

Cashmere Gray

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Brutuses: Beautiful rooms and paint colors. I especially love the Yorkshire Tan. Did you paint all your ceilings to match your walls? They are look very classy.

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I have BM Baby Turtle in my powder room and laundry room and it's a beautiful brownish green. Love the Yorkshire Tan in Brutuses' bathroom!

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sophie, no, we just painted the ceilings in the foyer and small bath to match the walls to help bring the ceiling down in those rooms. All the others are white.

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We are just painting out house after a substantial remodel. Used colors from the BM historical line. Lancaster Whitewash on all ceilings - it looks fantastic! Our house is small and has 8 ft ceilings, and pretty bad light, so no dark colors on the ceiling. I love brutuses BEAUTIFUL house (and color choices). With tall ceilings like that it's definitely the way to go. Sigh. ;-)
My DH chose Providence Olive for his office, great color! We're using strong colors for accents, like Marblehead Gold, New London Burgundy, and Van Courtland Blue (fantastic blue/grey). Living room is Wheeling Neutral.
Our kitchen cabs are being lacquered in Nantucket Grey (our finisher matches the paint color), they are looking fantastic, they're not installed yet, though.

The colors in the historical line are so beautiful - I highly recommend...

Good luck!

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BM Babyturtle:

Also BM Straw. I don't have any pics of it yet but it's a really nice soft buttery yellow that I used on the walls of a 9'X 8' room w/ Filtered Sunlight trim and Vanilla Ice Cream built in's. Very nice!

Currently considering Providence Olive or something along those lines for kitchen cabinets.

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Could you possibly post pics of Providence Olive? Please please please?

I have Lancaster White (not sure what the difference is with Lancaster Whitewash) on my ceilings and I really like it too. Very warm. But strangely enough I used it on my painted trim too...don't really like it there at all. I also have Van Courtland Blue in my bath and *love* it.

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What is your paint color on the white trim work?

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I'm loving all the responses so far. The pics are so inspirational, too. I also love the Historical line of BM paints. Most of the colors that I am considering come from that line.

juddgirl and ttodd: based on the pic posted by ttodd, it's easy to see why Babyturtle is a favorite. It's absolutely beautiful.

I really like Dry Sage and Chestertown Buff. The house designer at the local BM store says that in this area those are two of the most popular sellers. Has anyone used either of these colors and do you have pics?

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Here is BT w/ blue accent colors:

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Popcorn Kernel:

Gray Wisp (aka RH Silver Sage):

Powell Buff:

Stone House:

All trim is White Dove.

I love Brutuses and ttodd's pics - going to have to try Baby Turtle somewhere!

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All these beautiful pics are making me want to get started right away. Forget about waiting until spring, I'm ready to paint. Spring break can't get here soon enough.

I've included pics of my kitchen that is now in Hawthorne Yellow, soon to be Chestertown Buff (I hope, I hope).

clubcracker: Your staircase is lovely. The BM Stone House with the White Dove trim makes a beautiful statement. How old is your home?

BM Hawthorne Yellow in kitchen:

BM Decatur Buff in DR:

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I'll be back at the house tomorrow (we are still not moved in...), and I'll take some pictures. There's only one coat on the wall right now... Last coat goes on after floors and all cabinet installations. But the color is beautiful, very rich with only one coat (matte finish).

We're using Acadia White for trim, which is looking great. It's a very soft white with lot's of warmth, and it's working nicely with the Lancaster Whitewash.

Fun to read about, and see, all of your color choices! It's my first remodel - I think I'm hooked... :-)

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Current BM colors on the wall in my house-
Aganthus Green (Kitchen)

Pomegranate (DR)

Next color to go on the walls-
Weekend Getaway (tomorrow is a day off, 2 gallons of Aura Matte waiting at home)

Planned Master Suite colors
Palladian Blue (BR)
Wythe Blue (Bath)

In the neutrals, I have used Crisp Khaki before with great results (a very close match to RH "Latte")-this may be the color that ends up in our basement, but I'm a couple of rooms away from that decision.

Crisp Khaki-

I also like an old color called "Featherbed"-the color number is 928. I don't think the strip that it is on is in the displays anymore. The chip doesn't really do it justice anyway. It's a really nice soft creamy yellow that has just enough tint to look good against trim without giving that "I painted my house YELLOW" effect. Every time I need a color like that I sample others (Windham Cream is also a nice color on the wall) but I just know that when I get the Featherbed on the wall it will do the right things in the light.
Featherbed (old pic)

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Here's Chestertown Buff...
(wish i knew how to make these pics a bit smaller.. i'll figure it out one of these day..lol)

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

mom2girls, I'm so enthralled by your side table which looks somewhat like a double-tier drum table. I've never seen one quite like it. Is this an antique or a reproduction? It does have the look of an older piece. I like the large picture format, by the way, you can really see all the details so well.

