Got something done!

maddiemom6March 24, 2005

I thought I posted this..but it's not there... so.. here goes.

Got some stuff done today.. got my wrapping supplies organized in a 1950's tin picinc hamper. It's on my blog!


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I love your blog! The pictures of your house make me want an older house to fix up. The wrapping paper is great and I remember those tin picnic baskets. Such a pretty area you have. Everytime I see someone's laundry area on here I want to fix mine up but I have animals down there all the time. Right now I'm waiting for the chickens to go in their coop.

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Wonderful. I agree with artmom- I want an older house now. LOL.


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Thanks Artmom and apoem, I do love my old home but some time just for kicks I will take a picutre of all the scarey parts and maybe my checkbook balance...then you will feel better about not having an old house :)

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congrats! Wrapping paper and supplies is always getting out of hand at my house.

The toughest thing to store is the big tissue paper.

I got one of those Rubbermaid holders for the tubes, but I don't like it--as always, I have ways it could be improved.

Putting the lid back on often ends up in denting the ends of the rolls. Plus, then I have to put the stupid lid somewhere. The little storage container on the top is WAY too small for much (OK, the tape and the scissors, maybe some tags. That's IT).

I wish it had one of those interlocking hinged lids like the industrial shipping containers do.

Your blog is fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: the interlocking lid I wish my wrapping-paper holder had.

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Thanks Talley, Luckily the only time I have Big rolls to deal with is for Xmas and I use them all up ...or honestly.. throw away the rest since ( yeh I know.. bad bad me) but the fact of the matter is that I use new paper each year based on the theme of the tree and the house.. so I was not using last years paper and it was getting out of control.. so one day I just dumped it ;)

I really like the hinge lid boxes... no lid to keep up with!.. did the same for a bunch of "shoe box" size things I got for crafts.. it was 25cents more per box but I got the ones with the attached lids... never have regreted that!


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You threw wrapping paper away!

WOW--I'm in awe. How empowered!

I threw some away recently--I kept skipping over it, so I just tossed it. And I know there was something I threw out because there just wasn't enough to make it worth keeping. And I did, a few years ago, put a moratorium on buying paper until I'd used up what I had--that's part of why I tossed stuff. I hated it, but couldn't buy more until it was gone.

So, unstead of using it up, I threw it out. It was still gone, LOL!

What I like about the interlocking ones is that each side has HALF a lid--so they can lie flat against the container when they're open.

The hinged-lid containers w/ a full-size lid are unwieldy when you open them--the lid takes up a lot of extra space, bcs the container is usually too short for them to hang straight down. So then they're getting caught on stuff, etc.

But at least you don't have to figure out where the stupid lid is!

I currently have lids floating all over my house, grrr.

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