Use Crawl Space for Storage

GoBuildMarch 2, 2013

I have a crawl space that I can stand on the dirt floor. It has vapor barrier.

Is it safe to store items in airtight containers in the crawl space?

Richmond, VA

Christmas decoratings
Lawn equipments
Dry food such as flour, rice, or sugar
Canned food

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What is the humidity level?
Temperature fluctuations?

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I wouldn't store anything valuable or that could be damaged by dampness (no clothes or books). I keep storm windows and doors in my crawlspace. Tends to get buggy, with spiders and centipedes.

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We keep a one year food storage program. A crawl space is not a good storage place. If the "flour, rice, or sugar" is in #10 cans - better to store them under your bed. If you have a few cases of #10s they can be stacked, toss on a tablecloth and a lamp along with other decor on the top. Two birds/one stone - you don't have to buy a side table & your food storage is out of the way/concealed.


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Hello all,

The humility is high in Richmond, VA. During the hottest days, it could be over 100 degrees in July/August. Temperature fluatuation is milder compared to PA.

The crawl space that would store items is on the East side of the house. Along the sides of the house are tall trees.

This is the first time I heard about #10 cans. Thank you so much. It opens a new world about food storage when I google #10 cans.

I do have an option to store in a 20 X 20 garage or under the crawlspace. Crawlspace would keep items hidden.

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I think you could safely store the lawn equipment in the crawl space, and outdoor Christmas decorations.

Everything else you list would be much better off inside the house somewhere. Some of it could go in the garage--but only things that won't be harmed by extreme high temperatures or extreme low temperatures.

Are you worried about theft if you store things in the garage?

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I would not keep anything that had to be stored in a crawl space. My first home did not have a garage, so storage was a problem. We bought a wooden shed for the back yard. The guy who built it said to leave it on the skids, that way we could set it on easements legally. It worked out great.

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I wouldn't put anything in a crawl space, especially in Virginia. Also, depending upon what you're storing you could attract unwanted critters.

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You are welcome, GoBuild. There are quite a few GWebbers that keep food storage programs. If you have questions, just give a shout-out.


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Crawl spaces tend to be dark, dusty, damp, and bug-ridden. Do not store food or clothing or even paper in there. I keep only my storm windows and screens in my crawl space.

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