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tinker_2006April 2, 2011

The house we are under contract, has a 20 day "Due Diligence", so we have been able to get inspections, contractors and what-not to examine the house. We can walk away anytime, or re-negotiate the price (which we intend to do.

About this house, it's located in FL, built in the 1920-1930 time frame, and is a wood frame constructed house (which they hardly build around here now) T

The home inspection revealed a long list of issues, but did say that the floor joist were in real nice shape. We need Electrical fixed, plumbing, new roof, new septic, windows addressed and a bunch of other stuff, like wood rot, non working items, etc..

The Pest inspection revealed past termite damage, but didn't see active damage. He pointed out areas of damage, but now I'm thinking.. is there more hidden and are we opening up a big can of worms!? I feel okay going into the major list above, because they are known issues, but what if the repair the roof and termites have ate it away!

I would imagine that Florida wood homes must all be a termite target, but would you buy a house that had past termite damage?

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Yes, but it depends on the extent of the previous damage. I've bought two houses with past termite problems, but they were long taken care of. As long as there is no current activity and no foundation or structural problems, it doesn't worry me at all. Do you know if the house is currently bonded with termite protection? If not, you can always activate a new service when you take ownership of the house. Good luck.

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Acting for a private lender, when I inspect a home in a termite area I require an inspection by a licenced exterminator. Here, they often do it for free, expecting that if it's positive they will get the job.

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The pest inspector did it for free, and the owner claims to have a termite contract, so that sounds promising. If the sale goes through, we will tent the house, as that should take care of things for a long while .. including the awful cockroaches!

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