Can I paint this?

finallyhomeJanuary 27, 2014

I'm looking for a sideboard that I can paint black. Maybe lacquer. What do you think about this piece? Would it "feel" modern with stainless hardware and black paint?

Or maybe leave it brown and paint bottom and legs black?

All comments appreciated.


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Looks very Asian to me. Paint the edges a brilliant red, and then paint all of it glossy black, wiping the edges so a little red peeks out. Will look great.

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I think it has a look that will go any direction. I first thought Asian too, but I think if you paint it black and put stainless on it (especially very plain stainless, not those ring types) it will look modern.

Is modern the look you want?

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I agree the hardware is the Asian influence. The wood case is pretty neutral in style. With contemporary stainless hardware, it will look more modern, but it will not look very modern because of the frame around the doors and drawers. I would expect a true modern piece to have cleaner lines.

Are the centers of the doors burl? I'd have a hard time painting over burl, but that's just because I really like it.

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I think it is burl. This is the look i'm going for.

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I'd paint it black and put those rings back on it. Kind of like that look and looks more like your inspiration picture.

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I love this piece. Sand it a little first and paint it with a high sheen lacquery black. I would consider gold trim (dorthy draper) if you want something fun. What a fun project!

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Its Asian furniture. Looking good

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