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BM Saybrook Sage. TTOD, I absolutely love your latest artwork above the sofa!!!

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We just painted our LR in BM Pine Grove for the walls and BM White Marigold for the trim (mixed in Aura).

trk65, our bedroom is painted in Weekend Getaway, it's a great color, very cool and soothing, and can look a little blue and gray depending on the light.


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ingrid vc: thanks so much...unfortunately the end tables are not antiques...they are matching end tables that i purchased last year at ethan allen.. we really loved them when we saw them and had to have them.. appreciate the compliment!

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Clubcracker, we also have Stone House in our front hall! I also really like Everlasting, the next-lighter color, which is in our upstairs hall.

Other favorites:
Cheyenne Green
Palladian Blue
Monroe Bisque
Dill Pickle
Odessa Pink
Piano Concerto
Revere Pewter
Yellow Lab
Soft Fern

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We have Richmond Gray, aka Baby Turtle, in our main living area, with an adjacent wall painted 1/2 strength Pleasant Valley, and an area adjacent to that painted Brandon Beige.

We love the sequence. The RG is a fascinating color, works beautifully with woods and metals, the Pleasant Valley is so cheery without being screamy, and the Brandon Beige is chameleon-like.

I never would have found any of these colors if the consultant at the BM store hadn't suggested the Brandon Beige...everything else came from that.

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Sophiesmom, thanks! The house was built in the 1880s, so it's a bit quirky but we love it.

Sueb, Everlasting is also so pretty. I love how rich and warm the Stone House "family" is. Your pew is fabulous, BTW! Do you know its history? My MIL had a pew, a table and a bunch of silver from a church/rectory that closed in New Haven (long before all of the scandals of recent years), and they worked so well in their home.

Now looking at all the new posts, I have found even more colors to love - I need to find some rooms to try out Chesterton Buff, Decatur Buff and Pomegranate. :)

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Mom2girls: First of all, your LR is gorgeous and the wall color looks perfect with the colors in your chair and sofa.

Chestertown Buff is a color that I am strongly considering for my kitchen. My kitchen is a brighter yellow now and I wanted a yellow that was less bright, a bit richer, with more of a golden base. By the looks of your pic, the color seems a bit more brown-based. What's your true perception of the color? Is it more brown-based than

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club, no, I don't know the pew's history. I got it from CL for $40!

I used to love a BM color called "Oriental Silk" -- which they either don't make any more, or they've changed the name. Does anyone know anything about this color?

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Sophiesmom: Thank you so much for the compliments! I really think the chestertown buff has a golden base.. in fact when we first painted i thought it was too gold.. it cured after a month and we are really happy with the color. Perhaps you can do a search for chestertown buff at the bottom of the page and find some more pix in different light... I seem to remember someone else on this board with pics of chestertown buff. Good luck to you, post some pics when you chose! :)

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Once again, thanks everyone for the all the responses to this post. I have been MIA for over a week. Major ice storm in KY. At my house, No heat, No power, No water, No computer (GW) No nothing. Had to temporarily move to TN to live with my DD. Finally, back at home where my family has power, but not so with many other families in the areas. Still I am luckier than lots of people.

I feel guilty thinking about something as trivial as painting when so many others are living in temporary shelters, but while I have time since school is out I thought I would try to take advantage.

Please any pics of rooms painted in BM Dry Sage would be so appreciated. My sunroom is small so it would be a good project to complete right now while I wait out the storm.

Thanks to all.

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No pictures yet, but we are getting ready to paint a bathroom Cedar Green. Anyone used that color? I always get nervous about the color before I paint!

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Would love to see more BM Colors!

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We have all BM paint in our house.

Bathroom is Ice Blue Silver. I really like this color as it changes with the light.

Laundry room is Powell Buff

Living room and Kitchen are Everlasting they are open to each other so I kept them the same color. I get so many compliments on this color so much so I have had 3 people go and paint rooms in their house Everlasting

Bedroom is Sea Urchin very close to the Everlasting but it has a gold tone to it which makes it just a little warmer and it goes great with my Cherry Bedroom furniture.

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I just finished painting my sunroom BM Dry Sage and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I'll post pics soon.

Keep more pics coming of kitchen pics featuring yellow/gold BM paint choices.

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TRK - that Pomegranate is wonderful!

