reeree_naturalApril 16, 2008

Hi All!

I want to know if any of you have wainscotting and if you have pictures you can share? We have a breakfast room that was added on to this house, the previous owners didn't make it "to the house" I am thinking of a vertical wood about 2-2 1/2 inches wide , about a foot apart, adding wood going horizontal towards the top, then adding a chair rail about 6"-8" above that..( if you can picture what I am trying to explain) I have a Victorian, and seen this look in another older home, really liked it, so if any of you can share that will be great.. I am also up to different ideas and suggestions.. (or any great looks for a breakfast room that will add "old world charm" back into this space..



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Note wainscoting alongside stairs and on first floor

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something like this?

Here is a link that might be useful: wainscot

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You can do real wainscoting the old way using floating panels and rails and stiles with the requisite grooves to hold the panels. It is slow and expensive.

A more common method used now is to apply plywood to the wall, then add molding to the plywood to create the appearance of panels, rails, and stiles.

Both look almost exactly the same once finished if the work is done well.

In 20 years I have done the 'old' way about a dozen times, and the plywood method probably hundreds of times.

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Thanks for the pictures, links and great info. We have the wainscotting shown in the first picture in our entry way and up the stair way..I wanted something a little different for the breakfast room and appreciate your help. Looking for a simple look as the breakfast room is not a formal space, just looking to add back some "vintage charm". great suggestions..thanks again!

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I have a Greek Revival from 1858 that has no wainscotting but the spandrel under the staircase sounds like the design you might be describing. Obviously, it hasn't been stripped of the old paint. HTH

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It seems the link I gave redirected to another picture in the album. the one below should go to the one I meant, with the simpler wainscot

Here is a link that might be useful: wainscot example

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antiquesilver & kennebunker
antique..LOVE your stairway! very charming!

kennebunker..that is what I am looking to do! with the verticals much higher, adding two verticals across the top with maybe 8"-10" space between them..I think it is more of an arts & crafts style, but love the look and think it will look perfect in the breakfast room. above that I want to put a shelf the length of the wall with simple style brackets.

I found a 'kit' but getting the wood materials my self, they have the wood planks in 1/8" in thickness and that would fit nicely on the base molding.. (thin though)

I will take pictures once it's finished, right now we are tiling the back splash of the kitchen and from there move on to the breakfast room!
Thanks again!

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