Parquet floor damage

vannieApril 30, 2011

We got enough rain on a parquet floor for it to buckle very slightly--you almost have to look at it from an angle to see it. What would anyone here suggest? Would a heavy coat of wax help? Would light sanding and revarnishing help? Any ideas? I would appreciate them.

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How recent is this? Are you only concerned about the fact that it's buckled or is the finish damaged, too? And has it separated from the adhesive underneath (i.e., is there a hollow sound when you rap on it with your knuckles?

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Tincture of time is the first thing to apply.

Wait and see if the floor flattens back out as it dries.

If the wood has not crushed its cells and become deformed it may very well flatten out just fine once it dries.

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Thanks. No, it has been recently--we've had all this bad weather in East Texas and some water seeped in.
We've been here 10 years and never had any water in the house.

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