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Whoo hoo! Painting has begun for the new house. I finally have something to share. I hope to have more colors to post by thursday when the 1st floor will be complete. I love how all the colors are turning out - I'm sure I will have made a mistake on something, we'll see! My mom will be doing some decorative painting for my girls' rooms too, so will post after we are done and moved in!

this will my daughter's room. seems to be a perfect soft yellow
Mushroom Cap

this is my other daughter's room
French Lilac (above chair rail)
Branchport Brown (below)

Seattle Mist

Manchester Tan

Indian River

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Here are some more BM colors.

Northampton Putty

Yorkshire Tan

Wedgewood Gray walls/Seafoam ceiling

Texas Leather

Jamesboro Gold

Sag Harbor Gray

Palladian Blue

Gossmer Blue

Livingston Gold bottom/Blair Gold Top

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Sandyponder-The "Weekend Getaway" came out really nice-we are 100% happy with the decision-thanks! I'll try to get a pic up in this thread.
ttodd-Thanks for the compliment on the Pomegranate. For some reason the other Affinity reds seem to get more attention, but again we feel like we got it right.
mldao-your Palladian Blue pic was really helpful. I have a couple of the 5x9 chips taped up right now, but have been unsure. Looks great.

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We just painted our guestroom Gray Owl and I love the color

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mldao, love your chair covers----where did you find them?

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fwiw I wish to make a correction; while looking for colors for a friend I realized that I'd remembered wrong: Richmond Gray is Flowering Herbs, not Baby Turtle. I mixed it up because I considered BT for a while but went with the FH/RG because of our dark, dark northern exposure room.

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mldao, also want to say that I hadn't checked this thread in a while and I am in *love* with the Texas Leather color! Have to get a sample today. Must. Powder room here we come :)

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gagesgranny: I'm not sure if you saw that I answered your shout out post to me so if not here's the information. They're parson chairs with stained wood legs and custom made slipcoves. I purchased the table, chairs, sideboard and mirror ten years ago from our local design center through a store called Verandah. I think you can purchase chairs similar to mine from Ballard Designs.

Flyleft: I love Texas Leather. I couldn't stand the pink undertones of Davenport Tan in my powder room and tried living with it for 2 months and just snapped. I like this color so much I only wish I had another room in my house to paint.

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Question for those who have used Chestertown Buff, what is a good compliment color for an adjacent room? Our dining room is Chestertown; trying to figure out a color for our living room. Our couch is dark green/grey and our rug is pottery barn chelsea rug with lots of red. Thanks for your ideas!

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Great topic - I did not get the answer I needed from my own questions but I think I found the master paint color I was looking for here!

Cashmere Gray and Palladian Blue are two I must check out!

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mldao I love Palladian Blue. I have it in my new Dining Room. On Monday I'm getting white cafe shutters put up. Actually I'm getting ALL my window treatments. HURRAY. All photos are of a newly purchased cottage WITHOUT furniture etc. Still very much work in progress. Anyway here's my palladian blue:

And Filtered Sunlight:

Van Alen Green:

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Marcia Thornley

I love Lenox Tan & Shaker Beige.

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That Texas Leather photo is beautiful! TL is pretty dark though, in fact, the Ben Moore decorator saw my Farrow & Ball Mouse's Back strip and told me it was close to Texas Leather. Must be why it tempted me so much.
I have Baby Turtle, which is a very warm, browned, green, in much of my home. I have Northampton Putty (looks slightly olive on the wall) in my dining room, and Alexandria Beige, (looks deep sage) on my bathroom walls. My daughter says I can't stay away from the greens to save my life! But I keep thinking these shades are more brown or Grey. They just have the green undertones.
This week, I painted my entry in Dry Sage. It's gorgeous. It looks green at times, closer to green/blue at night, and with a gray undertone. Very pretty. It would look wonderful with most any accent color.
Baby Turtle


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flyleft: Did you ever get the Texas Leather sample? If so, what did you think of it? I like it more and more each day.

buddyrose: My oldest DD and I sampled at the very least 20 different paint colors before finding Palladian Blue. She absolutely loves it. My youngest DD's favorite color is pink but after seeing her big sis's room she wanted her room a similar shade. We ended up re-painting younger DD's room Wedgewood Gray with Seafoam ceilings and it's a beautiful combination.

red: My PR has been a major PIA from day one. It has no windows and every color I put in there came out with a pink undertone until Texas Leather. I wish I found this color sooner. My neighbor painted her son's room this color after seeing it in my PR. His bedroom gets a ton of natural light and Texas Leather looks just as fantastic. BTW, I'll have to check out F&B Mouse's Back. Just what I need another color to become obessed with. LOL

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My favorites are:

Ladyfinger - My last house I painted my dining rm, living rm, and entry in it. Beautiful.

Rich Cream - I just painted my current entry in it.

Wasabi - Great in my moroccan inspired sunroom. Affinity color.

Wind Chime - I just painted a guest room in it. It goes great with oak furniture. Affinity color.

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Mldao, that photo of Northampton Putty looks the way I expected it to look on my walls, judging from the chip and the color of the paint dripping down the side of the can. But mine turned out to have a definite greenish cast in my painted room. Pretty, but not the warm tan that I thought I was getting.


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I just painted my 1/2 bath Stonington Gray (no pics yet) but I love, love, love this color! It is a beautiful true soft gray that goes great with the SW Whole Wheat in the hall and burgandy accents. I also just used Gray Owl in a spare room and it's great but not like Stonington Gray. can you tell how much I love it?!

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great thread--bump!!

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Here's Lenox Tan in my kitchen. My house is STILL being renovated. The kitchen is NOT done. Missing cabinet pulls, a door etc. But I don't care. I love the whole process. I only use BM paint


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The Filtered Sunlight looked too yellow in my FR with lots of east windows. Considered Vanilla Ice Cream (with Mint Chocolate Chip for other rooms - art professor DB picked up but I think he just liked the names LOL). We finally went with Navajo White

and Thornton Sage with Antique Jade on the back wall of the DR and in the LR. DH wanted Antique Jade everywhere but I thought it might be too dark for stairwell/hallway so went up one to the Th. Sage. But I love the Jade, maybe when we repaint we'll do everything that color!

Only thing is, these two colors always show as blue on the screen!

Antique Jade (back wall of DR)


Thornton Sage (this pic doesn't do it justice, everyone who walks into my house asks what this color is - my mom wants to paint her hallway this color)

I love Summer (intense blue) and White Satin (light blue) in my bathroom but don't think I have a pic.

Horizon looks nice in Ds's room with blue carpet but not so good in my room with green

I was thinking of using Malton, Everlasting, and Sierra Hills to paint faux subway tile in my Navajo White kitcheh, thinking it would look like this

Oh, last night I was reading December 2008 Architectural Digest, they did a new (traditional) style house in MD and it was all white ceilings with off-white (huge!) trim and pale pastel walls. Acutally, they said they were pastel ("a palette of light shades varying from creamy gold to pinky beige to a whisper of celadon" - all custom-mixed by a "New York-based paint genius") but they all looked cream to me with bright white ceilings.

Someone said (on trends thread?) that they have been seeing white walls in magazines lately.

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We recently painted our kitchen using Lapland by BM Aura. Came out geat it is in the sage family close to a pea soup green. We looked at a lot of different colors and this worked best w/ our kitchen.

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Hi. New here. I have Fernwood (a very soft sage green) in my kitchen and everyone just loves it. We painted our dining room Stuart Gold, but it's an obnoxious gold, so I plan on repainting it soon (if I can convince my husband!).. trk65--where did you get the rug in your living/family room (the one with the red couch)? I have a red couch and have been looking for a rug and really like yours! Thanks :)

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I love the BM Bone White in my family room, kitchen, hallways and spare room used as a business storage room. I wish I went with a bright white or BM Rich Cream in my laundry room instead. I love the BM Navajo White in my Master Bedroom. The BM Linen White in my home office is nice but since living in apartments for so many years and with white walls and no contrast with the trim in those apartments, I wish I went with BM Bone White or something warmer for my home office. Since the painter did such a bad job painting and did not finish some areas, I will be repainting the two room home office when I do my floors.

The BM Philadelphia Cream I like in the daytime in my other small spare bedroom but at night, it is too yellow for me and it is not a warm yellow.

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My favorite color in the fandeck is Georgian Brick. I absolutely LOVE that color.

My other favorites:
Shelburne Buff
Chestertown Buff
Hancock Grey
Wythe Blue
Davenport Tan
Brighton Rock Candy
Sussex Green
Palace White

Here are some examples from our old house (haven't taken any pics of the new one because it's still a work in progress):
Shelburne Buff:

Chestertown Buff:

Raspberry Truffle:

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That rug is an older Pottery Barn rug-the original name was
We actually bought it on Ebay. We had been eyeing it but didn't have the money to buy it until after it was discontinued. My wife was DETERMINED to get one, so she searched online and found one that claimed to be new in the plastic on Ebay. We took a chance and sure enough it showed up as described-it had never been unrolled.
I have seen them pop up from time to time on Craigslist and Ebay. We would like to get a smaller one for our front hall. It's now in a room that is painted BM Weekend Getaway 473 with more neutral furniture and it works just as well in there.I think if the house was on fire and we could only bring one item with us (other than living things of course) it would probably be that rug.

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Has anyone painted Rockport Gray?


(I wonder if it stays gray, goes more brown, or what?)

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Are you thinking about your kitchen Red? I was thinking about your kitchen!

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I agree with the others who like Rich Creme. Raspberry Truffle is also a fav, but too intense for a small bedroom. I have used Litchfield Gray, no one seems to talk about this one. I reflects as gray or brown, depending on the time of day.

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I just love the BM Rich Cream and may repaint my laundry room with the color. My home office does not look good with gold colors due to the putty file cabinets but the cherry desk looks nice with gold colors.

Any other favorites or pictures?

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My absolute favorite BM color is Pale Almond. It is a perfect neutral, both cool and warm, if that's possible. By the way, ttodd, your home is stunning!

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bepeace, any pics of a room in the BM Pale Almond? Thank you.

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Sophiesmom, did you ever post photos of your dry Sage sunroom?
And has anyone actually painted Horizon Gray or Gray Horse?


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Sorry, I just got back to this site and saw your question. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the BM Pale Almond - only a dresser (because I recently moved) - and that showed up very light, and not a good representation. Picking paint colors is so difficult! Definitely worth it to buy the tiny jars or even the small cans and paint a section or a piece of foam board. Good luck!

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Wilmington Tan


This is a great thread.....keep 'em coming!

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I just painted my Library and Living Room with BM Lady Finger (Paint Color #1045). Just gorgeous!

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Ambitiousbeginner, I would love to see BM Lady Finger on your walls... please....

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Looking to paint my bedroom weekend getaway, BM#473 and would like a coordinating bathroom color other than aganthus which is one shade lighter than wkend getaway.
Also wondering if I can use a blue'ish greenish color or does it have to be green?
Any help would be appreciated, have to make a decision by next week!

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I love color! I personally think color makes a big difference in any room.. check my blog when you guys get a chance: http://interiordesignprinciples.blogspot.com/
Look fwd to your comments!

Here is a link that might be useful: Interior Design Principles

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This is a great reference thread. I've looked at it many times. Adding my pics . . .

Benjamin Moore Crisp Khaki

Benjamin Moore Bradstreet Beige

Benjamin Moore Litchfield Gray

Benjamin Moore Jackson Tan

Benjamin Moore Georgetown Pink Beige above moulding and Benjamin Moore Somerville Red below moulding

Paris Rain

Wheeling Neutral

Pismo Dunes above moulding and in the boxes, Manchester Tan below moulding outside the boxes

Revere Pewter

Ashley Gray

Manchester Tan

Sandlot Gray

Smokey Taupe

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I'm working right now with BM's Cedar Grove and love it . I want the BR next to it to be a dusty grayish blue, maybe with slight purple undertones. Do you think this is a good idea? Any color suggestions? Also, need color for hallway that links to both rooms. Would love to hear what you all have to say! Thanks!

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I don't really have a favorite as I've just started using BM paint, but being I didnt see pics of these colors I thought I'd share. Back wall is pale avocado side wall is westom flax

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wall behind china cabinet is rattan

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Quiet Moments is a really nice soft blue/grey color. Love it for my master bedroom.

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Kennebunkport green and Decatur Buff are two favorites.

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I have Flowering Herb in a kitchen and a bedroom and Baby Turtle in a small bathroom. They are older colors that have been around for a few years, but I still love the Flowering Herb - I think it is the "perfect" earthy green.

I am getting tired of the Baby Turtle.

The current popular BM colors seem to be in the greys and blue/grey families. Revere Pewter seems to be the hottest thing in town these days. I love these colors also, but they would never work in my house due to lighting/decor, etc.

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Great thread! I have learned so many colors from it! I am thinking of use Dove White as a trim color. My color palette will be warmer, but neutral in eggshell. I want a slightly different color for trim than the ceiling flat. I would love opinions on Dove White or other trim colors. I heard one painter express frustration with the coverage of Dove White - any other bad experiences? We will be painting ourselves. Thanks!

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My favorites are shelbourne buff which I have in a sunroom, used to have in LR also but I decided to lighten up with Philadelphia cream. I also love grey mirage, beautiful grey green in my kitchen. I have ladyfinger in my basement and I love that.

Does anyone know the answer to the question about oriental silk? BM folks said they can still make it but that rich cream is very close.

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